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Decentralized Finance (DeFi): What Do You Need To Know?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has become a trending topic in the blockchain community. In contrast to the decentralization of money through Bitcoin, Decentralized Finance aims for a broader approach of generally decentralizing the traditional financial industry. The core of the initiative is to open traditional financial services to everyone, in providing a permissionless financial service ecosystem based on blockchain infrastructure. Overall, the blockchain-powered space of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is still nascent but offers a compelling value proposition whereby individuals and institutions make use of broader access to financial applications without the need for a trusted intermediary.

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Change is coming

We were (are) going to have mass unemployment in the not-so-distant future regardless of a global pandemic, due to the increasing demands of a global marketplace and the disruption it will inevitably bring. Automation and innovation will eliminate many of our current jobs, all in the name of increased efficiency. A silver lining to be found in this pandemic is that it has forced many issues and societal short-comings to the surface in such an abrupt manner that it has spared us our otherwise likely fate.

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Coronavirus Will Permanently Change How Cities Work

The ongoing global pandemic is causing deep reflection about what this will mean for how our society functions. In a matter of weeks, we have seen working from home skyrocket to nearly 30% of Americans. Public transportation and traffic in major cities decreased dramatically as offices, factories and schools have shut down. In Europe and China, satellite images are showing lower levels of pollution as a result. If we wanted an experiment to see what the future of work would look like in a truly digital world, this is it.

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Face the Future of Work by Examining Your Culture First

Leaders know that waves of technological advances will continue to disrupt things for all of us and that such transformation will demand that employees develop in new ways to embrace the technology and changes -- whatever they may bring. How do such leaders keep up with the employee development needs demanded by workers that are also essential for survival in a rapidly changing workplace? Leaders must start by asking if their purpose -- a key aspect of culture -- alongside their mission, vision and values -- meets the needs of the changing workplace.

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Future of work in a post-Covid world

In a post-Covid world with computing power and human potential as the new economic drivers in the age of information in the 21st century, human progress has further been delinked from mental capacity, what with artificial intelligence (A.I.) and several other tech-assisted mechanisms unleashing a new world. The conception of work is now in for a major change as is being witnessed what with the sharing economy and several other milestone developments alongside a pandemic attack.

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How To Hire A Magento Developer: Mistakes And Step-By-Step Guide

The competitive digital market today has made the online presence vital. Any business that wants to succeed in their online business needs a site with a blend of attractive design plus user-friendly features. Constant changes and developments are the reality of every eCommerce site. There are always some improvements that should be made or new features to add. That’s why most entrepreneurs choose Magento and hire Magento developers. 

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Five Ways You Can Avoid AI Startup Failure

There are a lot of pitfalls and obstacles to dodge if you want to avoid condemning your AI startup to bankruptcy before your journey has even begun. The list of failures is long, and includes some of the biggest names of the IT industry, as well. Knowing how you can fail is vital to identify those challenges and skip through them as easily as possible. Success requires lateral thinking, planning ahead, and smart strategies to emerge among a horde of potential competitors.

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Welcome to the Future of Work

If there is something we’ve learned from the past few weeks, it is that these unprecedented times have accelerated what we thought the future of work was going to look like. We’ve learned that we can trust people that they can get their work done from anywhere, and that in-person connection and community is craved. If one thing is clear, it’s that we’re well on our way to a more vibrant, inclusive and connected workplace culture.

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Opportunity Employment: 4 Trends Being Escalated By COVID-19

The pandemic is shining a light on the cracks in our capitalist system and exacerbating inequalities. As we look to a new future of work, the move towards inclusive capitalism is being escalated. This will create challenges for many, but it will also create opportunities, particularly for employers. People are the most valuable asset for any business. Here are four business trends with positive implications for opportunity employment coming into sharp focus since the onset of COVID-19.

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Future Of Work: COVID-19 Reveals Cybersecurity Threats In Digital Transformation Efforts

Cyber attacks have been on the rise as more people work from home. A worrying trend, as organizations have previously cited security’s role in digital transformation as a potential risk. Cybersecurity is as much an IT issue as it is an HR issue. As more people work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations need to make sure that they are training employees on digital security and providing them with access to the right tools and resources to protect their devices and data.

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Is Working From Home The Future Of Work?

Is working from home the future of work? Some forward-thinking employers have taken extra steps to help their employees work remotely during the pandemic. Some people who are now working remotely aren't doing so because their employer likes it, but because it’s become a necessity to get jobs done. Some were dubious about whether jobs would get done if employees weren’t in sight, onsite. That’s a concern many still apparently have. Rather than having either an everybody works in the office policy or an everybody works from home one, look for a hybrid of the two.

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When it comes to the future of work, we only know what we don't know

As the threat and reality of COVID-19 simultaneously sweep the earth, the only certainty is the uncertainty, which is the least favourable place for businesses and individuals. Like all terrible situations there are winners and losers. Many of us can work remotely and still be just as effective, certainly in the short term. Finding innovative ways to mentor, maintain cultures and boost team spirit is very much a challenge of this time.

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What Human Resource Leaders Need to Know for Business Continuity Planning

COVID-19 has undoubtedly taken many companies on a speedy roller-coaster since the global outbreak. The most critical step for human resource leaders in companies both big and small is to show empathy to employees and focus on developing and implementing a streamlined business continuity plan. This article discusses what business continuity planning should look like for human resources leaders and offer a checklist to ensure everyone is safe and your business runs as well as it can during this time.

