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The problem with data science job postings

The vast majority of data science job descriptions do not convey the actual requirements of the position they’re advertising. When senior data scientists are called upon to recruit, their first move is often to throw away the job posting altogether. A misleading job description means that recruiters get a ton of irrelevant applications, and that candidates waste a ton of time applying to irrelevant positions. But there’s another problem: job descriptions are the training labels that any good aspiring data scientist will use to prioritize their personal and technical skills development.

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Being an Effective Chief Data Executive

Competence refers to having sufficient skill, knowledge, and experience to perform the job, i.e. being properly qualified. The common set of skills that are required to be a Chief Data Executive include knowledge of the business and mission, knowledge of computer science, data science, or both, and knowledge of product definition and delivery. A competent Chief Data Executive is a rare mix of technical guru, businessperson, marketer, and adept executive leader — someone able to communicate in all spheres and that can easily translate between each.

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Becoming a Level 3.0 Data Scientist

Nuances exist within the different Data Science Career Levels. For instance, some rather look for strong engineering than math skills in Junior Data Scientists. Some Senior Data Scientists might discover their passion for building scalable data pipelines and transition to a Data Engineering role. Some Principal Data Scientists prefer to develop technical expertise while others rejoice in focusing on business skills. Whatever career path you take, developing your skills around the three main areas of Data Science expertise will get you far.

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Vectors and Matrixes

It is essential for a machine learning engineer to have a good understanding of Vectors, one of the most crucial concepts within Machine Learning because many bugs are due to having matrix /vector dimensions that don’t fit properly. A common problem in machine learning is that a model is not really accepting the data and therefore keeps throwing errors. Often the solution lies in vectorizing the data which means nothing more than reshaping the data into the required dimensions.

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Will Quantum Computers Ever Replace The Humble PC in Our Living Rooms?

These days, ‘quantum’ is a byword for where we are going, although the technology is still in its genesis. To understand quantum computers and what — if our minds and design applications get to grips with them — they can do for us is mindblowing. Quantum theory is for many a subject so difficult to understand, so sheathed in intellectual rhetoric that it frightens the life out of many if only because of its sheer incomprehensibility.  A quantum race could very much be on the cards.

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TECHNOLOGY: Blockchain will raise standards and improve security

With the regulators taking a much closer look into blockchain technology, the trend will probably be less hype, fewer scams, and a lot more substance with carefully planned and executed projects in this space. The convergence between blockchain and the internet of things (IoT) is likely to continue as organizations start realizing and understanding the security features offered by this technology. Continuation of the period of relative stability is thus expected.

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Good news, bad news in new open source software report

The popularity of open source continues to rise exponentially. Demand for JavaScript, for example, is huge. However, popularity does not infer less vulnerability. The percentage of vulnerable Java components downloaded has increased substantially over the past four years. The rise in overall open source-related breaches should be seen against the background of the massive growth in the use of open source components.  It appears that some open source component users are oblivious to all advice and warnings. 

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Robo-advisors: the next phase of fintech evolution

Compared to financial advisors, robo-advisors are inexpensive and more accurate in allocating assets, estate planning, and overall financial advice. Robo-advisors help private investors in wealth management with the help of predefined algorithms and trends in the financial market. The utilization of robo-advisors in fintech is not a new phenomenon. Wealth managers have been using robo-advisors behind-the-scenes to gain additional information before offering their final recommendation to clients. As robo-advisors became more advanced, wealth managers were able to focus more on building client relationships and save time spent on data entry and investment management.

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All Tensors Secretly Wish to be Themselves

Welcome to the world of tensors in AI. It is now time to get used to the curse of dimensionality. It is also an industry standard practice to flatten tensors all the way to matrices to leverage the highly optimized libraries for matrix multiplication (MM) or MM accelerators (MMAs), even though tensors are considered to be the most fundamental data type in all major AI frameworks. Matrices are generally considered to be special cases of tensors by the AI community.

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Five Reasons to Move to a Decentralized Collaboration Model

Your enterprise must take to ensure security, governance, and compliance over the content and communications that take place through your enterprise collaboration tools. The good news is that this work takes place at one level, and what comes from that work can become a set of standard policies to govern team-level collaboration sites. It’s essential to create corporate policies and training for teams that may be opening their collaboration sites to external parties.

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Defining DevOps: How Do You Know When You Have Achieved DevOps?

How do you know when you have achieved DevOps? and you are likely to get different answers. A practical answer to how do you know when you have DevOps depends on having a definition. While defining DevOps itself has been elusive, an enterprise definition is needed for alignment and progress measurement. Considering that DevOps needs continuous flow to accomplish business goals, it can be said you have DevOps when you have implemented continuous flow for at least one model application.

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Blockchain Reshaping & Redefining The Banking Industry

Blockchain can solve a lot of issues continually faced by banks and financial organizations nowadays. It could bring changes to everything from payments to online appointment scheduling software. It provides a high level of security in storing and transforming data at low costs through an open and transparent network infrastructure. The traditionally centralized, conservative, and restricted banking sector has now started using blockchain technology more than any other institutions. The change of the bank's clearinghouse or centralized ledger to blockchain's distributed ledger could redefine the banking industry.

