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Data Visualization Experts

We are a US-based company with partnerships that allow us to serve sports teams almost anywhere in the world. Our professionals bring experience in sports, software development and advanced analytics, and hope to push the envelope in delivering you advanced statistics and an easy-to-use video platform

We are looking for multiple contractors based in the US with preference for Chicago or Seattle for ~3 months work producing data visualizations. 

Key skills

  • Tableau Desktop and Server
  • D3.js
  • SQL
  • Knowledge of soccer

Please do add your resume, portfolio or links to your work as well as your hourly rate. 

Candidates who are not in the US will not be considered. Work will be partially in our offices but also can be part time telecommuting.

Sports and Fitness
Data Visualization

$50/hr - $125/hr

Starts Sep 25, 2017

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Company small

Client: S*******

Posted: Sep 15, 2017

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Animated Survey Results Visualization

We are looking for a data visualization designer that can create an engaging animated visualization of survey results for a presentation. Our company surveys business executives with the 8 simple questions that identify spending priorities and trends, and compiles the data in a presentation to their business. We need someone who will be able to work with our team to create design concepts of animated data visualization drawing from the meaning and relationships between the questions, and then to implement those animations for presentation in slides. This viz-animation should be reusable so that the survey results (from the same questions but with different answer data) can be presented multiple times. We use Power Point for our presentations so whatever technology is used to animate the visualizations will need to be embeddable in Power Point (GIF or Mini-movie? We are open to suggestions here). We would like the designs to be very flashy and eye-catching and would like to see examples of your previous work or suggested style. The animations should be timed or triggerable so that additional information is revealed on the slide during the presentation. Since we will not have actual survey data until after this project is complete, we will also need you to mock the data for your visualizations.

Chart (Quantities, Distributions, Correlations)
Statistical Graphics
Data Visualization

$75/hr - $125/hr

Starts Sep 12, 2017

13 Proposals Status: CLOSED

Net 30

Company small

Client: C*******

Posted: Sep 08, 2017

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Commercial Real Estate - Recent Sellers Contact Data

We are a commercial real estate firm that is in the business of selling properties to investors who in many cases have just recently sold a property. The reasons behind this are not all that important, but we are wanting to collect as much contact information as possible for the companies and individuals behind the companies that have recently sold certain commercial real estate assets in the USA. Our primary interest would be in obtaining contact information (individual names, company names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses as well as some basic property information and sale details) for people and entities that have sold properties in the US that are over $2M in value and that are considered commercial real estate vs single family homes. 

We know that much of this data is public information located in city, county and state tax rolls and assessor's databases, but many times the entities (LLC, etc) are difficult to collate and would require researching corporation registrations with the various secretary of state websites..

We are starting with really no data at all on our end and are looking to pull this information on a regular basis (once a week or bi-monthly would be idea)... An acceptable solution could be to only pull the data for specific geographies, but the ideal would be to have info on every seller of commercial real estate in the US, for properties over $2M in value. 

The data delivery to us would ideally be in CSV, XLS or possibly filmmaker, but a flat table is totally acceptable. The delivery could be to a cloud repository such as drop box or box or even via email. 

The data is very much time-sensitive and a full list of sellers and property data that is older than about 20 days become less valuable to us and once it's over 45 days, it has very little value to us at all.

Financial Services
Professional Services

$100/hr - $130/hr

Starts Aug 30, 2017

8 Proposals Status: HIRING

Company small

Client: J**************

Posted: Sep 05, 2017

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Custom Project Plan Web App

We want to create a standalone desktop web app that mimics the high-level functionality of top online project plan software.  At the highest level, there will be a project information screen (support for many project plans), data entry screens, a  summary Gantt chart, about 4 levels of sub Gantt drill downs, a dynamic/flexible timescale, and a way to see additional information on a selected Gantt bar among other necessary screens.  The overall design should also be customizable and allow for live interaction (such as dragging a Gantt bar and seeing the effect or having related items rearrange accordingly).


We are looking for a full-stack all-star or team who can design a sharp interface and build out a final demoable solution.  In the end, we are custom building this solution to obtain a better handle on our project plan data so designs/implementations that help us meet our goal are preferred. 


We do not have a preferred tech stack at the moment and open source will be considered since cost is an important selection criterion. 


The final deliverable is a beautiful, tested, deployed, project planning application.

Data Management

$6,000 - $20,000

Starts Sep 04, 2017

5 Proposals Status: CLOSED

Net 60

Company small

Client: C*******

Posted: Aug 24, 2017

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Patient Data Integration and Dashboarding with User Management and HIPAA Compliance

We are a health care consulting and clinical documentation/diagnosis improvement company. We are looking to consolidate numerous different documents and processes into an integrated software solution.

Problem: We wish to take numerous platforms (sFTP, excel, googledocs, etc.) and consolidate them into a user friendly integrated software solution.