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HFS Research: how are enterprises and service providers coping with the Covid-19 paradigm shift?

Businesses have no choice but to adapt to this new environment if they want to retain any semblance of relevance for the times to come. So how fast are things evolving? How different is the new size and growth of IT and business services, and how will these take shape across technology, business process management, analytics, automation and AI?  New research from HFS examines how enterprises and service providers are coping with the immediate and future challenges brought by Covid-19. Enterprises and service providers need to focus on farming existing business verses hunting for new business.

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Hybrid Cloud Can Smooth the Digital Transformation Culture Shock

Any change in an organization can produce anxiety and cultural shock. But digital transformation doesn't have to disable a company's operations. Using a hybrid approach can ease the transition and keep team members happy across the board. Utilizing a hybrid cloud approach provides a buffer for change-resistant employees and departments and also offers the means for swift and successful forward movement for the people who are already on board with the transformation. After taking the first step to a hybrid cloud model, enterprises can make the transition to full could in smaller steps, with less complexity.

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Process + Data: It’s About Time!

The Database Management system is just a tool to manage databases. It does not come with intellectual properties for a specific application domain. You must develop those. You must model, design, and implement your databases with a DBMS. Similarly, you must design, model, and implement your processes with a BPMS. Enterprise reference architectures and stacks are becoming increasingly cluttered and complex. What’s needed is a pragmatic approach that focuses on process and data.

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Will AI Replace the Human Workforce in 2020

One question that is being asked in workplaces around the world is: will AI take my job? This is perhaps unsurprising given the dystopian predictions being bounced around by the media of robots outsmarting us and destroying millions of livelihoods.  While it’s clear that AI is changing the face of the workforce, we should not get swept up in the media frenzy. Indeed, if we take a step back and calmly consider the more realistic impact of AI, the picture is far less worrisome. The growing role of this technology instead holds fantastic promise.

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'People Enablement' Is the Human-Resources Trend You Can't Ignore

If there's truth behind the common call to “grow your people, grow your business” shouldn’t HR be the most important department in a company? It's time to stop viewing HR reps as purely administrative and give them a seat at the board by adopting the principle of “people enablement.” At its essence, people enablement is a more holistic approach towards individual development. Together, HR and the C-Suite can shape the future of their companies, better preparing themselves for this new reality, all while supporting employees readying to be confronted by the changes. 

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2020 Is The Year AI Goes Mainstream In Marketing

Marketers are relying on more integrated tech stacks combined with AI applications to increase real-time responsiveness with customers across multiple channels. Marketers who take on the challenging work of improving customer experiences using AI are 22% more likely to see revenue gains – some as high as 30%, according to Kelton Global. Marketing leaders investing in AI are making their investments pay off by enabling more consistent, coordinated cross-channel experiences, driving greater revenue as a result. 

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Implementing Blockchain Projects in Banks

The findings of this paper indicate that the main fields of application for blockchain technology in the financial industry are trade finance, capital markets, payments, and identity management. Innovation competence can be embedded in an organization via a centralized structure, decentralized structure, or hybrid structure combining properties of both. Furthermore, this paper has outlined the benefits of different organizational forms of blockchain projects. Banks mainly join small or large private consortia in order to share costs, R&D resources and attain a substantial market power. 

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What does COVID-19 mean for the future of work?

Over the past two weeks, many employers have been forced to reconsider the global mobility of their workforce and to facilitate the large-scale adoption of home working. Prior to this, despite common rhetoric around the decline of the physical office, evidence suggests relatively low levels of home working (less than 5%) with little signs of this growing considerably in the near future. Will COVID-19 represent a shock to the system that changes our ways of working moving forward, so that higher numbers of individuals work at home?

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Peak human potential: preparing Australia's workforce for the digital future

With digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, high-tech robotics and the Internet of Things disrupting and displacing human labour at an accelerating rate, the workers of today and tomorrow face uncertainty about job security. It is imperative that educators, policy makers and employers think carefully about how to prepare workers for the new future of work and take action before it’s too late. The exponential nature of digital technologies means we are experiencing change at an accelerating pace. The digital hyperconnectivity of all things and people, especially through the Internet of Things, means increasing interdependency.

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As Our Technology Becomes Infinitely More Powerful, We Are Entering A New Ethical Universe

As our technology becomes vastly more powerful and complex, ethical issues are increasingly rising to the fore. Over the next decade we will have to build some consensus on issues like what accountability a machine should have and to what extent we should alter the nature of life. The answers are far from clear-cut, but we desperately need to find them. We need a more public dialogue about the technologies we are building to achieve some kind of consensus of what the risks are and what we as a society are willing to accept.

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Coronavirus will reshape the future of work

How are business and management going to be reshaped in the future in a post-coronavirus world? As more people are forced to work online and remotely, companies and employees are developing new skills and comfort levels. Low-priority work is being ignored and may vanish. Companies will learn what jobs really need to be done and will attempt to re-engineer the workplace. This will result in many jobs being cut and redefined. As people adapt to achieving efficiency while working remotely, new economic opportunities will arise.

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