Customer Analytics for Keurig Green Mountain

Industry Consumer Goods and Retail

Specialization Or Business Function Customer Analytics (Market Segmentation and Targeting), Market Research (Profitability Analysis, Customer Segmentation)

Technical Function Data Visualization (Data Mashups, Statistical Graphics, Chart (Quantities, Distributions, Correlations)), Analytics (Panel Data Analysis)

Technology & Tools Data Analysis and AI Tools

COMPLETED Jul 15, 2016

Project Description

Customer Analytics

  • A leader in specialty coffee and coffee makers, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (KGM) is recognized for its award-winning coffees, innovative Keurig® brewing technology, and environmentally and socially responsible business practices.  The company’s Keurig® Single Cup Brewing System, embodied by a premium brewer portfolio and an expanding family of quality beverage brands, provides consumers the benefits of convenience, variety, and consistent great taste.  Our business model is driven by increasing the installed base of appliances, increasing the daily pods per appliance, and the profit earned per pod.
  • Keurig's innovation team is developing a proof of concept presentation showcasing the potential application of detailed customer data for Keurig's marketing, product development, quality, and other organizations.  The assignment is to take the varied sources of data, merge them together, uncover relevant insights & business opportunities, and present the findings in a beautiful powerpoint presentation.  This presentation will be viewed by high-level executives -- it must be aesthetically pleasing, thought-provoking, and easily digested.
  • The assignment requires a data analytics expert who can: merge and manipulate the data, understand the relevant business objectives in order to uncover insights, be creative in identifying insights, and skillfully present the findings in powerpoint format.
  • Keurig-provided data sources will come in the form of excel files.  No analytical or visualization software will be provided to the vendor -- vendor must use his/her own.
  • Data provided will include consumer brewing behavior, household demographics, and (limited) pod sales data
  • The final deliverable will be two presentations:  one based on opportunities for Keurig and one based on opportunities for Keurig's partners.
  • In the project briefing (and on-demand throughout the project), Keurig will provide contextual background on the business objectives and business models.
  • The project must be completed by November 25, 2015.
  • Payment terms are Net 40 after receipt of final deliverable (ignore payment schedule in project overview).

Project Overview

  • Posted
    October 15, 2015
  • Planned Start
    January 04, 2016
  • Delivery Date
    November 25, 2015
  • Preferred Location
    From anywhere
  • Payment Due
    Net 60

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