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Need to put your data to work with Minitab? Experfy provides freelance Minitab experts to help you achieve your goals with powerful, easy-to-use software for analyzing data by combining data-driven decision-making with Minitab analysis. They can help analyze your data to present your results with confidence, make process improvement, and manage everything you need for your entire deployment with Minitab. Our Minitab Freelancers can leverage workflow streamlining, a comprehensive set of statistics for exploring your data, and graphs for communicating your success with Minitab. They can pick the appropriate statistical tool, analyze data correctly, and easily interpret your finding with detailed reports that are simple to understand and export. They know how to set up, collect, and enter your data, use the diagnostic report and report cards, draw the correct conclusions, and easily communicate results by exporting directly to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Hire Experfy vetted Minitab Freelancers to help get the answers you need from your data with Minitab  so that you can get on to the right insights.

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Joshua B

Machine Learning Architect at Amp Robotics

US | Denver, CO

I'm a statistician/machine learning developer working at AMP Robotics, designing vision systems for recycling robots. I have 10 years of work experience in marketing statistics, international organizations, neural networks, etc. I feel comfortable working with large datasets and developing data mining techniques or implementing complex production processes. But, that's just my qualifications. A bit more about me: I'm very passionate about statistics, writing code, and learning. This mix of talent and passion has made me a self-motivated learner who continues to develop his skills and talents outside of work. A few projects I've worked on in the past: - Measuring causal effect of marketing efforts (one of my previous jobs) - Mining text data to predict if a string is an insult or not (through Kaggle.com, an online data mining website). - Estimating stock prices 1 second and 60 seconds in the future (for a course in my PhD program) - Direct Marketing response modeling - There are many other projects I've worked on, please reach out to me if you want more. I'd love to discuss your current problem with you and chat about how I can help. If you're a non-profit, please reach out to me: I always love doing work that has a positive impact on the world, and that motivates me more than financial compensation.

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