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Attention Business Leaders: How Will You Be Disrupted?

With all the talk on “the street” about disruption in the various markets, from the auto industry to retail, it can be easy to act reactively and change too fast too soon rather then to be strategic and do what is best for your line of business 

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Swing and a Miss – How to Avoid Striking Out with the Wrong Data

Smart data analysis can help a team recognize and use its strengths and weaknesses to achieve a competitive advantage. It can help corporations make savvy business decisions to propel them to the top of their market. The key here, however, is to recognize which data is helpful and which should be ignored. Too much data can lead to an information overload, prompting decisions to be over analyzed and delayed. 

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How fintech is changing lives in the global south

You might have witnessed how these fintech companies are contributing to the transformation of the financial services sector in the United States. But what’s happening in the global south? There, “inclusive fintech”, or fintech products and services that serve the bottom of the pyramid, is thriving in its own right with the likes of Tala and Branch. The sector is growing – enough to compile a list of our top 100 inclusive fintech companies by funding raised in emerging markets.

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Four benefits of automating insurance interactions with AI

With insurance companies at the forefront of automation, we see that this technology can help regain the erosion of trust, serving to ease the regulatory, communication and staffing challenges large carriers face. Automation can help insurance companies become the responsive, helpful, and reliable resources that customers seek. We see four primary benefits of automated intelligent interactions for insurance companies.

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Ambient Intelligence — The Ultimate IoT Use Cases

Over half of the world’s population are carrying personal devices that have powerful processors, sensors, cameras, high speed communications and intelligent applications. In the next ten years, an Ambient Intelligence (AmI) revolution is coming where all the above technologies will be embedded in our homes, grocery stores, offices, hospitals and transportation services.


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Five Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Business Sell More

More recently, the internet and high levels of smartphone adoption have totally changed the way we do business. Now, it’s the turn of artificial intelligence (AI). Here are five of the best reasons why ‘thinking’ computer systems can help your business sell more.

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Pour Another Coffee! - Why ALL Businesses Will Become Data Businesses

Data that is available for collection in every moment in our lives is a rich resource just waiting to be collected by businesses that are strategically positioned and enabled to do so. Now, what are some things you can start doing this quarter to make sure your business is more of an economic driver, with a data driven co-pilot?

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2020 Outlook: How FinTech Transformed the Wealth Management Industry

What did FinTech bring into wealth management exactly? The short answer is AI. Thompson Reuters suggests that cognitive software platforms, which provide the tools to analyze, organize, access, and provide advisory services based on a range of structured and unstructured data, are set to attract investment of nearly $2.5 billion in this year alone.

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How The Blockchain Is Revolutionizing The Remittance Industry For The Unbanked

In many of these developing nations less than 20–30% of the citizenry have bank accounts. The other 70% of the population is without access to a bank or financial services and have been deemed “the unbanked”.

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Getting Started With Robotic Automation

This article is the second of a two-part series on Robotic Automation for customer engagement. Part one provides an overview of the technology. It explains how it can be used to assist customer service representatives and automate tasks of customer-facing processes. Part two explores the art of the possible and dig into the three most common models for leveraging this style of automation. But first, we need to do away with two misconceptions.

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Eight Stats About AI in Customer Service and What They Mean for Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of machines or computers to emulate human thinking or decision-making. After years of speculation into the technology and its possibilities, AI is starting to deliver on its promise. Here are eight stats that prove natural language processing, machine learning and cognitive computing are helping businesses to deliver excellent customer service.

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Data Governance 2.0, Data is Everyone’s Business

Data governance means understanding the data assets of the organization – knowing that they are of good quality, accessible and secure and that using them does not put the company at legal, reputational or financial risk while also enabling it to be agile. Now, the age of Data Governance 2.0 is dawning. It’s an age that must be marked by everyone within the business collaborating in data governance.

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Where Do Consumers Fit in the Fintech Stack?

The new generation of fintech tools offers the potential to help consumers manage their increasingly complicated financial lives, but also poses risks that will need to be managed as the marketplace matures.

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Digital Transformation Framework: How to Turn the Tables on Fintechs?

Global financial companies enhance digital services to attract new customers across the whole financial ecosystem. Fintechs and software giants successfully exploit their corresponding niches. In turn, the vast majority of community banks have no distinct advantages over their competitors.

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Pre-Processing in Natural Language Machine Learning

With the evolution of the digital landscape, tapping into text, or Natural Language Processing (NLP), is a growing field in artificial intelligence and machine learning. This article covers the common pre-processing concepts applied to NLP problems.

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AI Adoption In Procurement: 3-Step Journey

Procurement has unfortunately often been a laggard in adopting new technologies. However, with the proliferation of AI across so many aspects of an organization, there is no reason for it to sit on the fence on this one. The gains can be monumental, both in terms of bottom-line impact as well as the overall effectiveness of how the procurement function contributes to an organization’s larger goals.

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Fintech can be a tool in advancing energy inclusion and rural electrification

While economic self-sufficiency powered by financial technology makes the PAYG sector attractive for commercial investment, it is also one of the most socially impactful enterprise models in existence today. By prolonging working and study hours, reducing health hazards, reducing CO2 emissions and other environmental damage, the PAYG industry will have a strong and measurable impact on the well-being of its customers and the planet.

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Why is edge AI important?

Artificial intelligence can predict stocks, diagnose patients, hire job applicants, play the games of chess and go, and do many more tasks on par or better than humans. Humans still have an advantage, however: They have intelligence at the edge.

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Why Your Organization Shouldn’t Be Afraid of AI

The reality is that the conversation about AI is increasingly important, so important, that Max Tegmark, a physicist at MIT and author of Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, claims the conversation to be the most important conversation of our time. 

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Should we give AI the key to our security?

The cyber security industry is a good example of a field where artificial intelligence (AI) is both being looked to as a near-magical perfect solution while also already being deployed in a practical way every day. But can we trust it?

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Five Reasons Why Your Data Science Project Could Fail – And What You Can Do to Avoid It

Given the difficulty in running a successful data science project, there are some specific reasons why these kinds of projects fail. Data science is a field that requires an interdisciplinary skillset. You need to be good at math and statistics, which yields a foundation of methods to analyze and interpret data. Domain knowledge is required to understand the data and the (business) processes that shall benefit from the analysis. Coding is a prerequisite to bring the theory to action. 

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Five Ways to Make Big Data Investment Work For Your Organization

Big data is gradually percolating every technology from AI to autonomous cars to IoT, with companies continuing to invest heavily on Big Data Analytics. However, if you blindly spend on building infrastructure and buying tools, without really thinking about how to derive value from your data, then it will only do more harm than good for your organization. Here are 5 ways to ensure that your big data investment achieve the desired result and deliver the promised value for your organization.

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Ten best practices for making your first IoT projects a success

How do you ensure that your first IoT project implementation will be successful? In this post, I’ll share ten best practices for managers planning their first IoT project.

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RPA Gold Rush: Just the right mix of ingredients

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiative is akin to a 'Gold Rush', where the RPA-led savings will be high for a few and selected processes (read, harmonised) and the subsequent effort for automation will be significantly higher, beyond the catchment area. Robotic Process Automation is the automation of repeatable tasks by using artificial intelligence, thus reducing the need for human effort.

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