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Need Haskell expert help to create unique business programs and applications? Hire your perfect Experfy freelance Haskell experts that are proficient with Haskell build, documentation and testing tools as well as expertise with widely used libraries that include, but not limited to Hackage and Stackage, Haddock, QuickCheck, Cloud Haskell, Lens, Parsec / AttoParsec and Conduit. With Haskell development experience, they can become a lead developer of the Cloud Haskell / Obligatory Typed Parallelism (or “CH/OTP”) project, which aims to bring Erlang/OTP UX (or rather Elixir/OTP UX) to Cloud Haskell. Further, our Haskell experts can develop a module that downloads the pages and extracts the data from the pages converting it into appropriate custom Haskell data types. Also, they can develop a module that generates a JSON representation of your Haskell data and writes to a file. They can use web-experienced Haskell devs for frontends to analytics services written in Haskell.

Hire Experfy vetted freelance Haskell experts capable of producing flexible, robust, concise and maintainable high-quality software with Haskell.

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