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Biggest Trends in Digital Marketing in 2019 You Shouldn't Miss

When it comes to marketing technology it is important to be ahead of the curve when adopting trends. In 2019, we expect to see more marketers deploy complex trigger-based campaigns and invest in greater depths of dynamic content to serve customers at every phase of the user journey. What it all comes down to is personalization. Rather than rely on a marketer’s manual effort to create different experiences for groupings of people. Here are some biggest trends in digital marketing in 2019 you shouldn't miss.

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Key things to know before launching a blockchain business

Starting a blockchain-based business is in many ways similar to starting any other business. You need to have a good product, excellent marketing, a skilful founding team, and – preferably – deep-pocketed investors. But blockchain makes a difference in how you get all these things. It provides companies with an unconventional way of attracting investor money through ICOs, and can improve business operations through efficient smart contracts, better cyber-security, and improved user privacy. These benefits aren’t only available to blockchain-focused companies, but to a large range of other businesses like manufacturers, retailers, and many others.

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Start-ups: Your Most Valuable Asset in the Long Run Will Be the Trust of Your Customers

Every start-up must understand that the real secret sauce is Trust: In a context of increasing levels of consumer awareness around privacy and data protection, your most valuable asset will be the trust of your customers in your product. Moving fast and breaking things has never created trust. Start-ups must build customer trust from early days by embedding sound security and privacy practices in the products and in their culture. Start-ups must build customer trust from early days by embedding sound security and privacy practices in the products and in their culture.

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Four Things To Know About How Technology Will Evolve Over The Next Decade

Over the past few decades innovation has become almost synonymous with digital technology. Despite significant advances in technology, productivity growth has been depressed for most of the last 50 years. Over the next ten years, however, we’re likely to see that change as nascent technologies hit their stride and create completely new industries. Yet the technologies that will drive the 21st century are still mostly in the discovery and engineering phases, so they’re easy to miss. Here’s what you’ll need to know to compete in the new era.

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Marketing Automation: All-in-One vs. Best-of-Breed

There is no specific choice of having a marketing automation solution. The correct choice of marketing platform depends on your specific business needs. You will benefit greatly from a single tool which is great at performing a particular task as it provides you with a greater chance to meet your marketing targets. Also, you do not get to pay for the software that you do not use. Thus, now is the right time to dig deeper into marketing automation and create a streamlined process for your business.

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Why Logistics Companies Must Adopt Big Data and Cloud Technology

When one thinks about big data, logistics is rarely the first industry that comes to mind. Ironically, however, it’s likely to be the one that stands to benefit most from its adoption. The use of predictive analysis to estimate and prevent bottlenecks in the supply chain is crucial, especially in an industry where punctuality, transparency, and privacy play key roles. And with more and more consumers opting for e-commerce, pretending to stay relevant without relying on big data is naive.

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Blockchain & Crypto Hype Cycle: Where We’re at and What’s Coming Next

Nobody really knows precisely when blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will mature and reach mainstream adoption. What is becoming clearer, however, is that blockchain technology is on track to become a transformative and disruptive force. Yes, market conditions and sentiment are bad, there are many average projects out there, and some critical technological shortcomings still need to be overcome. If you zoom out a bit, get some perspective and put the current market into context, you’ll realize that blockchain is on a rather typical journey to maturity and mainstream adoption.

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How to secure, manage and monitor edge devices

As more edge devices proliferate different enterprise and IoT networks, it becomes increasingly important to secure and manage all of those devices. Without the ability to secure and manage edge devices easily, edge computing won’t be accessible to many of the industrial applications that it is most beneficial to. How can organisations secure their edge devices, which allow enterprises to take steps towards the real-time and proactive management of applications? This is one of three challenges when it comes to edge devices; do I trust it/is it secure? Can I manage it? Can I monitor it?

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What’s the real effect of overdependence on technology?

Mechanical automation reduces our need to move and that speaks to our appetite for convenience. Mechanical automation has slowly increased ever since the dawn of industrialization; hence we have gotten so used to the gradual change that we don’t really seem to care. Digital automation, on the other hand, is coming much quicker. That makes people much more worried. If you google “reliance on computers” you will get a lot of hits about all the dangers and effects of overdependence on technology and basically nothing about the benefits of relying on them. 

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How will the IoT revolutionise the way businesses operate?

Most executives consider the Internet of things the key emerging technology for increasing efficiency and profit. Its potential applications are diverse and range from homes and companies to cities and retail stores. IoT is an opportunity that can benefit all industries, whether they are highly automated manufacturers or more manually oriented businesses like agriculture. Companies are increasingly embracing this technology and preparing for a future dominated by the IoT. Businesses rely on IoT to impress their customers.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence): What’s The Next Frontier For Healthcare?

What are some of the trends that look most interesting within healthcare AI? One of the key trends is the use of health AI to spur the transition of medicine from reactive to proactive care. Machine learning-based applications will preempt and prevent disease on a more personal level, rather than merely reacting to symptoms. Ultimately, patients will benefit from timely and personalized treatment to improve outcomes and potentially increase survival rates.

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How Robotic Process Automation Will Change the Future of the Workplace

There still seems to be a great fear that robots will displace human workers.  We should not have to fear, as it’s becoming more and more prevalent that robots and automation will instead provide a valuable extension to global workers by helping them eliminate mundane tasks. Today and over the next decade, we will certainly see an increase in using RPA for human resource management, especially for the on-boarding and off-boarding of employees, benefits administration, payroll, etc. Primarily, we must acknowledge the flexibility that RPA provides.

