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Top Hadoop Vendors Ranked (2014)

As research and adoption shows, Hadoop is the big data technology solution of the future.  We have conducted extensive market
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Big Data Improves Farming with Advanced Agricultural Technology

A former data science organization has leveraged the inherent strength of agricultural data or “big data” to transform farm
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Big Data Invades Pharma to Produce Stellar Results

The business of drug development involves long periods of research and clinical trials, strict adherence to regulatory procedures, and
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VC Funds with a Difference: MapR, Smartsheet, Nokia, Kabbage

Investments in Hadoop: MapR The strategic position of Hadoop in the big data ecosystem has been reaffirmed by Intel
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Data Scientist Study – Infographic by EMC

The recent explosion of industrial data, the emergence of advanced big data technologies, and inexpensive hardware and bandwidth—all fuel
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Big Data Survey Reflects Organizational Faith in Analytics

The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a poll on behalf of CSC and EMC around March 2013 to collect the
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SumAll: Big Data Lends a Humanitarian Hand

Most of the big data contributions people have heard about involve improved business processes, better risk management, and enhanced
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Latest Big Data Funding Rounds: May, 6 2014

Venture capital funding activities in the big data industry have substantially slowed down after the major Intel-Cloudera funding round,E
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Massachusetts May Lead the World in Big Data Growth: New 2014 Study Shows

IDC forecasts that the digital-data universe of social media, online transactions, and sensors will reach 40 zettabytes (ZB) by
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Hadoop Ecosystem at LinkSmart Delivers Big Data Analytics Solution

The Protagonist LinkSmart This startup—located in Boulder, Colorado—provides an advanced analytics service to its digital publishing clients. LinkSmart’s unique,E
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Big Data Weekly: Big Data Week, the White House, and Brazil

As big data continues to shine in the industrial limelight, here are a few stories that showcase the widespread
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Operational Analytics – Infographic from IBM Big Data Hub

In the big data world, we know the power of the descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive data analytics. Another kind
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Big Data Enhances Predictive Analytics

Traditional predictive analytics foresaw future events based on comparisons of past scenarios or patterns. This process involves deductive reasoning
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Venture Rounds: Apigee, Tidemark, New Relic, OurCrowd

Funding activities behind big data companies have lost its momentum mainly because most of the major investors have already
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2014 Big Data Events Not to Miss

Since big data events such as conferences, seminars, workshops or webcasts are conducted throughout the year, the objective of
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Data Science Curricula Become Mainstream in Academia

In the coming years, data scientists will be in high demand throughout the globe. Venture Beat reconfirmed FICO’s claim
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Affordable Memory Solutions by Numascale

Massive data sets are generated in the world of big data analytics in an age of explosive data generated
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The Big Data Ripple Effect on Retailers

As consumerism remains a favorite preoccupation in the global community, one of the popular questions that pops up in conversation
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Too Cool for School: Online Courses for Busy Data Scientists

As data science is a newly evolving field, many professionals have been caught unaware by the vast gap in
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The Ultimate Solution: Big Data by Nokia

Nokia, as the global leader in mobile services, decided to turn its attention to the data age of mobility—the
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Infographic “The Real World of Big Data”

Whenever we are discussing the benefits of big data, we happen to talk in future terms! This general attitude
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New Study on Data Scientist Salaries (2014)

Recent internet search trends and social media buzz prove beyond a doubt that big data careers— specifically those in
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Funded Big Data Companies to Watch in 2014

A large number big data startups have made news and attracted the attention of venture capital fund providers in recent
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Big Data Weekly: Big Data Week, Alpine Data Lab, Hortonworks

Big Data Week to steal the show Next month, Belfast will play host to the worldwide technology conference sponsored
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