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Four Most Important Success Factors in any Machine Learning Project

A machine learning project is first and foremost a software project. Many data scientists have little experience building well architected, reliable and easy to deploy software. When you build a production system, this will become a problem. As a rule of thumb, engineers can pick up data science skills faster than data scientists can pick up engineering experience. If in doubt, work with the python engineer with 5+ years experience and a passion for AI. If you are a product manager and want to build something with machine learning, here’s a list of the 4 most important things to keep in mind.

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"Your Expertise Is No Longer Needed" - Sincerely, DEEP Learning.

What does the human expert lack? Why can the world's best experts be beaten using subject naive methods? A human can't weigh historical observations fairly, they put too much weight on experience A and not enough on experience B. A human is also limited to their own personal experience and wisdom, where a computer can learn from more data than a human can see in a lifetime (medical imaging being a great one). Lastly, a computer can overtake a human expert's ability to experiment, do feature discovery, and validate new ideas. 

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Start-Ups should spend more time on making a good first impression - 5 things you can do to kick-start your brand

You have worked hard to move your new company forward. Do not let a bad first impression hurt your chances for success. Spend some time to create a brand that communicates effectively with your audience. Starting simple is fine but start with a solid foundation. Be clear, consistent, focused on outcomes and follow best practices. So, start-Ups should spend more time on making a good first impression, and here are 5 things you can do to kick-start your brand

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Why digital transformation? Challenge vs opportunity

What constitutes ‘digital transformation’ and how does a company become fully digitally transformed? Put simply, it is the integration of new advanced technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT) or cloud computing, into business to increase efficiency, productivity, and ultimately improve a business’ bottom line. As for the latter point, it could be argued that no business will ever complete a journey of digital transformation. It is a perpetual journey, influenced by the fast-paced world we live in today and driven by constant innovation and radical ideas.

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Ten Python File System Methods You Should Know

In this guide, we’ll look at methods from the os and shutil modules. The os module is the primary Python module for interacting with the operating system. The shutil module also contains high-level file operations. For some reason, you make directories with os but move and copy them with shutil. There are many ways to copy files and directories in Python. Go figure.

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If You’re a Chief Data Officer and All you Care about is Data, You’re in Trouble

What should Chief Data Officers be doing to effectively drive results? Surprisingly, the answer has little to do with the data itself. These days, no one can afford to ignore data. Of course, the chief data officer should try to maximise use of shared systems and resources, but their focus is to address the priorities of each line of business (LOB) while ensuring they’re broadly aligned with the business overall. Here are the main roles a chief data officer needs to fill, outside of the traditional security and infrastructure tasks, to help their organization succeed with data.

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Three common data science career transitions, and how to make them happen

A lot of data science career advice follows a similar law: there are posts aimed at complete beginners, posts aimed at veteran software engineers, and posts designed to help junior data scientists hone their skills. All of this noise makes it difficult for many aspiring data scientists to know where to invest their time as they look to transition into the field. At the end of the day, whether you’re a software engineer, a recent grad, or a complete beginner, a key question to ask yourself is what career trajectories are closest to you in parameter space. 

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Top IoT Trends in 2019

The Internet of things is anything related to devices which are connected to the internet. We all are surrounded by such devices in our routine life. This is the reason why IoT development trends have shown remarkable growth in recent years. The continuous explorations by IoT development companies are the reason behind the constant changes in the Internet of Things Trends. Here are Top IoT trends in 2019. These Internet-of-Things trends in 2019 will surely upheave our lifestyle in some new surprising ways.

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The cold start problem: how to break into machine learning

Some steps are hard to take on your own. Schools aren’t good at teaching data prep, ML devops, or networking. Most people learn those things on the job or from a mentor if they’re lucky. Many people never learn them at all. But how do you bridge that gap in the general case? How do you get a job without experience when you need a job to get experience? So to help everyone at the same time, I’ve put together a progression that you can follow from any starting point to actually become a machine learning engineer.

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Four Quality Management Technology Trends

It’s more beneficial to invest in trends that are truly going to have an impact on your business and bottom line. Here are four key trends in quality management technology that you should be paying attention to. These four quality management technology trends are here to stay and will also have a direct influence on the future of the field. It's essential, then, that you pay them the proper attention and consideration. The sooner you implement these practices, the better off your entire organization will be.

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Will Edge Computing IIoT solutions be a real trend in 2019?

The benefits of using Edge Computing / Machine Learning solutions are very attractive to manufacturers because allows minimize latency, conserve network bandwidth, operate reliably with quick decisions, collect and secure a wide range of data, and move data to the best place for processing with better analysis and insights of local data. The ROI in such IIoT Solutions is very attractive. But they will never get these benefits if they do not step up and change your outdated attitude and start soon their IIoT journey aimed at to provide tangible and innovative business value.

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Why now this Artificial Intelligence boom?

John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence in the 1950s, being one of the founding fathers of Artificial Intelligence along with Marvin Minsky. Also in 1958, Frank Rosenblatt built a prototype neuronal network, which he called the Perceptron. In addition, the key ideas of the Deep Learning neural networks for computer vision were already known in 1989; also the fundamental algorithms of Deep Learning for time series such as LSTM were already developed in 1997, to give some examples. So, why now this Artificial Intelligence boom?