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Companies Must Learn To Edit Their Business Models

Leadership teams tend to have innate biases for certain asset types, and that these preferences drove business model. Like a good driver, a leader needs to know when to speed up to catch the competition, when to shift investment into the right kinds of capital, and when to refuel with new skills, mental models and board members. Just as the human genome offers the prospect of personalized medicine, the value genome offers the prospect of tailored capital editing—refocusing companies on high-value, scalable assets.

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The Secrets to a Successful AI Strategy

What exactly constitutes an AI Strategy? What are the differences in creating an AI Strategy for startups vs corporations? While much is known about creating a business strategy, creating an AI Strategy is new territory. How do you approach creating your AI Strategy? In this article, you will learn how to approach creating an AI Strategy. Think of AI’s core components when creating your AI Strategy. We are looking forward to a world that embraces the decade of AI implementation.

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Getting Deeper into Categorical Encodings for Machine Learning

The goal of supervised learning is to extract all the juice from the relevant features and to do that, we generally have to enrich and transform features in order to make it easier for the algorithm to see how the target variable depends on given data. One type of features that do not easily give away the information they contain are categorical features. They keep on hiding the information until we transform them smartly. In this particular post, I am focussing on one particular categorical encoding technique called target encoding.

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Five Key Considerations When Implementing Any Product Team

When creating the product team, ensure you listen to feedback from the individuals likely to be impacted, don't just do a paper exercise of moving people into new organisational structures. The teams on the ground know what skills and resources they need in their product teams, they know the issues they face and will have good ideas on how to address them, the key aim is to maximise the flow of valuable work into the team. 

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A Comprehensive Guide to Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation capabilities have become the de facto option as analytical platforms try to democratize data analytics and help anyone understand their data. Close to human narratives automatically explain insights that otherwise could be lost in tables, charts, and graphs via natural language and act as a companion throughout the data discovery process. Besides, NLG coupled with NLP are the core of chatbots and other automated chats and assistants that provide us with everyday support.

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Nine Pillars of Continuous Security Best Practices

While DevOps offers immense value for software deployment, the adherence to best practices is essential to reduce risk and assure security. Each organization is different and has different security postures.  This blog enumerates best practices for security across nine pillars of DevOps: Leadership, Collaborative Culture, Design for DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Monitoring, Elastic Infrastructure, Continuous Delivery/Deployment and Continuous Security. Examples of best practices for each pillar are listed. These practices can be used to assess an organization’s maturity within the journey to Continuous Security, often referred to as DevSecOps.

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Computer Vision: The Future of the Future in More Ways Than One

All around us and most of the time without us even realizing it computer vision (CV) is being used to enhance our lives. New levels of development have been achieved. The sky’s the limit for the future of CV with the advent of better, more sophisticated processors which not only the large tech firms have access to anymore. The wider availability of software in deep learning has democratized this area of the tech industry.

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AI in Five, Fifty and Five Hundred Years  -  Part Three  -  Five Hundred Years

The rise of AI taught us that humans are nothing but another input and output. Words and emotions are the programming language and the machines can program us with ease. We once imagined we were the only masters of our destiny and the sole captain of our ships. Our minds were made up by our own free will. But we know it’s not true now. As we untangled the inner mysteries of our minds’ complex electrochemical field we realized we were just another kind of artificial intelligence, one evolved through the great genetic algorithms of the Earth’s biome.

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Multi-Model Databases: Are They a Fit for Your Enterprise?

Multi-model databases (MMDB) have rapidly gained importance in the market. However, is MMDB the right choice for your project or enterprise? While there are plenty of advantages, multi-model is not the ultimate solution for every situation. It is not a way to force developers to use a variety of data models, nor can one layered or native multi-model database integrate every data model efficiently. It’s more about enabling developers to leverage the advantages of different models for different aspects of their applications.

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AI’s Role in Next-Generation Enterprise Collaboration

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to tip new enterprise collaboration in a positive direction as it takes a more significant role in the platform search functionality and UX. The introduction of AI to enterprise collaboration means that your content can meet users where they are. It takes out the poor UX and the need for human intervention to track down needed documents on deadlines. Here’s how the role of AI will play out in the next generation of enterprise collaboration.

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Spring Cleaning 101: Polishing Up Your DevOps Processes

As the frequency of execution increases, dev teams find themselves between a rock and a hard place. While the growing demand for faster turnarounds isn’t poised to slow down anytime soon, teams struggle to integrate a set of tools into an efficient pipeline to get the job done within the time allotted. With demand on the rise, how can teams work together to fast-track their release cycles? With spring cleaning season upon us, dev teams across industries should take time this season to tune up agile processes and continue the work of advancing their shift toward DevOps.

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Leading Business Transformation From the Top

New agile digital disruptors have realised the importance of centring their business objectives on value and technology, making it vital for traditional incumbents to follow suit. If waterfall organisations ignore this challenge, their ability to innovate, and react quickly to market changes and new customer demands is threatened. To change and succeed, the active involvement from the C-suite is essential to instil a cultural shift, placing value and people - employees and customers - at the centre of any transformation.

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