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Gas Chromatography Freelancers

Need Gas Chromatography experts to help with hands-on laboratory work involving a variety of chromatography tools and methods in a dynamic laboratory environment? Hire Experfy freelance Gas Chromatography experts capable of setting up Gas Chromatography laboratory analyses, from configuration to troubleshooting. They can understand and keep current with Gas Chromatography laboratory analysis and hardware configurations such as columns, detectors, valve systems, and all laboratory safety and reporting techniques. With extensive experience developing and validating methods using Gas Chromatography with various detectors and familiar with Gas Chromatography maintenance, repair, and method installation, Our Gas Chromatography experts can troubleshoot and repair Gas Chromatography instrumentation as needed. Further, they can analyze and interpret data, and perform additional experiments as needed, and write detailed technical reports and make presentations to communicate results to multiple levels within your enterprise.

Hire Experfy vetted freelance Gas Chromatography experts capable of performing your laboratory work in accordance to safe laboratory practices with active participation in your safety initiatives and programs in preparing and analyzing samples by Gas Chromatography.

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Colin D

Research Engineer at University of Washington

US | Seattle, WA

I have 5+ years conducting research in organic chemistry and bioengineering.  I've operated many types of analytical instruments and designed several myself.  In all of these cases I've cleaned, analyzed and summarized the key findings in collected data.  My tools of choice are Python with Numpy and Pandas, however I have significant experience with R, MS Excel and MATLAB as well.  

I am available for initial data collection, cleaning, summary and analysis on a part time basis.

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