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Need PLINK experts to help with PLINK command-line programming for Biological Modeling? Hire Experfy freelance PLINK experts capable of managing PLINK's primary job of management and analysis of position-based SNP-like data for samples. They can leverage most of PLINK's calculations that operate on tables of samples and variant calls, and analyze the text fileset while keeping the autoconversion products, produce a binary fileset that is a filtered version of your text data and convert your data. Further, our PLINK experts can split several key sample x sample and variant x variant matrix computations (including the GRM) across computing clusters. They can expertly apply PLINK for sequential memory access patterns, multithreading, and higher-level algorithmic improvements, identity-by-state matrix computation, distance-based clustering, LD-based pruning, haplotype block identification, and association analysis max(T) permutation tests, and complete them in hundreds or even thousands of times quickly.

Hire Experfy vetted freelance PLINK experts capable of processing datasets containing millions of variant calls from exome- or whole-genome sequencing of tens of thousands of samples in a reasonable amount of time.

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The top 3% of freelance PLINK Freelancers developers

Wei W

Data Scientist

US | Princeton, NJ

1) Experienced with statistical modeling/analysis in the context of large scale and complex problems

2) Comprehensive practical and theoretical knowledge of machine learning techniques

3) Strong algorithmic skills and hands-on software development experience

4) Proficiency with R, Java, C/C++, Perl, SQL, Shell, Python, Unix/Linux, AWS

Andrew J

Investigator at Lieber Institute for Brain Development

US | Baltimore, MD

My greatest strength is leveraging data analytics to find concrete solutions for problems that individuals or companies want to solve. I often serve as the interface between data generators and higher-level management, which has created a useful combination of technical knowledge and skills with bigger picture thinking towards the future. I received my PhD in Epidemiology with a concentration in Human Genetics and a concurent Masters of Health Sciences in Bioinformatics from Johns Hopkins University in 2011. I am currently the lead Biostatistician at a non-profit research institute in Baltimore, overseeing a small team and collaborating with diverse research groups throughout the institute. My specialities include:

- the design, analysis, and interpretation of large-scale genomic studies relating to human health and disease

- analyzing clinical population-level data by linking multiple sources of data

My research and professional experience is most relevant to pharmaceutical and health care industries, but may also be relevant to insurance and financial industries.

Jami J

Graduate Student at North Carolina State University

US | Raleigh, NC

I am an entering third-year PhD statistics student at North Carolina State University.  I have received the 2014 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.  I have previously consulted on two statistical projects for dissertation research.  I am able to provide general statistical analyses, such as regression and categorical data methods.  I am also able to provide longitudinal data analysis and survival analysis services.  

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