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Need VoltDB experts to help with building high velocity applications using VoltDB, the only in-memory operational database? Hire Experfy freelance VoltDB experts capable of collecting, analyzing and acting upon live streams of data, to enable you to make the right decision and deliver more personalized interactions that create superior business value. They can leverage VoltDB’s robust architecture that combines the best of traditional transactional databases with the speed and scalability of newer entrants. Further, they can rapidly import, operate on, and then export HUGE amounts of data at lightning speed with VoltDB, an in-memory operational database. Our VoltDB experts can build scalable applications, add nodes elastically and linearly to accelerate performance, and deploy your database systems in public clouds. Further, With VoltDB, they can build transactional, database-oriented applications against data feed that were previously limited to stream processing methods because of scale. 

Hire Experfy vetted freelance VoltDB experts capable of building richer and faster applications with VoltDB, a data management solution that seamlessly integrates the contextual data you already have with data you are receiving now.

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Reuben C

Data Scientist and Web Application Developer

US | Peoria, IL

I specialize in financial/data analysis and offline capable web applications. I handle database development, API integration, responsive web design, and automated reporting solutions. Experience/Expertise: Programming - Languages (Python, SQL, Shell, Javascript/Coffeescript, HTML, CSS) - Platforms (Backbone, Chaplin, Brunch, Flask, Bootstrap, Phonegap) - Libraries (Nodejs, Express, Jquery, Pandas, SQLAlchemy, Leaflet) - Databases (SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL) Web - offline data caching (Memcache) and syncing - low bandwidth site optimization - gecoding and location mapping - RESTful API generation and consumption - database abstraction Data/Financial - database architecture design, development, and migration - data warehousing/mining - business intelligence - financial modeling and reporting - data analysis and visualization Business - early-stage startups - developing countries - business development - new-product development - business intelligence - market and competitive analysis Background: I first learned to code in BASIC at the age of 13 on a VTECH Pre-Computer POWER PAD. In high school I wrote games for my TI-81 calculator; and by college I had mastered Excel Pivot Tables and dabbled with with Linux shell scripting. Upon graduating from MIT in 2005, I made my first website in PHP and began creating Excel applications in VBA. Shortly thereafter, I was developing database (MS Access and SQLite), automated reporting, and business intelligence applications. And during that time I expanded my PHP and BASH scripting abilities. In 2010 I found Python and fell in love with its simplicity and elegance. I soon replaced PHP with it as my language of choice for new script or web development projects. Since then, I have used Python extensively for automating basic tasks, data analysis, creating API backends, and rapid web prototyping. More recently I have been using a combination of coffeescript/javascript (Nodejs, Backbone, jquery, etc.) and python (Flask) to create offline-capable database (PostgreSQL and MongoDB) or API driven web applications that dynamically respond to any device size (mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop).

Akkireddy G

Architect, Analytics at Vocera


An accomplished software professional having around 14 years of experience in all phases of software development including architecture, design and development of scalable, fault tolerant enterprise class applications using Agile methodologies and Object Oriented technologies: looking forward to contributing in Big Data analytics projects which can leverage my strong technical expertise, domain experience and leadership in software product development.

Dr. Dragos C

Data & System Architect, External Consultant at Deutsche Boerse

DE | Frankfurt am Main, HE

I can help you with if:

  • your requirements are to set-up a big data project
  • you want to enhance your exising platform to real -time and predictive analytics

With 5 years experience of Big Data Projects implentation and enhancements of existing platforms to provide the necessary support for the new analytic wave, my experise lies in architecting the most probable to succeed implementation given your requirements.

References and a detailed CV can be provided on request.

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Chairman & CEO, XPRIZE, Forbes 50 World Leader List