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Monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT)

Creating an IoT Monetization roadmap should be the top priority for any IoT initiative.  Take the time to identify, validate and prioritize those use cases with the key business stakeholders and constituents to ensure that you are focused on the right use cases in the right order. There is no value in generating and collecting the data if you don’t have a plan for how to monetize that data.

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Privacy and Security on Blockchains

Decentralization has its flaws; the complete security and privacy are yet to be achieved. It doesn’t mean, however, that blockchains are unsafe: substantial progress has been made already in the security area and clever developers keep on improving the technology on a regular basis.

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How To Grow As A Data Scientist

In order for a data scientist to grow, they need to be challenged beyond the technical aspects of their jobs. Data scientists have the opportunity to sway company decisions. They have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. That means they need to take ownership of the work they do. They need to question their data sources, be concise in their insights, know their business and help guide their leaders. 

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Three DevOps Predictions for 2018

Markets move too fast and customer expectations elevate too precipitously for businesses to rest on their laurels. Here's a DevOps "to-do list" for 2018 that should be priorities for anyone who wants to make sure their organization is running at the front of the digital pack through next year - and beyond.

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Seven Ways In Which Fintech Is Impacting The Insurance Industry

The financial sector received a big boost due to technological integration. Banks revealed during this amalgamation and now, the insurance sector has got a taste of the nectar generated by churning Finance and Technology (FinTech). Listed in this article are seven ways in which FinTech is impacting the insurance industry. 

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How Automation Adds Up for AP

Maybe you have an AP automation solution in place that provides automated workflows, but requires customization to address your unique processing requirements. Or your automation solution works, but you lack full end-to-end invoice processing visibility and are unable to further optimize processes based on a drill-down of key performance indicators.

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Expert Opinions in the Age of the Internet of Things: “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat”

It will be that smart products connected to the internet, where standards may or may not exist for them, pose a new challenge for experts who may have the requisite skills to offer opinions on the dumb version of a product but lack the new skill sets to avoid exclusion when offering opinions on the smart version … or will new experts need to step forward to complement and supplement traditional experts?

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The Top 18 Security Predictions for 2018

What will happen in cyberspace in 2018? How will technology impact the real world over the next year? Once again, the cybersecurity industry is full of security predictions, trend reports, cyber forecasts, IT security analysis and red-hot security examples to allow everyone to try to connect the dots to the future. Here’s your annual security industry prediction roundup from the top cybersecurity experts, magazines, companies, analysts and more.

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Tech terms in brave new world

The terminology of financial services technology morphs as fast as the technology itself. Already, terms like big data, cloud services, biometric authentication, and more are so yesterday. Yet bankers must keep up as new tech terms get invented and adopted. As fast as technology accelerates, people still have to master the language in order to attempt not only to understand what’s going on, but to figure out whether the new things are worthwhile.

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2018: The year enterprise robotics software and services will reach $1.5 Bn

2017 has undoubtedly been the break-out year for enterprise robotics software. The global market for RPA Software and Services will reach $898 million in 2018 and is expected to grow to $2.2 billion by 2021 at a compound annual growth rate of 54%.

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Intelligent disobedience can mitigate dangerous IoT situations

Intelligent disobedience stems from the concept of teaching a guide dog to go directly against the owner’s instructions if the commands given risk the owner’s safety.

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Artificial Intelligence: A Strong Case for Universal Basic Income

Today AI needs a global governance, a team that would dictate the implementation of AI and act as a monitoring body for the whole globe, of course with a fair representation from all continents.

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Twelve Innovative Use Cases for RPA in Finance & Accounting

We continue to find gaps in automated processes where there are activities and tasks between systems, such as keying and re-keying information from one application to another, logging into supplier portals to gather information, and manual updating of financial data or ERP applications from Excel spreadsheets.

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Innovations that IoT will drive in 2018

The internet of things is still in its relative infancy, and in 2018 there will be some significant milestones achieved that will showcase the possibilities that an IoT world will bring. So without further ado, here are my top five IoT-related predictions for 2018

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How Blockchain Will Transform Credentialing (and Education)

While blockchain will make it easier to share credentials, it leaves wide open the question of who creates and grants certifications. Employers and educational institutions will need to decide what knowledge and skills are important and how those are developed and assessed. In some cases, machine scoring will be able to verify certain skill claims, but in many cases with important and multidimensional skills, human judgment observation will remain important.

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IoT Predictions that will Transform Transportation in 2018

In the coming year, IoT will undoubtedly fuel the creation of more connected infrastructures within the transportation sector. The way that we travel, whether through personally owned vehicles, mass transit systems, ride shares or MaaS, is on the cusp of change. We’ll keep a close eye on these predicted trends and technologies as we head into 2018.

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Seven RPA myths – busted

This article examines the validity of the most widely held misconceptions about robotic process automation. RPA will provide future benefits too - allowing IT to digitise things that currently are not possible and provide valuable insights into forthcoming IT challenges. 

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The Alpha and Omega of Artificial Intelligence in Information Security Management System

Information Security Management System (ISMS) will not only benefit from AI technology but also get a new direction in the future. This domain will slowly move towards governance, risk management and continuous monitoring. AI will help identify the known unknown and the unknown known too. AI will detect security threats, automate SOC response and improve the turnaround time in attack remediation. In fact, AI is a technology that ISMS cannot afford to miss; growing to 62 percent by 2018, with a prediction of a 300 percent year-on-year increase in AI investment this year, AI is clearly here to stay.

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A Quick Ripple Primer To Make You An Informed User!

Ripple is quite different from other cryptocurrencies as it doesn’t have its own public blockchain. Ripple functions like RTGS and is a digital currency exchange. Ripple was released officially in 2012 with an intent to enable instant & secure financial transactions of any size with no chargeback. It is currently a world third largest digital currency.

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Getting started with Bitcoin, blockchains, and cryptoassets

Where to begin learning about Bitcoin and blockchains? With the recent rise in prices, these requests are amplifying in lockstep. It is important for people to become educated before investing, but these responses take time and time is scarce. 

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Why 2018 Will Belong To Cloud, AI, Blockchain

While the year 2017 more or less stabilized new technologies, the coming year could see a significant incline. Emerging technologies that could have a long-term impact include Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, and Cloud Computing. 

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Top Six technical advantages of Hyperledger Fabric for blockchain networks

Hyperledger Fabric the leading open-source, general-purpose blockchain fabric built for enterprises. And it's the backdrop for the 6 essential attributes of enterprise-ready blockchain networks that we detail here.

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Machine Learning & Data Analysts: Seizing the Opportunity in 2018

Enterprises worldwide have shown us repeatedly that there is major potential for industry change with ML and AI. Nevertheless, in order to bring about that change, there must be strategy involved. It is not enough to assemble a large data team and expect the results to come. Becoming successful with data requires collaboration across teams, placing new concepts – such as reusability and reproducibility of data models – at the heart of the business.

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Robotic process automation is expanding outside the back office

A significant transformation is occurring in the back offices of enterprises across the globe. Many label it as the rise of the robots, but a more appropriate term is robotic process automation (RPA). RPA brings forth technology that combines scripting with intelligence and execution. It is a combination of automated prowess that has been a real boon for back-office operations.

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