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Big Data Database – To SQL or NoSQL?

A Wikibon study on the big data market conducted around the first quarter of 2013 attempted to divide the market—based on
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Big Data Benefits: Fact or Fiction?

While the uproar over big data has blinded the average business owner, the crucial question that needs to be
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HP’s Data Lake Meets Hadoop

Large enterprises usually have fragmented data deposits in department-centric silos or customer service systems. When cross-functional data are required
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Big Data Weekly: Act-On, Beckon, Medicare, Vertica Big Data Conference

Act-On raises $42 million for business expansion Act-On, a marketing automation system vendor, has managed to raise $42 million
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Big Data Taps into Social Media Mainstream: Business and Government Impacts

Data, technologies and tools that provide access to data form a core component in today’s mainstream society. One of
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2014 Forecast of Big Data Trends

Need help with your Big Data project or simply need data scientists, data engineers and visualizers to augment your existing team?
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KDNugget’s Poll: an Eye Opener for Data Science Debate

The data science debate on machine learning vs domain expertise has gone on for years now, but none of
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Big Data: Big Illusion?

Big data has evolved in different ways in the last several years, and now it encompasses all those activities
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Big Data Startups VC Funding Infographic

The venture capital funding of big data companies was a hot topic in 2013, and many market research organizations
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ScaleMP: Market Leader in Advanced Big Data Analytics

Big data has captured public attention in unexpected way, and now businesses, both online and offline, cannot comprehend data
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BugSense leverages Google App Engine

Rather than investing premium resources on development infrastructure, it is probably more strategic to partner with an established brand
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Big Data Weekly: Hadoop, Cloudera, Leverage Big Data

This weekly roundup includes Hadoop, Intel’s Cloudera, the Leverage Big Data summit, and more.   Big Data Summit Scheduled
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Big Data VC Funding: Crittercism and Fundbox

  This week may have been a little slow for capital funding in the big data industry after Intel’s
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Enterprise Data Management using Hadoop with MapR

With the emergence of production-level Hadoop with MapR distribution, business data—that was too large, too complex, and too expensive
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Future Faces a Shortage of Big Data Human Capital

In the current volatile business environment, three visible trends are transforming the way businesses operate: Technologies, especially open source—are
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When Big Data Goes Bad (Infographic by Experian)

Businesses thrive on the quality and reliability of data they collect and process. According to a recent study, businesses
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Big Data Analytics Transforms Industrial Ecosystems

“pushing the boundaries of minds and machines” – GE   In machine-intensive industries, for instance in the utility sector (industries
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Big Data VC: Avendus, Zodius, DataRPM and Browntape

April 07, 2014: Avendus and Zodius form a partnership to build a multi-stage technology fund Big data startups will be
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Leveraging on a Recommender to Boost your e-Commerce

The Problem  If you already own an e-commerce storefront like Amazon.com or Cold Stone Creamery, then you probably recognize
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Hadoop Saves Children’s Hospital from Information Chaos

In the recent times, like the other industry sectors, the healthcare sector has also recognized the uniqueness of Hadoop
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Domain Expertise vs Machine Learning Debate

“When I’m getting ready to reason with a man, I spend one-third of my time thinking about myself and

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Techcrunch: Harvard-Backed Experfy Wants To Create A McKinsey In The Cloud For Big Data Talent

March 31, 2014 by Pankaj Mishra There is a scramble to find the right big data talent, especially for
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Forbes: Harvard-Backed Startup Experfy Launches To Match Top Data Talent With Thousands In Freelance Cash

March 31, 2014 by Alex Konrad The market for freelance data work is huge…Experfy estimates that 20% of the big
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Is Python Becoming the King of the Data Science Forest?

R has served as the de facto tool used for big data analytics.  According to RedMonk’s bi-annual rankings of

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