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Need KXEN experts to help with an automated analytics to streamline your predictive analytics processes? Hire Experfy freelance KXEN experts capable of harnessing KXEN tool, from correctly setting up data inputs to using its modules. They know how to build classification, clustering, time series analysis, and recommendation models. They can build regression/classification, time series analysis, clustering, and recommendation models, and improve your analysis by correctly configuring the input data sets. Our KXEN experts can use predictive analytics for variable importance, classification, regression, segmentation, time series, product recommendation, and a social network analysis solution. They can also leverage its advanced functions that include behavioral modeling, exporting the model code into different target environments or building predictive models on top of SAS or SPSS data files. Further, our KXEN experts can predict behavior or a value, forecast a time series or understand a group of individuals with similar behaviour.

Hire Experfy vetted freelance KXEN experts capable of leveraging KXEN’s predictive analytics software to ensure your business is ready for what the future brings. 

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Vikas M

Consulting Services

US | Saint Paul, MN

Professional with several years of analytic experience. MIT educated and strong in analytic, strategy and services. Currently, looking for project opportunities both off-site and on-site. Project Experience Strategy 1. Aided a leading U.S. telecom service provider develop network evolution plan and assited with finalizing multi-billion sourcing contracts with industry leading OEM’s with an estimated net financial benefit for the company over a seven year period of around $10B 2. Determined between $2.3 to $5.3MM in travel spend reduction and procurement transformation opportunity for an American multinational semiconductor company through remedying process and contractual inefficiencies and better aligning travel policy with companies corporate strategy 3. Identified $2 to $3MM in savings opportunity across various manufacturing facility services for a leading manufacturer of specialty products for consumer & food service packaging through strategic supplier partnerships, regional demand consolidation, and standardizing contract rates 4. Positioned a leading food service management company for growth in a supply chain transformational project role by establishing an analytical approach through sku optimization and creation of organizational transformation map for an annual benefit of 5% over their $60MM analyzed annual catergory spend 5. Optimized inventory levels, reduced carrying costs while maintaining high service levels for a privately owned wholesale food distributor for convenience stores by developing a structured & standardized buying process approach to drive consistency and repeteability in results 6. Identified over $1MM in savings opportunities through packaging spend reduction at a leading antifreeze and coolant manufacturer through specification harmonization, supplier rationalization and category innovation Analytics: 1. Market Reliance vs. Vertical Integration Study – An extensive study on the outsourcing business strategy for Food retailer zeroing in on supply chain FNLC cost reduction, increasing productivity, efficiency, gaining logistics leverage, labor issues avoidance and core warehouse and transportation competencies. 2. Supply Chain Execution and Design – Analyzed through multiple vendor responses to the RFP to determine optimal solution with potential savings of over $35 M in 5 years as against the current alternative. 3. Capacity Planning – Analyzed end to end supply chain and compared final net landed cost through self distribution versus external warehousing alternatives to resolve the current overcapacity issue at the perishable distribution center. 4. Warehouse Contingency Plan – Analyzed various demand chain scenarios and their economic impacts if the distribution center worker’s strike during worker - management contract negotiations. Came up with recommendations and action plan for the executives. Modeling: 1. Category Modeling (Strategic Procurement) In collaboration with merchandisers and sourcing managers modeled direct & indirect categories with cost of goods savings and cost avoidance of over $180 million. Analyzing over 500 vendor price increase requests with a COG impact of over $200 million. 2. Indirect Sourcing Economic Cost Model – Conceptualized and designed a cost savings financial model to periodically compare budgeted spend with actual spend and to accurately quantify the variances between the bottom line savings and the negotiated savings. ? 3. Minimum Order Quantity Optimization – Developed MOQ computing engine to provide a rational and mathematical approach to set a SKU’s MOQ and to eliminate double slotting due to inconsistent MOQ’s between various brand stores. Analysis suggested a potential savings of over $0.5 million in store and warehouse inventory costs and pick labor costs at the evaluated distribution center. ? 4. Price Increase and Commodity Tracking Tool – Enhanced existing vendor price increase request analysis tool to automatically identify product price increase reversal opportunities when price of its primary commodities decline. ? 5. AGM (Adjusted Gross Margin) Tool – Developed enhanced functionality, accuracy and streamline the data collection process. The tool in the development phase and is pending IT approval. 6. Transportation and Service Level Report – Designed and built databases and high-level weekly transportation progress and service level reports. ? 7. Reclamation Analysis – Modeled and developed merchandising and operational synergy strategy using National reclamation policy and reverse logistics costs ? 8. Capital Lease Model – Created financial model used to determine the most valuable option between capital leases, operating leases and purchase of capital equipment. Model included corresponding benefits from deferring taxes. The model is currently utilized by the procurement managers. ? 9. Global Logistics Supply Chain Tool – Developed a complex supply chain analysis tool to determine the most cost effective inter modal international shipping circuit for imports. The optimization model is used daily to plan for the most economical solution by varying load, container size, shipment date, origin and route. 10. Market Basket Study – Analyzed, developed feasibility study of merchandising branded products such as Home Depot, General Electric, Toys R US, and Office Depot at grocery stores. 11. Store Supplies Contract Evaluation – Conducted an economic cost benefits study on utilizing cross docking versus a DSD or a self distribution model for store supplies. Reporting: 1. Weekly Inventory and Service Level Reports - Developed one-stop inventory and service level reports for strategic management of the store and warehouse inventory. 2. Fiscal Financial Planning and Tracking - Monitor projects and initiatives to determine their success/profitability. This includes developing analytical models, profit and loss projections, and EVA and NPV calculations, as well as statistical analysis using test and control group methodologies. Work closely with Finance, business and Supply chain areas to provide issue resolution and support, communicate project direction and scope. Conduct market Trend Analysis and Competition Evaluation. 3. Coffee Bar Analysis - Performed variety of queries to create datasets for statistical analysis/modeling. Providing analytical support. 4. ECC Project - Analyzing business processes and related problems for electronic check cashing. Creating analysis/ processes that validate the ongoing performance. Providing analytical support 5. DC PFA - Analyzing capital investment opportunities/ requirements and making recommendations to senior management. Creating financial analysis of new business opportunities and strategic initiatives.
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