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Forecast for Big Data Jobs in Healthcare

A number of factors are driving demand for big data professionals in hospitals, health insurance companies, medical device manufacturers and other healthcare organizations. Big data is changing healthcare in many remarkable ways. Here are some variables that are driving demand for big data solutions in healthcare.

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Does my business need Hadoop?

Hadoop is a technology that can help your organization in storing ample amount of data in your database, in any given form. Hadoop is technically a database management system that focuses on helping its users easily retrieve data and maintain it.

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What’s big for big data for 2018

2018 will unleash a major disruption for the analytics and data management space. It will upend decades worth of accepted practices and introduce new winners and losers. At the center of the storm is the public cloud and the many implications it will have for big data.

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Why I think machine learning-enhanced software systems are the future.

The general idea is fairly simple: make a system learn about its behavior by training a model on its context. Then allow it to change its structures and configurations in order to optimize for a certain scenario. Now implement this idea in such a way that it could be possible to integrate it into many kinds of systems.

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AI and nanotechnology are innovating healthcare

Tackling global healthcare crises is no small feat: to enact real progress the healthcare industry, as a whole, must find ways to challenge outdated treatments and champion innovative solutions designed meet the most pressing health challenges of our time head on.

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Why Advanced Persistent Threats Are Targeting the Internet of Things

IoT devices often have a number of vulnerabilities, both known and unknown. The number of IoT vulnerabilities is increasing, and users often fail to apply patches or install updates in a timely fashion, making it that much easier for attackers to compromise devices.

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The real dilemma of ethics and IoT

Despite the ability to continuously collect data, is it possible to introduce the "gray thinking matter" into the IoT? Only humans can think like humans. The manner and extent to which ethics are applied defines our character and varies person to person. So, what could we do then to build ethics into the device that drives the trolley?

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How machine learning streamlines location data with the Kalman filter

The Kalman filter is an innovative data cleansing method. The filter has been randomly used for route and location corrections. The idea is that the filter recognizes sudden deviations from the average data and marks the possibility of that data being erroneous. The updated Kalman filter adds to the growing progress towards creating more and more value for industry 4.0 using the internet of things.

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Bridging the gap between IT and Business through Big Data Analytics

By combining network data with secondary sources of business critical information: cost, service management, user and compliance data and device diagnostics, companies can empower businesses to optimize operations, profitability and decision-making. Concisely, using telemetry we can improve the productivity at any level of the organization.

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IIoT Is Keeping Trucking On The Right Road

As the Industrial Internet of Things steps out of the shadows and sheds the chains that have kept data from being holistically actionable, we are seeing the beginning of a new commercial asset-management paradigm.

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AI Eats Insurance

In recent years, the insurance industry has paid close attention to insurance-tech-startups. They take note of how being digital transforms the user experience, appeals to younger consumers, and removes costs while expediting everything.

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Behavioral Ethics, Compliance, and Big Data

Technology solution should be tailored to fit organization needs, to diagnose and address ethical and compliance risks and to ensure your business can manage these risks in a comprehensive, cost-effective manner.

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Your IT may have gone DevOps but how about your Business

Enterprises that proactively apply DevOps to the business are more likely to realize tangible returns from its adoption long term. Let us go back to the nine key phrases and get down to the Business of applying DevOps!

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Turning big data into deep data

Combining sensor data with SRM can pertain to any commercial, industrial or manufacturing asset. Organizations with these assets can take a cue from transportation companies, which have begun successfully turning their big data into deep and highly actionable data, which allows them to keep their operations running efficiently.

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Enterprise mobility: What to expect in 2018

Do you know what to expect in enterprise mobility? Which enterprise mobility trends will influence how organizations develop, implement and manage mobility initiatives? It is the Internet of Things, but with an enterprise angle. Take that to mean industry vertical applications, development ecosystems, product design, hardware, deployment and more.

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Big data and cyber espionage – you’ve got to know this!

While big data is empowering business decisions with information abundance, cyber espionage is on the rise too! Big data has helped organizations and businesses in a plethora of ways earlier. However, what big data can do for supporting cyber security  and curbing cyber espionage is promising and exciting.

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Culture is the most effective tool for DevOps

DevOps is a way of life for people with the right mindset to embrace the culture to collaborate, while scientifically automating the continuous delivery of software features, with the rigor and discipline of continuous integration and a passion for continuous testing, while using the power of standardized tooling to continuously monitor everything being done.

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Blockchain technology continues to evolve and adapt to industries across the globe

Many industry leaders believe 2018 will see the blockchain industry become increasingly mainstream, and looking at the year ahead, I believe there are eleven technologies, in particular, to look out for.

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Stop Your Swiveling: How Robotic Process Automation Improves Insurers

With robotic process automation, your insurance organization is poised to gain an enormous competitive advantage. Lower processing costs, fewer errors, and a higher level of customer service are just a few of the benefits of implementing RPA.

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How Does Your Insurance Organisation Measure Up Digitally?

Customers’ expectations and insurers’ challenges are difficult to reconcile. Customers want insurers to provide flexibility, functionality, convenience, and communication. They want their insurer to let them file a claim when and where they want and pre-fill their information when possible; avoid making them re-enter information or start over when switching channels, and provide updates on policy status in real time.

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Forecast for 2018: Digital Dominance from RPA to Business Transformation

Closing the distance between an organization and its customers is where long-term loyalty can be built. This will mean empowering customers to self-serve in a variety of functions without the requirement of visiting a brick-and-mortar office. Let’s look at five trends likely to guide organizational transformations (and the customer journey) in this year

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Making the Most of IoT Data

Ensuring that the data is accessible and shareable among all members of the service value chain can be challenging. IoT offers enormous efficiency benefits. However, companies are only going to be able to truly realize those benefits if they are able to take the information those sensors provide and use it to improve their asset management and maintenance processes.

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Artificial emotional intelligence: the future of AI

The hype around artificial emotional intelligence is real. By integrating emotional intelligence with the existing artificial intelligence, AI is taking a crucial turn on its journey to becoming a transformational technology. Companies that will able to effectively incorporate contextual understanding and empathy into their technologies will become the front-runners in this race to technological excellence.

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Blockchain and Data Storage: The Future is Decentralized

While blockchain is on the rise, it’s hardly the only technology that’s straining existing storage systems. Artificial Intelligence (AI), and particularly the Internet of Things (IoT), are also challenging the current boundaries of storage. While it may take time to become the established go-to choice, decentralized data storage offers a more secure, efficient and scalable solution in an increasingly data-hungry and data-heavy world.

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