Courses for Healthcare & Life Sciences


Analytics, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Introduction to Data Science with Applications in the Healthcare Industry

Michael Luk

Learn about how data science is utilized in the Healthcare Industry


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Time Series Analysis for Healthcare

Jerrod Nelms

A step-by-step guide to healthcare researchers


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Machine Learning Assisted Clinical Medicine

Damiano Fantini

Analyze Clinical and Biomedical Data Using R and Data Mining / Machine Learning


Analytics, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Predictive Analytics for Personalized Treatment Plans

Dr. Carol Hargreaves

'Prescribing the Right Treatment to the Right Patient at the Right Time'


Analytics, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Marketing

Predicting Insurance Customer Churn, Lifetime Value and Optimal Policy

Dr. Darshan Desai

This course will give you a conceptual understanding of customer value and churn prediction in general.


Internet of Things, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Cyber Security for Connected Healthcare

Anand Vemula

This course provides details of security implementation for connected healthcare


Analytics, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Introduction to Healthcare Analytics

Dr. Ann E.K. Um

Healthcare Analytics: Concepts, Definitions, Technologies, and Implementations


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Health Insurance 101

Tan Wong

Get a better understanding of health insurance market, products, and common risks!


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Introduction to Genome Mapping and Understanding with Data Science

Dr. Debarka Sengupta

An introduction to genomics and how it is combining biology, mathematics, and computer science.

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