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Ten Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing In 2019

The leading growth strategy for manufacturers in 2019 is improving shop floor productivity by investing in machine learning platforms that deliver the insights needed to improve product quality and production yields. Using machine learning to streamline every phase of production, starting with inbound supplier quality through manufacturing scheduling to fulfillment is now a priority in manufacturing. Machine learning reduces unplanned machinery downtime. The following are ten ways machines learning is revolutionizing manufacturing in 2019.

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CMOs And IoT: Can This Technology Improve Marketing?

Marketing teams who are focused on harnessing the power of the IoT will easily rise above their competitors. But when it comes to CMOs and IoT specifically, what are some tips to keep the relationship on track? In truth, CMOs and IoT aren’t always included in the same conversation. The issue for CMOs and IoT is, simply knowing how to use data in the most powerful ways. Whether you’re new to IoT discussions or a seasoned marketing/data veteran, below are some tips to help ensure your CMOs and IoT projects operating at full steam.

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A guide to artificial intelligence in enterprise: Is it right for your business?

Board members and decision-makers are increasingly aware of the benefits of AI and automation, but the question should always remain: Is it right for my business? How does it solve a problem? With the general rise of this technology into business operations also comes challenges, dangers and potential risks to the human workforce. This feature will examine all these aspects and hope to give an overall look at AI and automation in the enterprise.

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Four Ways to Integrate Cyber Security Automation Within Your Enterprise

Automation is poised to change the very nature of cyber security jobs in the future. That’s because one of the best ways to accomplish many of the goals business have is to integrate process automation and cyber security automation into their operations. Business automation comes in many forms, though, and can include a variety of process automation and security automation tools. So, what are these tools, how do they work, and how can they be integrated into your security processes?

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A Layman’s Guide to Data Science: How to Become a (Good) Data Scientist

Data Science is a newly developed blend of machine learning algorithms, statistics, business intelligence, and programming. This blend helps us reveal hidden patterns from the raw data which in turn provides insights in business and manufacturing processes. To go into Data Science, you need the skills of a business analyst, a statistician, a programmer, and a Machine Learning developer. You do not need to be an expert in any of these fields. Let’s see what you need and how you can teach yourself the necessary minimum.

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Decision Trees in Marketing

Today market segmentation is driven by machines. And one of the methods helping the machines to segment the customer base flawlessly is decision trees. The advantage of Decision trees over the earlier method of decision making is that it takes up a number of variables to predict the outcome. And in doing so it makes the prediction more and more accurate. In marketing, you can use it for campaign planning, customer value assessment, customer churn prediction, product launch decision, and several others.

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Why Do Some Organisations Struggle to Adopt AI Technologies?

It should come as no surprise that large tech enterprises are readily embracing AI as a means of improving the way they operate and their ability to engage with clients. However, for smaller organisaitons and companies that are less tech savvy, the ability to identify and implement AI can be overwhelming and complicated in equal measure. What are the main barriers stopping organisations – particularly those outside of the tech sector – from taking advantage of this powerful technology?

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Machine Learning in Action: Going Beyond Decision Support Data Science

In order to disrupt business, machine learning models must adopt a product-focused approach, which is a much more significant undertaking. For a product-driven approach to use machine learning, it is important to think about the problem you are trying to solve from the beginning and to have some initial idea of how the machine learning solution might be used. The first step is to understand what pain points you are trying to tackle, and what kind of service-level agreement in terms of quality, availability and responsibility you need.

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Why wireless will drive industrial IoT

IoT is here now. With mobile data traffic up 82 percent year-on-year and 5G uptake going even faster than anticipated, we can expect cellular IoT connections to follow suit. How do we move from wired to wireless networks to capture the promise of trillions of dollars in value that industrial IoT (IIoT) will bring? We only need to look at the history of the wireless networks to know how to deploy the network of the future.

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A simple hands-on tutorial of Azure Machine Learning Studio

In this short article, a simple example of the use of Azure ML studio is shown. It’s a very useful tool in the machine learning industry and, although it has some limits with limited number of records, limited choice of models. Even the most code-oriented data scientist will love this simple tool. It’s pretty worth mentioning that, paying the appropriate fee, ML studio can be used for real-time training and prediction thanks to its strong REST API interface. This enables many possible machine learning scenarios.

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Four Things Every Business Leader Should Know About Artificial Intelligence and Automation

The future, in fact, will be driven by humans collaborating with other humans to design work for machines to create value for other humans. Any viable cognitive strategy is not to cut costs but to extend capabilities. So perhaps most importantly, what business leaders need to understand about artificial intelligence is that it is not inherently utopian or apocalyptic, but a business tool. Much like any other business tool its performance is largely dependent on context and it is a leader’s job to help create that context.

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Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) and its business implications in 2019

To take advantage of machine learning, businesses will need to do one of two things: Invest a lot of resources in data scientists or developers with a background in machine learning or utilize machine learning as a service (MLaaS) offerings. The latter option can be much more cost-effective for a business that may not have the luxury of hiring ultra-skilled employees.  In 2019, MLaaS will become mainstream. The technology behind MLaaS will become prominent in 2019 with the help of the cloud giants, media and consulting partnership opportunities.

