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Predicting the 2016 Presidential Election

A Predictive-Descriptive Artificial Intelligence-based expert computer system predicts a Democratic landslide victory in the race for the White House in 2016.

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K Means Clustering in Text Data

K means clustering is a method that is often used in sentiment analysis. This post gives an overview of how to implement this method.

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Data Products in 2016

Machine learning is becoming a ubiquitous characteristic in all industries.  As the world makes this transition, we explore the role of services, the applications of open algorithms, and the creation of IP in developing data products for diverse markets.

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Digital Analytics: Let’s Make It Simple

A brief overview of digital analytics and steps that digital analytics experts take to leverage data to improve business conversions.

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Big Data and Analytics Skills for a Data-Driven Enterprise

How organizations can effectively hire and leverage Big Data talent, and how the internal structure of an organization can be tailored to fit the needs of a data-driven enterprise.

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Rise of Intelligent Machines as Artificial Intelligence Goes Mainstream

In this post, Jonathan Bloom gives a summary of the history of Artifiicial Intelligence, followed by a brief overview of how the underlying mechanics work.

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Unlocking the Value of Open Data: A Case Study Using the New York State Healthcare Open Data

An analysis on Hospital Inpatient Discharges data released by New York State in 2012. This post shows that open data can be as useful as proprietary data. 

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How Machine Learning and Faster Data Acquisition Will Improve the Way We Drive

How the emerging sensor technologies and accurate GPS location determination is changing the way we drive, all with the help of machine learning.

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Dive into Your Data: Some Insight into an Efficient Variable Selection Process

How you can efficiently select the appropriate model for your data using various variable/model selection methods. 

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Predictive Analytics in HR

An introduction to the role of analytics in HR departments along with some examples of analytics and data mining in the area. 

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How Prescriptive Analytics Influences the Way We Do Business

How prescriptive analytics is becoming more and more mainstream as new technologies are being developed, and what companies can do to take advantage of this movement.

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Data Mine Your Way Towards Quality Software

How you can use Data Mining techniques to enhance your software development process and the various advantages of this approach.

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Does Time Matter? Modeling Temporal Dynamics for Better Predictions

 The importance of predictive analytics in analyzing customer behavior and the potential value of incorporating temporal dynamics into predictive models.

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200 Artificial Intelligence Use Cases, 29 Industries, 12 Themes

AI will have a complex relationship with humans that will change over time: While certain jobs will become automated, AI is more often poised to augment human labor and decision-making. Longer-term, many applications will be designed to empower humans with non-human capabilities, memory, experiences, and knowledge. Many ethical, philosophical, cultural, societal, and business norms will be forced into re-assessment.

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The Role of AI in Assisting Customer Experience

The future of AI and what it transpires into, lies in the hands of those controlling the characteristics that bind this innovation. We can now imagine and think of ideas which might have made you a laughing stock a few years ago. From a computer system playing chess with the masters to driverless cars, the possibilities associated with AI are many. Considering the high skill levels of machines with AI, the technology can be used in numerous fields to expand human capabilities, to optimize the use of resources, and to enhance productivity.

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Why Competitive Intelligence Needs its Own Wargame Now

Try introducing yourself as a Competitive Intelligence analyst. Chances are that the reactions will range from a) That’s what
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Navigating Big Data Certification Programs

 Why Certifications Programs in Big Data and Data Science? In this very nascent field of big data where both

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A Letter to the CMO from a Dying Social Post

I have just a little over three hours left to live. That’s the half-life of content these days, I
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Are Analysts Primitive Homo Analyticus?

This is a guest post by Gary Cokins, founder of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC. Gary discusses his evolutionary theory
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“Rethinking the Decision Factory” by Roger Martin

Companies everywhere struggle with the management of knowledge workers. They compete fiercely to find and retain the best talent,E
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Women in Data Science: 10 Selected Profiles

There has been some discussion in the past about women data scientists.  Things look very bleak if you ask
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Where are the Women in the STEM Workforce?

The business economy in the United States boomed because of the nation’s unchallenged devotion to the growth of its
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Marketing Analytics and Content Marketing

Today’s sophisticated analytics tools can accurately measure which marketing strategy or tool is generating revenue, which tool is working

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The Big Data Marketer: An Artist or a Scientist?

In the big data world, we have heard about data scientists, but now the industry thought leaders are more

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