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Blockchain Use Cases With a Disruptive Potential

The blockchain is a collection of technologies, just like bricks used in a construction. You can choose different bricks to place them collectively in various forms to produce your desired construction results. Similar is the case with the blockchain technologies. Like the use cases of bricks are many, the blockchain application use cases are many.

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Real World Applications of Blockchain

Blockchain lately has created enormous technological excitements driving far-fetched developments in the world. It all started with the creation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, or digital currencies. 

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How Machine Learning Can Improve Telecommunications

Few industries are as primed to be radically improved by Machine Learning as the Telecoms industry. About 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars is forecast to be spent globally on telecom services in 2018.

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How On Earth Will Artificial Intelligence Add 16 Trillion Dollars To The World's Economy by 2030?

According to a new report by PwC, Artificial Intelligence will contribute as much as $15.7 trillion to the world economy by 2030. That's more than the current combined output of China and India. 

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The Future of Algorithmic Trading

Though you probably do not realize it, sophisticated algorithms are already dominating our everyday life, through traffic lights, train schedules, your Facebook newsfeed, and more. An area of algorithmic dominance that often goes unnoticed is in the stock market. These trading algorithms are reshaping the way trading is done on Wall Street. Investors are using algorithms designed for trading to bring greater efficiency to financial markets, and at the same time push us into uncharted financial territory. 

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Skills That Can Transform You into a Skilled Algorithmic Trader

By putting into practice the ideas you learn and read about, you can sharpen your technical skills, and develop a critical thinking mindset and creativity to succeed with algorithmic trading.

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Retail Dynamics of the Internet of Things in the Future

Today's customer wants a smooth shopping experience in what, where, when, and how he wants to buy irrespective of the retail environment whether it is a physical shop or a digital one.  And it is the Internet of Things that is bridging this gap in providing the seamless retail experience to the customer. 

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Industrial IoT and the Rise of Smart Manufacturing

The industrial Internet of Things, known as the Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, has become a buzzword for automating the smart manufacturing process. It is shaping the future of smart and intelligent manufacturing. No matter what you call it, this connected or smart manufacturing has become all pervasive.

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Integrating IoT with Big Data, a Revolutionary Step

Internet of Things is concerned with the connectivity of devices and sensors, and multiple other sources and services linked to them. It is continuously pushing our society and industries to new heights. These devices, sensors and other connected sources emit enormous and dynamic structured, unstructured, semi-structured and behavioral data in real time, which in itself is raw. This data needs to be churned out to derive actionable insights to improve things connected by IoT and drive overall productivity.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Death of Indian IT Sector

IT services in India is highly vulnerable to the next phase of technological disruption in automation and AI as novel capabilities such as self-repairing code reduce the need for the large-scale deployment of cheap IT professionals. India is likely to witness a crisis like the one it has never seen before.

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Gartner Names Experfy "Cool Vendor" in Data Science and Machine Learning, 2017

Experfy announced today that it has been named a "Cool Vendor" in Data Science and Machine Learning by Gartner. The analyst firm recognized Experfy as an important player that "can help data and analytics leaders bring the full data science and machine-learning spectrum to their organizations."

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IoT and Prognostic Analytics for Predictive Maintenance

Given the high costs of industrial assets, extending their life cycle by harnessing the power of prognostic analytics for predictive maintenance is essential to maximizing your return on this substantial investment. Leverage your industrial data to lower maintenance costs, increase safety, raise productivity, and improve profits.

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A Comparison of Tableau and Power BI, the two Top Leaders in the BI Market

Tableau and Power BI offers different advantages and disadvantages in comparing BI solutions. However, need for a Business Intelligence solution for an enterprise depends on the nature and demands of its business niche, size, type and workforce necessities and customer segmentations it caters.

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The Evolving Role of Big Data in Retail

The retail value chain is impacted by Big Data in many profound ways: retailers use Big Data to collect data on their customers so that they can better serve them and market themselves to them; they interact with payment systems whose information must be secured against sophisticated threats; and their logistics and operations can be markedly improved by using Big Data effectively.

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Internet of Things: Market, Opportunity and Challenges

The IoT is about a world in which physical objects ranging from gas turbines to mobile phones and television sets are connected to the Internet. That connectivity imbues these devices with intelligence and enables them to collaborate with each other and with people to adapt to the contexts in which we live, work, and play. 

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Managing Your Big Data Security Strategy in 2017

In the era of Big Data, as the amount of data available for analysis has exploded exponentially, securing that data has become absolutely essential for corporate success. Firms like Target and Home Depot know first hand the deleterious impact that data breaches can have on the corporate brand and bottom line.

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How to Really Eat an Elephant

Many Hadoop installations have been focused on individual teams and their particular data analysis projects. But that's changing as Scott Carey points out in "11 Hadoop case studies in the enterprise," business from big banks to airlines and retailers are deploying Hadoop at the enterprise scale. Further he asserts, that "Forrester now says enterprise adoption of Hadoop is 'mandatory,' so any business that wants to derive value from its data should, at the very least, be looking at the technology."   Installing Hadoop and enabling a single team to use it has become a simple process, particularly if a cloud-based offering of the platform is acceptable. Whether on Azure, AWS, the Google Cloud Platform or another cloud provider's infrastructure, provisioning a multi-node Hadoop instance can be done quickly...point and click.

Does that mean, however, that the newly-minted Hadoop cluster is ready for the enterprise?

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Claims Severity Prediction with Apache Spark 2.0 and Scala

Allstate, the second largest insurance company in United States, recently launched a Machine Learning recruitment challenge to predict the cost and the severity of claims.

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How Big Data is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Few American industries are as primed to be revolutionized by Big Data as healthcare. In this blog post, Harpreet Singh, the Founder and Co-CEO of Experfy gives us three ways in which Big Data in fundamentally reshaping healthcare.

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The Importance of Data Strategy for Startups

Data strategy is the one thing many companies need, especially startups, but they don't know it. So, what is a data strategy? How can we define it?

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Data Science: The Art of Communication

This is a follow-up to the three-part series on 'How to Become a Data Scientist’. It is effectively Part 2a, because it became apparent that the second instalment on ‘Learning’ did not encompass sufficient detail on how to improve the essential, and often overlooked skill of communication.  

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Industrial Machine Learning: Where are We Now?

The rapid growth of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications is not only in the software domain. As the use of sensors in industrial applications becomes more mainstream, the large amount of data gathered can be used to train algorithms. This, in turn, results in rapid increases in efficiency.

In this article, chemical engineer and researcher Hermes Ribeiro Sant Anna gives an overview of how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are used in industrial production facilities. 

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How to Become a Data Scientist (Part 3/3)

This is Part Three in a three-part series examining how to become a data scientist. Supported by extensive research and expert opinions, it aims to provide a comprehensive guide to anyone interested in this field, irrespective of background and level of experience. The topic of Part Three is: 'The Job Market'.

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How to Become a Data Scientist (Part 2/3)

This is Part Two in a three-part series examining how to become a data scientist. Supported by extensive research and expert opinions, it aims to provide a comprehensive guide to anyone looking to move into this field, irrespective of background and experience. The topic of Part Two is: "Learning".

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