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The Role of AI in Assisting Customer Experience

The future of AI and what it transpires into, lies in the hands of those controlling the characteristics that bind this innovation. We can now imagine and think of ideas which might have made you a laughing stock a few years ago. From a computer system playing chess with the masters to driverless cars, the possibilities associated with AI are many. Considering the high skill levels of machines with AI, the technology can be used in numerous fields to expand human capabilities, to optimize the use of resources, and to enhance productivity.

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Why Competitive Intelligence Needs its Own Wargame Now

Try introducing yourself as a Competitive Intelligence analyst. Chances are that the reactions will range from a) That’s what
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Navigating Big Data Certification Programs

 Why Certifications Programs in Big Data and Data Science? In this very nascent field of big data where both

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A Letter to the CMO from a Dying Social Post

I have just a little over three hours left to live. That’s the half-life of content these days, I
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Are Analysts Primitive Homo Analyticus?

This is a guest post by Gary Cokins, founder of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC. Gary discusses his evolutionary theory
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“Rethinking the Decision Factory” by Roger Martin

Companies everywhere struggle with the management of knowledge workers. They compete fiercely to find and retain the best talent,E
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Women in Data Science: 10 Selected Profiles

There has been some discussion in the past about women data scientists.  Things look very bleak if you ask
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Where are the Women in the STEM Workforce?

The business economy in the United States boomed because of the nation’s unchallenged devotion to the growth of its
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Marketing Analytics and Content Marketing

Today’s sophisticated analytics tools can accurately measure which marketing strategy or tool is generating revenue, which tool is working

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The Big Data Marketer: An Artist or a Scientist?

In the big data world, we have heard about data scientists, but now the industry thought leaders are more

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How CMOs Can Use Big Data Analytics to Drive Profits

A Google and Shopper Sciences study reported that “the average shopper in 2011 used almost twice the number of
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Cloudera vs Hortonworks vs MapR: Comparing Hadoop Distributions

For all those looking to harness the potential of big data, Hadoop is the platform of choice. This open

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Pentaho vs Tableau: Two popular visualization and dashboarding tools

Need help with your Big Data project or simply need data scientists, data engineers and visualizers to augment your existing

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Measuring Marketing ROI with Big Data

The main objective of marketing analytics is to measure the effectiveness, or the ROI, of various marketing channels used

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From Idea to Action

What prompted the idea for Experfy and how did it come to fruition? It all began with my experience with

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Big Data Driven Marketing Analytics Invades the Enterprise

According to McKinsey, a comfortable 20% of marketing budgets can actually be redirected to other necessary expenditure without the

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Big Data Funding Rounds (July 26, 2014): Privacy Analytics, Quantifind, Synapsify, Hortonworks

Privacy Analytics, an Ottawa based Analytics Company that helps maintain the anonymity of personal data, arranged $3.5 million seed
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Big Data: The next big recruiter?

The world has gone digital, and there is a push toward a paperless economy. In addition, companies are making an intelligent

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Big Data Funding Rounds (July 14, 2014): Databricks, RetailNext, Luminoso, Amplitude

Databricks, the commercial start-up from the developers of Apache Spark and Shark project, bags $33 million in series B
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SAP Business Objects vs IBM Cognos BI: Who’s the Winner?

Every business is data driven today. The inflow of humongous amount of big data requires equally competent tools to
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Reinvention of Bioinformatics with Big Data Applications

The main objective of this post is to acquaint a broad readership with the technical developments in the field
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Major Hurdles in Big Data: Risks and Threats

In her white paper Big Data, Bigger Opportunities (April 2013), author Jean Yan, Program Manager at, U.S. General
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Latest Big Data Funding Rounds (July 1): MapR, Couchbase, Kreditech, CrowdTwist, Keen IO

Here are the latest big data funding rounds. MapR was just rewarded a hefty $110 million in capital funds. Google
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Big Data as a Service Market: Future Growth Opportunities

The recent data explosion due to sensor-enabled machines, mobile devices, social media, and cloud computing has been projected to
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