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Need HP Vertica experts to help with next-generation analytics enabling monetizing all your data?  Hire Experfy freelance HP Vertica experts capable of installing, configuring, and patching of Vertica and Management Console. They can manage the daily operation and automation of the build systems for HP Vertica products, deploy or remove Vertica nodes from a Vertica cluster, and administer a large Vertica deployment. Our HP Vertica experts can optimize a Vertica system for performance and scalability, load bulk data into a Vertica system, and create and update Vertica projections enabling queries are faster. Further, they can facilitate the software development process, and ensure a reliable, consistent and repeatable delivery of the build and hotfixes with hands-on experience to build and deploy automation, software development and tools. With a strong database background, vertica DB configurations, and Vertica backup and recovery, our HP Vertica experts can recommend Vertica deployment architectures for development, test and production environments.

Hire Experfy vetted freelance HP Vertica experts capable of managing large and fast-growing data volumes with Vertica Analytics Platform.

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Kevin J

Data Scientist at LiveRail

US | Fairfax, CA

As a data scientist, I specialize in all parts of the typical automated data workflow.  This usually consists of:

1.  Parsing log files and architecting data in HDFS and data warehouses such as any of the major columnar stored databases, e.g. Vertica, InfoBright, Redshift, Impala, Presto, or traditional MySQL, Postgres, or NoSQL.

2.  Automating reporting and statistical analysis such as forecasting, recommendations, KPI optimization with R, MATLAB, SPSS, etc. 

3.  Outputting the results in reports and dashboards with visualization tools like d3.js and other JavaScript extensions.

The top priority is always speed, efficiency, and automation.

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