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Data literacy will make or break your AI strategy

As enterprises look to bring artificial intelligence into the core of their business, CIOs face an increasingly complex set of challenges around making the vision a reality. Historically responsible for driving technology change, they are now increasingly being called on to drive cultural change across the organization, a critical step on the path to transformation. Where do you start? Data literacy. Data is at the very heart of AI. The more your organization leverages AI to improve business workflows and processes, the more data-oriented it must become. 

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How Will AR and VR Transform Health Care?

The health care industry of the near future will look quite a bit different than it does today — and technology is one of the biggest reasons why. How can you tell if a system will be a winner, though? Sometimes, you can tell by following patterns in public spending. National health care systems such as the U.K.'s NHS could soon be investing hugely in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). What's the appeal? As it turns out, there are many compelling applications for AR and VR in modern health care. Here are a few of them.

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Physics-guided Neural Networks (PGNNs)

When machine learning algorithms are learning, they are actually searching for a solution in the hypothesis space you defined by your choice of algorithm, architecture, and configuration. Hypothesis space could be quite large even for a fairly simple algorithm. Data is the only guide we use to look for a solution in this huge space. What if we can use our knowledge of the world — for example, physics— together with data to guide this search?

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Using data management to usher in the future of human resource

While the human factor puts the “H” in HR and will continue to do so, metrics and a human resource dashboard are game changers pushing the most progressive brands around the world to take HR decisions that seem unconventional but prove to be wildly effective. Human resource data isn’t just about hours logged or vacations booked. If managed right, this information is poised to tell very compelling stories addressing C-suite HR concerns like productivity improvement, retention boosts, and leadership development. Here are three actionable ways in which the HR data management process can be changed for the better.

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The Future of Analytics: 6 Predictions

Companies articulate openly their need to shift their organizations culture to become more data-inspired in decision-making related to strategic and tactical decisions. And analytics have become an important part of the decision-making process for many companies in the past few decades, particularly with corporations using data assets as a core competency and point of origin. The dynamic nature and improved capabilities for analytics enable companies and even individuals to do more and in better ways. Here are six predicted trends to watch for in the coming new year.

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Deploying RPA: Communication is key

RPA tools mimic the “manual” path a human worker would take to complete a task, using a combination of user interface interaction describer technologies. The market provides a broad range of solutions with tools either operating on individual desktops or enterprise servers. In order to make an RPA project a success, leaders must first evaluate the possible use cases for RPA in their organisation and also focus on revenue-generating activities. Evaluate first before deployment.

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Fledgling Small Business: Don’t Get Bog Down!

Every small business needs finance initially, which has been observed as the biggest obstacle while starting the business. Besides gathering funds, the critical aspect is to implement productive and financial budgeting strategies that can help your money go a long way. And challenges become more invasive when you are consistently bootstrapping, investing your saving in business for developing it. So how can you get your money to make more money? Are there effective ways to avoid extra costs?

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Here’s How Analytics is Reinventing Human Resources

Data can help surface the apparently invisible, but stronger undercurrents of human behavior. Data analytics can be a potent tool to better understand employees and their engagement levels in organizations. It can transform the length and breadth of the HR function, from reducing hiring bias, improving employee relationships, finding drivers of performance, to helping manage attrition. Here are 3 steps for success in the journey towards smarter talent management. To illustrate each of these points.

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Don’t Drown in Your Data Lake: Keep Afloat with the Right Information

To turn Big Data into actionable business insights, information must be organized and securely stored. The traditional Data Warehouse method to accomplish these goals has proven to be unwieldy, and Data Lakes are quickly becoming the preferred storage repository. Self-service data prep tools enable organizations to get maximum ROI from information housed in Data Lakes. The technology provides the ease-of-use and flexibility that business users demand and the governance, automation and scalability needed by IT. As a result, companies are no longer drowning in their data – they are now putting it to work for enhancing decision making processes and operational guidance.

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Learning AI if You Suck at Math  -  Part 7  -  The Magic of Natural Language Processing

Let you set out to uncover what insights NLP could give you about your own area of mastery. Had NLP uncovered the hidden keys to writing heart-wrenching poems? There’s a rhythm to language. Words can spark fiery images in your mind. They can overwhelm you with emotion, making you break down with tears or get you quivering with anticipation. They create sound and fury, movement and feeling. Can a machine do all of that?

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What is Augmented Analytics and Why Does it Matter?

Augmented Analytics automates data insight by utilizing Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to automate data preparation and enable data sharing. This advanced use, manipulation and presentation of data simplifies data to present clear results and provides access to sophisticated tools so business users can make day-to-day decisions with confidence. Users can go beyond opinion and bias to get real insight and act on data quickly and accurately. Why is this important to your organization?

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Best Deals in Deep Learning Cloud Providers

Let’s briefly look at the types of chips available for deep learning. I’ll simplify the major offerings by comparing them to Ford cars. CPUs alone are really slow for deep learning. You do not want to use them. They are fine for many machine learning tasks, just not deep learning. The CPU is the horse and buggy of deep learning. GPUs are much faster than CPUs for most deep learning computations.

