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Information Builders versus Tibco Spotfire: Another BI Duel

A point to note is that comparative literature on Tibco Spotfire versus Information Builders is practically non-existent—apart from the
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Big Data and the Transformation of the Gaming Industry

Ever since the video gaming industry has invaded the online space, this fast-paced industry is almost bursting on its
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Latest Big Data Funding Rounds (June 17, 2014): Oration, SiSense, Scaling Data, Vizury, Health Integrated, Exabeam

Oration, the Health-Cost Transparency Company Receives Funds from TIE Oration, the big-data startup, focused on building a completely transparent
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Democratization of Big Data Outcomes

“70% say a positive outcome resulted from their last major decision in which data played a pivotal role, while
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BetaBoston: Seven Harvard Innovation Lab startups to watch

June 11, 2014 by Kyle Alspach Handybook + +3 More Today Handybook solidified its place as the best-funded alum of
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Exploratory Data Analysis and Big Data Enabled Research

In the big data era, the power of science lies in technology-enabled data discovery Big data’s biggest challenge, as

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SAP Business Objects vs SAS Business Intelligence: Who’s the Winner?

The potential of data analytics is being recognized by increasing number of sectors every day, be it financial, administrative,E

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VC Funding Trends in Big Data (IDC Report)

Between 2009 and the second quarter of 2013, venture capital funds amounting to a generous $3 billion was pumped
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Big Data Firm Concurrent Raises $10M in Series B

In a $10 million Series B funding round, existing investors Rembrandt Ventures and True Ventures joined hands with a
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Can You Set Up an R-Hadoop System on Your Own?

Compared to the traditional data warehousing model, big data analytics delivers competitive advantage in two ways, as claimed by
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Big Data a Top Priority for CIOs in the Oil Industry

In the oil industry, big data-enabled solutions have been used to optimize oil-drilling processes to reduce operational costs and
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Latest Big Data Funding Rounds (June 5, 2014): OLSET, Learn Sprout, Sales Predict, OpenGov

OLSET acquires $1.1 million in seed funds OLSET, a big data travel tech firm, announced that it has received $1.1
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MicroStrategy vs Cognos BI: Who’s the Winner?

To make this comparison unbiased, we have used the BARC 2013 Survey results as a place to begin. The BARC
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Big Data in the Evolution of the CIO Role

As the big data wave has conquered and transformed the universe around us, the role of the chief information

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Big Data-Enabled Predictive Analytics to Tackle Client Incidents at Intel

Intel’s extensive PC infrastructure, with more than 95,000 machines, generates about 80 percent of the total number of incidents
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Data Science Team Building: The Power of Collaborative Analytics

Data science teams are bringing new business values across the enterprise supply chain—so much so that the business units
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IDC Predicts the Future of Big Data Industry

The significant feature of the platform shift in the worldwide IT market is that particular sub-segments of the IT

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The Big Data Ecosystem: Who’s In and Who’s Not

The big data frenzy is methodically conquering one market after another. As this trend continues—this is the best time
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Big Data Weekly Roundup: Stanford, Ubeeko, JHU, Oscar

Stanford Conference on Big Data: Ever since the massive influx of digital information invaded every industry sector, healthcare-related information assumed
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Latest Big Data Funding Rounds (May 28, 2014): Context Relevant, Tamr, Sumo Logic, Data Pad, Apixio

Context Relevant Inc., a data-science automation startup, raised $21 million in a funding round led by Formation 8, a
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The Challenges of Big Data Infrastructure

As per intelligence reports: We create 2.5 quintillions bytes of digital data every day 90% of digital data found
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Capital Funding on the Big Data Landscape

Most market research companies reporting venture capital activities in the big data industry generally capture news about top venture
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Big Data Technology for Evidence-based Cancer Treatment

At New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) serious efforts have been made to exploit big data technology to
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Data Scientists in Enterprise Decision Making

Around March of 2013, The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a poll to acquire and analyze realistic views on the

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