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The 2018 Sales Technology Landscape: Your Go-To Sales Tech Guide

A lot has happened in the sales tech space. The major change of this landscape iteration is the restructuring of the Sales Intelligence layer. The new layer features list providers regardless of their data collection method. Differentiate between vendors offering data augmentation services. Eventually, add call and web intelligence solutions, growingly used in sales organizations. Besides understanding how the category shapes up, follow steps for your vendor selection. Keep in mind this explosion of players brought a lot of variability in data quality.


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Addressing the Challenges in IoT Development

While IoT can open up a plethora of opportunities, implementing the concept on the existing objects for smart interaction is not an easy task. As IoT is in its early phase of adoption and the technology has not yet grown to accommodate a superior level of connectedness, as popularized by tech enthusiasts or the mainstream media, it is imperative to keep realistic goals for implementing successful IoT solutions. While there are many challenges in developing a feasible IoT solution, the rapid advancements in technology can propel the IoT development.

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Dark data – the gap between you and customer experience

While it’s true that data tends to decay over time, you always need to be sure that you are analyzing the right data. As marketers, while we become more and more inclined to a data-driven approach to enable customer experience, the key question to know is “Are we even looking at the right data?” (Or) “Do we have access to the right data?” Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and you’ll realize that most times, great CX need not always be about wowing the customer at every opportunity. 

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What frustrates Data Scientists in Machine Learning projects?

There is an explosion of interest in data science today. One just needs to insert the tag-line ‘Powered-by-AI’, and anything sells. But, that’s where the problems begin. Here we’ll talk about the 8 most common myths I’ve seen in machine learning projects, and why they annoy data scientists. If you’re getting into data science, or are already mainstream, these are potential grenades that might be hurled at you. Hence, it would be handy knowing how to handle them.

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AI Solutions to Thwart Application Layer DDOS Attacks

DDOS attacks are a growing threat to website operators and online publishers around the world. It is important to realize that a growing number of DDOS attacks are launched against application layers. These types of attacks can be most difficult to prevent, so it is important for cybersecurity experts to do their due diligence. However, AI cybersecurity solutions are also the best line of defense against DDOS attacks. New cybersecurity solutions will depend heavily on machine learning.

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Unsupervised learning demystified

Unsupervised learning may sound like a fancy way to say “let the kids learn on their own not to touch the hot oven” but it’s actually a pattern-finding technique for mining inspiration from your data. It has nothing to do with machines running around without adult supervision, forming their own opinions about things.  Unsupervised learning helps you find inspiration in data by grouping similar things together for you. There are many different ways of defining similarity, so keep trying algorithms and settings until a cool pattern catches your eye. Let’s demystify!

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Four Ways to fail a Data scientist Job interview

Hiring a data scientist actually can be excruciatingly painful for companies. It's an equally big deal for aspirants to bag that perfect offer in core data science, one which is not just a glossed-up, namesake role. One evolves through various incremental stages of expertise to become a productive data scientist. For companies trying to identify one, it’s like finding a needle in the haystack. For any aspiring data scientist or one looking to move up jobs, these are clear pitfalls to be avoided.

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The Evolution of IoT Attacks

IoT devices are nothing new, but the attacks against them are. They are evolving at a rapid rate as growth in connected devices continues to rise and shows no sign of letting up. Today, there are solutions for everyone and we continue to see more items that are always on and do not have to store or process data locally. Those in security would be quick to say that this rapid rise in connected devices has also increased the attack landscape as there is a lack of oversight and regulation of these devices.

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Explaining supervised learning to a kid (or your boss)

Now that you know what machine learning is, let’s meet the easiest kind. My goal here is to get humans of all stripes and (almost) all ages comfy with its basic jargon: instance, label, feature, model, algorithm, and supervised learning. You’re dealing with supervised learning if the algorithm has the correct label handy for every instance. Later, it will use the model, or recipe, to label new instances.

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Why Writing Skills Matters When Analyzing Big Data

Enterprise leaders need big data specialists who are creative, can collaborate with others, are skilled in research and possess exceptional writing skills.  Enterprise leaders go about fulfilling their daily responsibilities, monitoring and evaluating organizational progress, coming up with new ideas – then, they do it all again. As this process continues its cycle and the business landscape continues to evolve, the role of written communication for big data projects will remain a mission-critical asset.

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The 2018 Customer Interaction Management Landscape: Part 2 - Looking Forward

We continue our exploration of the key trends shaping up the customer interaction management market. In the first part of this article, we looked at the accelerating transition to the cloud and the impact of digital transformation initiatives. In this second part, I would like to explore four other driving forces. The coming of age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the viral adoption of messaging apps are enabling conversational experiences. Self-service has become an investment priority for enterprises and the number of virtual customer assistant providers has surged to a whopping 80. 