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A reality check on the role of machine learning in cybersecurity

While machine learning and other AI techniques will help improve the speed and quality of cybersecurity solutions, they will not be a replacement for many of the basic practices that companies often neglect. In cybersecurity today, we overestimate the capacities of machine learning. When talking about AI, many people have this illusion that they can just plug in software or hardware that is leveraging AI, and it will solve all their problems. It will not.

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Revealing the security risks in RPA and how to safeguard against them

The emerging business process automation tool, RPA, is programmed such that it can deal with high-volume transactional tasks, invoice processing, email communication, and other back-office processes. The data that RPA deals with can or cannot be sensitive. The automation tool can even comprise of vital data like credentials, employee details, or customer information. What if hackers access the application platform, implant malicious code, and alter the rule-based processes? Well, if this happens, then businesses will face dire consequences. Let us now check the possible security risks in RPA.

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Only A Few Strategy Decisions Separate Good Companies From Great Ones

According to Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, only a few decisions create the bulk of corporate value.   The question is: do you know which decisions are important in today’s digital and platform economy? Do you and your board know the vital few decisions that will truly determine whether your business is bad, good or great in age of technology, platforms, networks and machine learning?  And if you do, how much capital and leadership effort is being devoted to the most important 20% versus the remaining 80%?

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The GraphTech Ecosystem 2019 - Part 1: Graph Databases

The market shares of graph databases keep increasing, as well as the number of products on the market, with seven times more vendors than 5 years ago. Although it seems difficult to agree on exact figures, all reports identify the same growth drivers. In this article, I present the current market, if not exhaustively, at least as well as possible. I divided the graph ecosystem into three main layers, even though the reality is more complex and these stratum are often permeable.

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What advisers can learn from the industry's early AI leaders

Financial services firms will have to fundamentally reconsider how humans and machines interact, both within their firms and with customers, if they want to take advantage of artificial intelligence technology. To get a new AI program off to a successful start, firms should be bold in their vision, generate confidence from management with early success with easily achievable projects, emphasize organization-wide implementation of the technology and adopt governance structures such as cybersecurity and compliance to scale along with AI.

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Top Five Database Management Trends for 2019

The data industry has grown rapidly and will continue to grow for many years into the future. As with many industries that experience growth in this sort of manner, there are always new trends coming out to help companies manage their databases and the data held inside of them. These trends are meant to make data and database management more efficient, effective and streamlined. Without any further ado, this article is going to look at some of the biggest trends in data management and database management.

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Work On the Go: How Technology Is Changing How and Where We Work

As technology continues to disrupt how and where we work, it will keep finding ways to remove monotonous tasks from our plates. It’s not about being lazy. The adage about most car accidents happening within five minutes of home applies to our work just as well: Errors occur during familiar, repetitive tasks. The point of employing human beings in the first place is to leverage their talents and creative drives. With that in mind, companies should consider automating back-office functions.

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Is Artificial Intelligence The New Productivity Paradox?

Today, a new debate is likely to begin over artificial intelligence. Much like in the early 1970s, we have increasing investment in a new technology, diminished productivity growth and “experts” predicting massive worker displacement. Yet now we have history and experience to guide us and can avoid making the same mistakes. Investment in digital technology in the 70s and 80s was focused on supporting existing business models. It wasn’t until the late 90s that we began to see significant new business models being created.

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Can AI improve talent acquisition?

Today we have Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you search for a needle in the haystack. Using the power of AI to supplement (not replace) the human judgment can make the Talent Acquisition process more effective. Making an informed choice can be the first step in having happy employees. Using AI for sourcing, screening and setting up interviews can be great ways to improve the candidate experience. Here are some things that will improve the quality of your hires.

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When Business Communication Meets Digital Technology

Over the next two years, say some estimates, around 60% of companies in the business-to-business sector will begin redesigning their communication models around machine learning, AI, and “human augmentation.” These things already help power much of what we’ve been discussing, from helping a PR specialist find emails quickly using natural language to automatically sending alerts when it’s time to see if a client needs to stock up again. Whatever form communication takes at your company, there’s probably an exciting technology to help you do it better.

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Ten Trends Coming Up in Identity and Access Management for 2020

Identity access management will continue to grow in scope and scale. Biometrics may be useful; however, it should not be solely relied upon for identification. Blockchain technology may be a better choice for those who want to control their identity. Ease-of-use for cloud-based offerings is driving the demand for single sign-on services. Expansion of the IoT requires scalable and reliable infrastructure to establish the identities of the billions of new IoT devices and manage them via a massive network.

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In Math We Trust. Do You? Or Should You?

The technology behind blockchain is binary. A combination of network, cryptography, computing power and consensus algorithms to create a decentralized, immutable ledger that can be leveraged for smart contracts. A mathematical approach for creating something that is not mathematical at all, a distributed system of trust. With blockchain technology, we can gain the benefits of trust without the drawbacks of trusting. It will impact every system which requires authorities and intermediaries to function. And ultimately, it will transform the way we function and collaborate as a society.

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