Courses for Healthcare & Life Sciences


Analytics, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Introduction to Data Science with Applications in the Healthcare Industry

Michael Luk

Learn about how data science is utilized in the Healthcare Industry


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Time Series Analysis for Healthcare

Jerrod Nelms

A step-by-step guide to healthcare researchers


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Machine Learning Assisted Clinical Medicine

Damiano Fantini

Analyze Clinical and Biomedical Data Using R and Data Mining / Machine Learning


Analytics, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Predictive Analytics for Personalized Treatment Plans

Dr. Carol Hargreaves

'Prescribing the Right Treatment to the Right Patient at the Right Time'


Analytics, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Marketing

Predicting Insurance Customer Churn, Lifetime Value and Optimal Policy

Dr. Darshan Desai

This course will give you a conceptual understanding of customer value and churn prediction in general.


Internet of Things, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Cyber Security for Connected Healthcare

Anand Vemula

This course provides details of security implementation for connected healthcare


Analytics, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Introduction to Healthcare Analytics

Dr. Ann E.K. Um

Healthcare Analytics: Concepts, Definitions, Technologies, and Implementations


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Health Insurance 101

Tan Wong

Get a better understanding of health insurance market, products, and common risks!


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Introduction to Genome Mapping and Understanding with Data Science

Dr. Debarka Sengupta

An introduction to genomics and how it is combining biology, mathematics, and computer science.


Internet of Things, Healthcare & Life Sciences

IoT for Implementation Teams

Mats Samuelsson

Fast paced 'how to' course for 3-5 person IoT business implementation teams

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