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Machine Learning Based Optimization Vs. A/B Testing

While A/B testing might be a relatively easy-to-execute practice, most marketers will continue to faithfully serve a “winner takes all” approach in absence of being able to handle the heavy-duty analysis required despite knowing it will compromise the experience for a portion of their visitors. By using ad serving-like techniques for changing the onsite experience, instead of doing an A/B test of five different banners or five different call-to-actions, marketers can create all the variations they need and let a real-time machine learning engine do the work.

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A First Step Towards Strong AI

A common view in the press and in artificial intelligence research is that sentient and intelligent machines are just on the horizon. After all, machines diagnose and treat illnesses, drive cars, grow our food, manufacture and deliver new products, distinguish pictures, and play games better than we do. How much longer can it be before they surpass our intelligence and take our jobs? Before we decide if machines can surpass our intelligence, let us first define two terms that will help us getter a better handle on this topic: Weak AI and Strong AI. 

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Six Reasons why Data Visualisation projects Fail

 With a boatload of visualisation tools at disposal and fancy data scientists to play with them, impactful use of data visualisation is still a rarity in enterprises. Visualization should be seen as a medium of story telling using data. A visual story is a perfect blend of art and science. Practitioners must hone their skills to fuse the right aesthetic ingredients with scientific elements. This creates an output that is relevant for users, solves a specific business challenge and delivers ROI for enterprises.

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The Automated Realtor: AI in the Real Estate Industry

Real estate is a field that might sound like a strange fit for AI applications. It might even sound like a possible threat to your business model or livelihood. As it turns out, there's quite a lot of room for overlap here — and more than a few exciting opportunities along the way for humans to work alongside AI in the complex, fast-moving real estate world. There's still no substitute for the human touch and intuition, but with a helping hand from AI, tomorrow's real estate agents will be even more effective, knowledgeable and organized.

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The Key Differences Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

You’ve probably heard about “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence”. But what’s the difference between the two? We break down everything you need to know. 

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How will AI shape the workforce of the future?

Will artificial intelligence bring a utopia of plenty? Or a dystopic hellscape? Will we, jobless and destitute, scavenge for scraps outside the walls of a few techno-trillionaires? Or will we work alongside machines, achieving new levels of productivity and fulfillment? The tech world has no lack of prognosticators. Over the next 5–10 years and beyond, we’ll see in exactly which ways AI revolutionizes industry and business. One thing, however, is clear: It’s happening, and it’s going to be big. 

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The 2018 Customer Interaction Management Landscape: Part 1 - a Crowded Space

Enterprises are looking at how they interact with customers in a more holistic way. It includes the resolution of the issues that triggered customers reaching out in the first place as well as providing proactive service. The transition to the cloud of contact centers has created a “gold rush” in a market where incumbent vendors had traditionally a leg up.

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Understanding the Importance of Cybersecurity in Retail

Keeping the retail business, employees, and customers safe is the biggest priority of a business owner. Your products aren't the only things at risk of being taken. If you have customers using credit and debit cards or shopping online, you're collecting their information and creating a new target for thieves. Threats come from all sides, not the least of which being theft. The sad truth is that cyber attacks are inevitable. The best thing you can do is put up defenses to guard against hackers and comply with laws to protect your employees and customers alike.

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The simplest explanation of machine learning you’ll ever read

You’ve probably heard of machine learning and artificial intelligence, but are you sure you know what they are? If you’re struggling to make sense of them, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of buzz that makes it hard to tell what science is and what’s science fiction. Starting with the names themselves…machine learning is just a thing-labeler, taking your description of something and telling you what label it should get.

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How Outdated Technology Can Affect Your Business

Technology evolves at an alarming rate, so much so it seems almost pointless to make a push for the leading edge. By the time you adopt new technologies and systems into your business environment, there’s something new and more efficient coming along right behind it.  Applications or devices receive an official update, and you just have to take the time to configure. It’s easy to get caught up in either scenario, resulting in the regular use of outdated, inefficient technologies. But what you may not know is that this issue can have a profound impact on your business, productivity and workflow.

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IoT and AI: Natural symbiosis

The business world has started to recognise that for AI and IoT to be successful, they must be mutually beneficial ecosystems. An IoT device is connected directly or indirectly to a data-transmitting network such as the internet. The optimum value one can get from connected devices is some level of automated, enriched, intelligent insights. This “artificial intelligence” must logically become more valuable than the sum of its constituent, connected parts just like in an ecosystem.

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Artificial Intelligence Takes Off in the Customer Interaction Space

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finally making headways in the broader Customer Interaction Management space. Customer service departments have a lot of technology options to choose from to better their productivity and the customer experience. It incentivizes them to invest in software allowing incremental improvement of performance indicators. This has led to a conservative approach with breakthrough technologies such as AI. This is changing through the state of AI adoption. 

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