We are seeking software design and coding services, once an understanding of our business operations/data flow has been achieved.

Data sources: Clients securely send (via sFTP) basic diagnostic and patient data for hospital stays and clinic visits.  This includes dates, diagnoses, provider names/numbers, billing/coding information, etc.  Once in receipt of this data feed from our clients, we filter the data and extract random samples, assign selected hospital stays to our chart reviewers for evaluation, and compile feedback into a report that is securely sent back to the client.  The reports indicate how accurate (or not) the physicians are in their diagnosis of important medical problems/conditions. A sample of the report is attached. We have 2-3 basic outpatient and inpatient report templates and we create some custom reports based upon specific client needs. 

We would like to explore the option of allowing for various different users views, authority levels, and reporting. Clients should be enabled to upload data and view reports securely, while chart reviewers and other employees and contractors should be able to make additions and edits related to cleaning up and analyzing the data and creating reports.

We use basic programs and platforms currently: microsoft word, powerpoint, excel, googledocs, sFTP site (BrickFTP), and pdfs.

Deliverable: The deliverable is a software application/solution. We are open to the deliverable being either in the cloud or in our environment, but securely and in compliance with HIPAA given the healthcare information we handle.

Which technology stack do you recommend? Please provide an estimate of the timeline and budget for this project.


$75/hr - $150/hr

Starts Aug 10, 2017

17 Proposals Status: IN PROGRESS

Company small

Client: M***************

Posted: Aug 09, 2017

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Increasing Efficiency for Application Maintenance

Globo is the largest Media Group in Brazil and one of the largest in the world as well. Globo TV is the subsdiary of the conglomerate. I am in charge of IT Applications and, as the director, I'd like to have insights about how applications are being supported. 

I want to make discovery on my IT Service Management (ITSM) database and the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to have those insights such as: - what are the most efficient way to distribute the tickets (incidents and service requests) to avoid tickets to be redirected (and cause extra costs); - what's the redirection map of my tickets since it was opened until it is closed. - is there any relation to variables that may cause an increase of tickets or delay to be treated? - any other insights looking for my database (ITSM and CMDB) and information of service providers ( IBM, Accenture etc)? The deliverables are reports with graphs, tables/dashboards, and  apresentation that show the analysis and insights and suggests recommendations.

For the input, we will provide export files (probably CSV format) of our ITSM (here at Globo we use IBM Maximo) and our CMDB. I think it's good to give you CMDB information because it probably has relation to the insights.

Please see attachments to gain an understanding of the process of opening an incident. Also, keep in mind, there are 4 possibilities to open an incident. 

1 - Incident Window

• Free filling;

• Directed to informed queue independent of the selected IC (Configuration item).

2 - Services Catalog (PORTAL)

• Directed fill;

• IC (Configuration item) defines who will be the resolver.

3 – SPOC (Help Desk)

• By telephone (0800...);

• There is a checklist used by the attendant;

• IC (Configuration item) defines who will be the resolver.


4 - Event Monitoring - Tivoli, etc

• Open incidents according to alerts identified by monitoring applications;

• IC (Configuration item) defines who will be the resolver.

This is the challenge for a highly skilled data scientist. Knowledge in Applications support and ITIL is very important to be productive.

Data Scientists
Machine Learning
Professional Services

$5,000 - $8,000

Starts Jul 12, 2017

12 Proposals Status: HIRING

Company small

Client: T*********

Posted: Aug 01, 2017

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Derive insights from Clinical Data using Advanced Analytics

Work as part of a team of consultants helping a large Pharmaceutical company to derive insights on accelerating Patient Recruitment from clinical data and other data sources. Experts living in New Jersey (within driving distance to our office in Warren, NJ) will be given preference, but candidates outside of this area will still be considered.


  • Transform real-world clinical data into actionable insights using data science, robust statistical methods and compelling data visualizations
  • Define and clarify analytic requirements, develop analysis plans, ensure data quality standards, and create publication-ready methods and results
  • Work with cross-functional team to understand and clarify analytic requirements and identify areas for automation and process efficiencies


  • You hold a Master’s degree or PhD in a quantitative discipline, such as biostatistics, epidemiology, applied statistics, or health economics
  • You have at least 3-5 years of relevant work experience analyzing clinical data
  • You love working with data and have experience exploring data with a critical and thoughtful eye
  • You excel at a statistical programming language (we primarily use R, but are open to people with experience in any language)
  • You are a brilliant communicator, both oral and written
  • You are self-motivated, thrive in highly uncertain situations, and enjoy coming up with elegant and innovative solutions to challenging problems
  • You are a “do-er” - you know how to balance attention to detail with quick execution against tight timelines
  • You are flexible and adapt well to complex challenges
  • You are passionate about our mission to improve healthcare through technology
  • You are a highly-effective collaborator and are motivated by the opportunity to work with oncologists, software engineers, product managers, and other members of the team

Prefered, but not Required:

  • Oncology experience
  • Consulting experience
  • Experience working with longitudinal EMR data

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

$100/hr - $150/hr

Starts Aug 14, 2017

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Company small

Client: K***********

Posted: Jul 26, 2017

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Algorithm to Predict Student Performance

Summary of business:

We are a private Christian university, serving both traditional on-campus students and non-traditional adult online students. 