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Scale Your Machine Learning Pipeline

 This article presents the easiest way to turn your machine learning application from a simple Python program into a scalable pipeline that runs on a cluster. You will learn how to use luigi to manage tasks, how to easily create Command Line Interface for python script with click, how to run the pipeline in multiple Docker containers, how to deploy a small cluster on your machine, and how to run your application on the cluster

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Pros and Cons of Neural Networks

Neural networks are great for some tasks but not as great for others. Huge amounts of data, more computational power, better algorithms and intelligent marketing increased the popularity of Deep Learning and made it into one of the hottest fields right now. On top of that, Neural Networks can beat nearly every other Machine Learning algorithms and the disadvantages that go along with it. The biggest disadvantages are their „black box“ nature, increased duration of development (depending on your problem), the required amount of data and that they are mostly computational expensive.

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Automation Promises to Pull Big Data Out of Its “Dial-Up” Phase

In a way, big data is trying to break out of the “for developers only” mold the same way ARPANET—the precursor to the web—had to evolve to appeal to more than just computer scientists. Of course, big data is farther along than that. Just as the web was able to break out of its dial-up shackles thanks to the emergence of broadband, big data is about to turn onto the autobahn with the help of automation tools that render big data easier to use.

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Cloud Security Controls: Must-Do Preventative Measures for Every Business Working Online

Forward-thinking businesses looking to revolutionize their industry, the benefits of the cloud are becoming increasingly apparent. This is especially true as we begin to understand more about the link between IoT and the cloud. IoT means big data; big data means suitable storage in the cloud. At a basic level, there are many preventative measures that a business can take to reduce the risk: restricting the type of data that is stored, using software escrow for any cloud applications, encrypting data, and standard methods of data protection, such as passwords. 

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Learning AI If You Suck at Math -  Part 6  - Math Notation Made Easy!

There are lots of reasons to learn mathematical notation. Maybe you just want to stretch yourself and learn a new skill? Learning something outside of your comfort zone is a fantastic way to keep your mind sharp. Maybe the greatest reasons to learn math notation is that it lets you express complex ideas in a very compact way. Without it, it would take pages and pages to explain every equation. Yet even with all the resources out there, it can still be intimidating to face a string of those alien characters. Have no fear.

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Machine Learning In Warehouse Management

Machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, has already been used across many industries to improve efficiency and productivity. The technology has been in development for some time, with the uptake being slowed down by some industry’s reluctance to adopt it. However, it’s now being used by many businesses, including logistics companies and retailers seeking help for warehouse management.

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An Introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks

Imagine you want to classify what kind of event is happening at every point in a movie. It’s unclear how a traditional neural network could use its reasoning about previous events in the film to inform later ones. Recurrent neural networks address this issue. They are networks with loops in them, allowing information to persist. At test time, we feed a character into the Recurrent neural networks and get a distribution over what characters are likely to come next. We sample from this distribution, and feed it right back in to get the next letter. 

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Controlling and Monitoring Access to Sensitive Data in the Cloud

Monitoring and managing access to sensitive information in the cloud is an essential part of cybersecurity policy in any organization. You need to have a clear visibility of what information is stored where and who can have access to it. Being able to track every action involving critical data is also important. Look for a complex user activity monitoring solution that allows setting specific rules and restrictions, personalizing access to shared accounts, and continuously tracking any activity involving your company’s sensitive information.

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Dynamic Duo – Self-service BI and Data Preparation

The self-service Business Intelligence (BI) trend that has been sweeping the corporate world isn’t going away anytime soon. Self-service BI tools add tremendous value to organizations across industries – far beyond what is required in an initial investment. The technology improves business agility and speeds time-to-insight enabling users to quickly understand issues and take action. But, many organizations are finding that they can only achieve maximum value from their self-service BI tools if they are combined with a self-service data preparation solution. Here’s why.

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Why Big Data is Critical to the Pharmaceutical Industry

When it comes to investing in big data, probably, no other industry has as much at stake as pharmaceutics. Big data not only provides the foundation for research and the discovery of new drugs but also helps patients and caregivers make better decisions. Whether it’s an application for precision medicine, decreasing the failure rates in drug trials, or lowering the cost of research and developing better medicine, big data has a bright future for the pharmaceutical industry. 

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The Dark Side of Blockchain

Understanding blockchain and cryptography as a whole necessitates high-end technical knowledge. Applying it to provide real life solutions is incredibly difficult. The field is still in infancy and its complexity is one of the main reasons precluding it from going mainstream. And it could very well be. Despite having various possible uses, blockchain is certainly not just sunshine and rainbows. It’s got its own shortcomings. And they are more than a few.

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Docker In A Nutshell

Docker is a tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers. Containers allow a developer to package up an application with all of the parts it needs, such as libraries and other dependencies, and ship it all out as one package. Its primary focus is to automate the deployment of applications inside software containers and the automation of operating system level virtualization on Linux. It's lightweight then Containers and boots-up in seconds.

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