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Need XL Stat experts to help with intuitive statistical software that provides essential statistical functionalities you need? Hire Experfy freelance XL Stat experts capable of making your data analysis and result customization quick and easy with XLSTAT that provides a wide range of solutions, and seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Excel. They can leverage a variety of field-specific solutions offered by the intuitive XLSTAT with dialog boxes and results that are clearly organized to facilitate both data analysis and the interpretation of your results. Our XL Stat experts can modify and automate most statistical functions of XLSTAT in VBA routines allowing you to save valuable time. To help you in your projects with XLSTAT, take advantage of services of our XL Stat experts.

Hire Experfy vetted freelance XL Stat experts capable of leveraging XLSTAT, the leading data analysis and statistical solution for Microsoft Excel that offers a wide variety of functions to enhance the analytical capabilities of Excel, making it the ideal tool for your everyday data analysis and statistics requirements.


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Jassim M

Technical Architect - ML & Big Data Analytics at Positive Bioscience

IN | Bangalore, KA

I am a data science professional with 7+ years of experience.

Experienced in the design and development of algorithms and applications, primarily implementing large scale data analytic solutions using tools like Hadoop MapReduce framework, R, Python, NoSQL database like MongoDB and other open source tools used in data science along with HPC platforms in areas such as Big Data Analytic, Data Mining, Machine Learning, AI, Unstructured Data, Exploratory Data Analysis, Uplift Modelling, Cluster Analysis, Predictive Analytic, Opinion Mining, Text Analytic, Data Modeling, Data Migration, Enterprise Architecture, Data Governance and Synchronization.

I have worked with the following Machine Learning algorithms using the following tools : R, Python ML library, Mahout and Apache UIMA - (Unstructured Information Management Architecture) in different areas like pattern recognition, corpus curation, and uplift modelling that I employ for recommendation engine for evidence based treatment option for cancer patients.

• Principal Component Analysis
• k-means clustering
• Support vector machine
• Apriori algorithm

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