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Affordable Memory Solutions by Numascale

Massive data sets are generated in the world of big data analytics in an age of explosive data generated
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The Big Data Ripple Effect on Retailers

As consumerism remains a favorite preoccupation in the global community, one of the popular questions that pops up in conversation
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Too Cool for School: Online Courses for Busy Data Scientists

As data science is a newly evolving field, many professionals have been caught unaware by the vast gap in
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The Ultimate Solution: Big Data by Nokia

Nokia, as the global leader in mobile services, decided to turn its attention to the data age of mobility—the
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Infographic “The Real World of Big Data”

Whenever we are discussing the benefits of big data, we happen to talk in future terms! This general attitude
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New Study on Data Scientist Salaries (2014)

Recent internet search trends and social media buzz prove beyond a doubt that big data careers— specifically those in
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Funded Big Data Companies to Watch in 2014

A large number big data startups have made news and attracted the attention of venture capital fund providers in recent
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Big Data Weekly: Big Data Week, Alpine Data Lab, Hortonworks

Big Data Week to steal the show Next month, Belfast will play host to the worldwide technology conference sponsored
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Mashable: Harvard-Backed Experfy Aims to Disrupt the Big Data Consulting Industry

April 26, 2014 by Stephanie Walden Big data may be the next big thing, and as with many such trends,E
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Data Science Race – Man vs Machine

Two separate trends have overtaken the world—the growing automation of every facet of society, and the recent explosion of
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Big Data Goes to the Movies

The American film industry, with its phenomenal $520 billion revenue (2013) has been blessed by big data. So what
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Big Data Database – To SQL or NoSQL?

A Wikibon study on the big data market conducted around the first quarter of 2013 attempted to divide the market—based on
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Big Data Benefits: Fact or Fiction?

While the uproar over big data has blinded the average business owner, the crucial question that needs to be
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HP’s Data Lake Meets Hadoop

Large enterprises usually have fragmented data deposits in department-centric silos or customer service systems. When cross-functional data are required
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Big Data Weekly: Act-On, Beckon, Medicare, Vertica Big Data Conference

Act-On raises $42 million for business expansion Act-On, a marketing automation system vendor, has managed to raise $42 million
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Big Data Taps into Social Media Mainstream: Business and Government Impacts

Data, technologies and tools that provide access to data form a core component in today’s mainstream society. One of
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KDNugget’s Poll: an Eye Opener for Data Science Debate

The data science debate on machine learning vs domain expertise has gone on for years now, but none of
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2014 Forecast of Big Data Trends

Need help with your Big Data project or simply need data scientists, data engineers and visualizers to augment your existing team?
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Big Data: Big Illusion?

Big data has evolved in different ways in the last several years, and now it encompasses all those activities
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Big Data Startups VC Funding Infographic

The venture capital funding of big data companies was a hot topic in 2013, and many market research organizations
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ScaleMP: Market Leader in Advanced Big Data Analytics

Big data has captured public attention in unexpected way, and now businesses, both online and offline, cannot comprehend data
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BugSense leverages Google App Engine

Rather than investing premium resources on development infrastructure, it is probably more strategic to partner with an established brand
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Big Data Weekly: Hadoop, Cloudera, Leverage Big Data

This weekly roundup includes Hadoop, Intel’s Cloudera, the Leverage Big Data summit, and more.   Big Data Summit Scheduled
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Enterprise Data Management using Hadoop with MapR

With the emergence of production-level Hadoop with MapR distribution, business data—that was too large, too complex, and too expensive
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