Adult online classes are five weeks long. This is a short window in which to identify students who are struggling in order to intervene. When a student fails a class, there are financial repercussions, they are less likely to return for another class, and they are less likely to graduate. Identifying these students as early as possible will better serve the students and the university.

Our team has received some formal training on data science, R, and predictive modeling. However, we do not have any real-world experience building predictive models and are seeking someone to act as a guide and walk alongside us during this project. We can do the bulk of the data preparation in-house, with guidance from the expert. The actual model building will be led by the expert with our input.


We are seeking someone who has experience building predictive models and understands the unique challenges of adult online higher education. The ideal candidate will have experience with R and T-SQL. 

Technology stack:

MSSQL, Wherescape RED (data warehouse automation/ETL), Tableau, R 

Data Sources:

Our MSSQL Enterprise Data Warehouse (star schema) contains a great deal of information about each student. This includes general demographics as well as their academic history.

We also have data from our online learning platform including individual assignment grades, student login information, and student behavior within the learning environment. The example file attached provides a rough idea of the types of data we plan to use.


We are seeking to build an algorithm in R that can run daily and predict the likelihood of eventual failure for each enrolled online student. This algorithm will assign a score to every student/course/day and will write into a MSSQL database.

Location Preference:

We prefer US-based candidates but will consider international candidates who are willing to work during US business hours.

Predictive Modeling

$4,000 - $5,000

Starts Aug 08, 2017

18 Proposals Status: IN PROGRESS

Company small

Client: C*****************************

Posted: Jul 13, 2017

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Connect New Data Sources Into Domo

We are looking for an experienced Domo expert to quickly and effectively connect the following technology data sources into domo: (ones in Bold are the most important):

The details for the 1st 3 connectors are linked above, the rest are pretty standard inside of Domo.

  1. We need a quote on how long this may take to ensure that the 3 in bold can be connected via API or other means if necessary. 
  2. What database limits if any, are there on those API connectors 
  3. Connect them inside of domo. 
  4. Build the dashboards out in Domo.  This part will be discussed further if 1-3 can be completed on time and in budget.


domo inc
Market Segmentation and Targeting

$85/hr - $130/hr

Starts Jul 07, 2017

3 Proposals Status: HIRING

Company small

Client: P**************************************

Posted: Jul 10, 2017

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Multiple Robotic Process Automation Proof-of-Concepts for the Finance Sector

We are a privately held global company that would rank in the top 100 of Fortune 500 rankings, with more than 200,000 people delivering over $38B of annual revenue across a multitude of industries, business and technology areas, and functions. We are looking for a rockstar resource / automation guru to assess and implement automation tools to transform our finance function. These automation efforts will allow us to repurpose time and money that could generate immense savings and drive increased quality by eliminating manual, repetitive, error-prone tasks.

Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to develop robotic process automation pilots for a set of manual, error-prone finance processes. Key data related to each process has been collected from business process owners, including resources needed, hours involved, frequency, and specific tasks targeted for automation. For those participants that advance to Phase 2, virtual sessions with the business process owners will be made available as needed to clarify questions about the finance processes.

Project Structure

  • Phase 1 – Open Call for Proposals – Winning participants will be hired to move on to Phase 2.
  • Phase 2 – Proof of Concept Development  – Winning participants from Phase 1 will be paid to develop automation Proofs of Concept for specific finance processes. Following evaluation of the Proofs of Concept, Phase 2 winners will be selected and moved onto Phase 3 to scale their output into a pilot. (Timeframe approximately 5-15 business days)
  • Phase 3 – Pilot Development – Winning participants from Phase 2 will be given the opportunity to scale their Proof of Concept into a pilot. Participants should submit proposed total cost and fixed hourly rates to be considered for final compensation.

Phase 1 Proposals

As part of your proposal please answer the following questions:

  • Describe your experience building and implementing pilots using robotic process automation tools, specifically UiPath?
  • What trade-offs must be considered when choosing one automation tool over the other?
  • What approach or methodology would you apply to build and implement an automation solution?
  • What strategies would you use to interface with business process owners?
  • What steps would you take to access and work with confidential data?
  • What other lessons learned need to be considered when building automation solutions?
Financial Services
Robotic Process Automation

$75/hr - $125/hr

15 Proposals Status: HIRING

Net 60

Company small

Client: C*******

Posted: Jul 07, 2017


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