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The Five Components Of Autonomous Leadership

No leader should deploy intelligent and autonomous applications without a thorough understanding of how the system works, from the variables used for analysis to the key outcomes tracked for success. Without the right data and the proof needed to recommend and execute actions, the system is actionable. Leaders cannot, and will not, move to a model of intelligent applications without the trust and transparency provided by the education and monitoring piece. But when the five components of AI are integrated and made easily available to leaders, AI can begin to guide strategy in all types of organizations.

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Fog computing and blockchain go hand in hand

The integration of fog computing for blockchain applications capitalizes on the decentralized structure of blockchain technology. With fog computing, a large number of devices can be incorporated in the blockchain framework, vastly improving the productivity of businesses while reducing operating costs. With fog computing for blockchain, users and businesses can maximize the commercial value of idle digital resources. The use of fog computing for blockchain opens up a whole new dimension for the functioning of the blockchain framework. 

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Everything a Data Scientist Should Know About Data Management

Data science training mainly focuses on machine/deep learning techniques. Data management knowledge is often treated as an afterthought. Data science students usually learn modeling skills with processed and cleaned data in text files stored on their laptop. To be a unicorn, you have to master every step of the data science process — all the way from storing your data, to putting your finished product in production. Here is a high-level overview to learn more about data management.

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A Friendly Introduction to Data-Driven Marketing for Business Leaders

There is traditionally no way to test marketing attribution models before using them in a real business context, seeing as it’s not possible to compare the algorithm’s output to some source-of-truth-data. Marketing attribution is still an evolving discipline, and data scientists are exploring possible ways of testing these models for a possible look into the performance before applying them to real-time data and doing a sort of real-life testing by moving marketing budget around.

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The Non-Technical AI Guide

This post gives an introduction to the field of Artificial Intelligence and a better understanding of how AI works and what it can really do. You will learn about the common misconception about AI and what Machine Learning and Data really is, and familiarise with the most common terms of the field: Data Science, Deep Learning, AI and Machine Learning. You can also learn where you can get data, how to approach data acquisition and that having a lot of data does not necessarily mean that you can do AI with it.

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What is neuromorphic computing?

Neuromorphic computing is not new. It was first proposed in the 1980s. But recent developments in the artificial intelligence industry have renewed interest in neuromorphic computers. The growing popularity of deep learning and neural networks has spurred a race to develop AI hardware specialized for neural network computations. Among the handful of trends that have emerged in the past few years is neuromorphic computing, which has shown promise because of its similarities to biological and artificial neural networks.

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Bringing Your Marketing Team into the World of DevOps

As your marketing team marches toward the cloud and more automation, it’s a perfect time to bring DevOps practices to the development and operations of your marketing technology stack. Bringing marketing into your DevOps teams and overall culture can only help boost collaboration and communications during product launch and go-to-market activities. While some people talk about bringing agile and DevOps to marketing tasks, this post focuses on how you can bring your marketing team into a DevOps state of mind.

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The Tactile Internet-a new IoT?

The IoT era has brought us many great things, but it is time to go beyond to improve human presence in an interactive future with robotics and remote technology. The Tactile Internet will become the technology of the future that will finally transport touch in real-time through the Internet. Maybe, this will be the technology that will promote interaction rather than automation, giving a more human side to tech as well as our communication via the Internet.

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How to Get a Billion Dollar Business by Adopting Blockchain

Blockchain & Bitcoin are not yet widely accepted by businesses across the globe. So, if you are a business owner and start using it now, you will have an upper hand over the others.   Bitcoin and Blockchain can help your business grow enormously. You may use it to raise funds for your business, as a great marketing technique for your business, as a new payment method for your client to pay in Bitcoins, sign contracts and stay ahead in the market.

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Big Data And AI Could Make Traditional Developers…Extinct?

 AI and Big Data are actually transforming the roles of traditional developers. It’s no longer just about jamming lots of code and creating full-blown applications. The bottom line is that the development process must not be an assembly line; rather, it should be a true collaboration. People who understand data and analytics are the need of the hour. Part of this is about understanding statistics, like Bayesian inference, but also grasping the nuances of data. Those people that have these valuable skills will be the next generation developers.

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Creating intelligent workspaces is the future of work

Small meeting spaces are fast becoming smart workspaces where high performance collaboration like problem solving and idea generation is taking place. Businesses are finding value in creating smaller, more agile spaces that enable people to meet when they need to, regardless of location. Creating intelligent workspaces like the huddle room is the future of work. Agile workspaces such as huddle rooms enable important calls and video conferences to take place as required, ensuring that remote workers have sufficient face time, contribute to team meetings and feel included.

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Top 20 Docker Security Tips

There are many of ways to make your Docker containers safer. Securities is not set-it and forget it. It requires vigilance to keep your images and containers secure. Keeping Docker containers secure means AIMing for safety. Don’t forget to keep Docker, your languages and libraries, your images, and your host software updated. Finally, consider using Docker Enterprise if you’re running Docker as part of a team. If you’re serving files, or running apps in production, you need to be considerably more knowledgeable about Docker security.

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