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IoT’s Real Impact on Business

As the adoption of IoT began to ramp up, more things became apparent — particularly regarding the benefits it can offer the average operation. By utilizing the data collected and transmitted from connected devices, companies have seen unprecedented efficiency and cost improvements, but also many boons to oversight. These changes are largely positive, and they’re reported across all industries, from manufacturing to modern health care. However, all this change means the entire business world is in a constant state of flux, and it will stay that way, at least for the foreseeable future.

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What no one will tell you about data science job applications

You have trouble finding a data science job, but don’t understand why? For every person who has a question, and asks it, there are ten people who have the same question but don’t ask it. If you’re one of those ten, then this post is for you. Hopefully, you’ll find it helpful.

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Top Software Development Trends in 2019

Software development is one of those fields which is changing at an extremely fast pace. Every year brings some brand new surprises for software developers. 2018 was the year of complete acceleration for the software development companies worldwide. From blockchain to Artificial intelligence, software technologies have remained a hot topic throughout the year.There are many software development trends in 2019 that need your attention. We are discussing some of the most popular ones here

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Seven Tech Hiring Trends for 2019

The tech industry is booming in America and with unemployment the lowest it’s been in 50 years, companies are clamoring to scoop up well-qualified talent for non-executive tech roles. It probably doesn't come as a surprise to you that tech is in demand. However, if the technology industry has taught us anything, it's that modern-day career development doesn't adhere to the rules of generations past. People change jobs more frequently and for different reasons than they once did. So how are today's top companies finding and acquiring tech talent? Here are seven trends we've noticed for 2019.

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Data Science Project Flow for Startups

What makes structure and flow of data science projects unique for a startup? Both managers and the different teams in a startup might find the differences between a data science project and a software development one unintuitive and confusing. If not stated and accounted for explicitly, these fundamental differences might cause misunderstanding and clashes between the data scientist and her peers. The aim of this post, then, is to present the characteristic project flow. Hopefully, this can help both data scientists and the people working with them to structure data science projects in a way that reflects their uniqueness.

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List Comprehension in Python

Lists are a basic building block for a developer in any language. Python is no different. However at first, list comprehension can sometimes seem confusing. Since it is not an available feature in all languages, it may also be a concept that is completely unfamiliar. Some popular languages that include list comprehension are JavaScript, Perl 6, C# and of course, Python. Today, we’ll take a look at exactly how list comprehension works in Python. 

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Why 2019 Is the Year Your Company Needs ISO Certification

Knowing exactly where your company needs to tighten things up can be difficult. CEOs and executive teams spend large sums on consultants and evaluative tools to understand what exactly keeps their business from growing. To help businesses take the first step in this process, the International Organization for Standardization offers a set of standards you can build your company around and a certification process to ensure you're adhering to the policies and procedures outlined.

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AIOps and why IT should care

AIOps is an emerging technology that combines the usage of artificial intelligence with operations to help solve critical issues that can bring your business to its knees. AIOps solutions help organizations cut through the alerting noise and gain critical control by proactively managing the health and performance of their enterprise IT services. By applying data science and computational techniques, AIOps tools can accurately predict a range of incidents across infrastructure, common IT management tools, and enterprise processes - and resolve them autonomously. 

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Bots are yesterday's news

In order to evolve certain levels of business process automation, the software robot, or bot, was formed. This was a simplistic technology aimed at delivering automation. However, over the next 10 years, this resulted in companies having all these automated processes that weren't intelligent and that couldn't evolve themselves. The next evolution required to make BPA work better was intelligent bots, which is where we are today, with robotic process automation (RPA).

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Introducing the AI Project Canvas

Creating an AI Project always involves answering the same questions: What is the value you’re adding? What data do you need? Who are the customers? What costs and revenue are expected? This post is part of an ongoing series aiming to educate Data Scientists in the area of customer-centric thinking and business acumen. We’re encouraging Data Scientists to get rid of the “Let’s implement this paper and see what happens”-attitude towards a “What value can we generate”-attitude. We’re entering the decade of AI implementation and need champions to productionalize Machine Learning models.

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How Much Do Blockchain Jobs Pay?

Blockchain salaries have risen to be among the highest in the tech industry. The demand for blockchain talent is still strong. Despite the bear market and recent industry layoffs, the number of blockchain job postings have been on the rise, and searches for roles involving Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain and cryptocurrency have increased. Startups are offering top compensation packages, in particular for blockchain developers, as they compete for talent in an industry where supply is limited. The demand for blockchain talent has also grown as established companies.

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Augmented Reality: Market Potential and Practical Applications

The scope and capabilities of augmented reality has grown with leaps and bounds. In fact, every industry sector that is betting with digital transformation has augmented reality in their arsenal of digital tools. Augmented reality would blur the lines between physical and digital worlds. Once AR reaches maturity, users may not be able to differentiate between real and the virtual world. We would live in a seamless world where digital information blends naturally into the physical world thus creating an augmented world. Those days of augmented future is not far from now.

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