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Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop Freelancers

Need Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop experts to help with Hadoop development environment for prototyping, development and debugging of Hadoop jobs with Karmasphere? Hire Experfy freelance Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop experts capable of maintaining a business operation reliant on Hadoop with Karmasphere Client that provides a cloud-independent environment. They can integrate Karmasphere studio with amazon and Hadoop, deploy to the cloud, and help you track your resource usage and efficiency with various charts and visualization tools provided by Karmasphere Studio. Our Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop experts can simplify the task of making a MapReduce job robust, efficient and production-ready with a range of deeper functionality provided by Karmasphere Studio. They can deploy Karmasphere Studio to a private or cloud-based cluster, and debug on the cluster. Also, they can visualize and manipulate graphically the Clusters, file systems, job configuration, debugging information, log files, and monitor and analyze Hadoop jobs in real- time with workflow view of inputs, outputs, and intermediate results.

Hire Experfy vetted freelance Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop experts capable of leveraging Karmasphere Studio for Hadoop including support for private and public cloud deployment, monitoring and debugging.

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Roel B

Scientific Director at Skardahl

NL | Delft, ZH

I am an expert in modelling dynamical systems and agent-based models. I have developed complex agent-based models for simulating infectious diseases dynamics. I am an expert in programming Java and R. In addition, I have applied data mining and machine learning techniques for ananalyzing gene expression data in bioinformatics.
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