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Blockchain to Valuechain

Tasks or activities within an End-to-End Valuechain as well as entire chains of tasks or activities can leverage Blockchain. From financial transactions to contracts such as service levels or quality, End-to-end Valuechains can be modeled and automated with Blockchain transactions at specific steps. Similar to IoT/IIoT, the road to Blockchain success also runs through Digital Process Automation (DPA). Examples of Valuechains include support processes such as on-boarding an employee or IT helpdesk. Valuechains can also be mission critical. There are ample opportunities for leveraging Blockchain in Valuechains.

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Cloud migration: Which Cloud Migration Strategy is Right for You? Part 2

Safe cloud migration without unwanted side effects cries for attention and details and is impossible without adequate answers to many operation-related questions. We have covered the most common migration strategies (Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Repurchase, Retain and Remove) so that you could plan your cloud adoption wisely and consistently. However, the list of issues that will potentially claim your attention before you start migrating your portfolio to the cloud is very extensive and reaches far beyond the 6R’s.

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Competitive advantage: how to put machine learning models into production

Those companies that can put machine learning models into production, on a large scale, first, will gain a huge advantage over their competitors and billions in potential revenue. But, there is a huge issue with the usability of machine learning — there is a significant challenge around putting machine learning models into production at scale. Organisations can create incredibly complex machine learning models, but it’s problematic to take huge datasets, apply them to different iterations of ML models and then deploy those successful iterations into production.

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AI presidents – a good idea or a disaster waiting to happen?

At first, an AI president sounds like a preposterous idea. But is it really? People already trust AI to drive their cars and airplanes, manage their bank accounts, and make medical diagnoses. Would it be such a big leap to entrust the governing of the country to an AI as well? An AI president wouldn’t be susceptible to emotions and personal desires, as it would have none, and it would be able to make better, fairer, and more rational decisions than its human counterparts.

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Blockchain for Organizational Culture: Part 1

The digital era fosters challenging the hierarchical and centralized control-driven organizations with alternative more democratic robust models that empower the participants. Blockchain  could  become an enabler – as we shall see. This is very much a decentralization, peer-to-peer execution, and disintermediation trend – the core competencies of Blockchain. A digital and agile organization with empowerment can leverage the innovative talents of its employees and improve their morals. Blockchain within enterprises can also promote alternative flat organization patterns. Blockchain is a distributed and decentralized peer-to-peer database. Applications built on Blockchain can allow organizations to execute smart decisions.

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Cloud: Moving to the Cloud. Security Concerns

One should do much more to ensure his company’s data is safe once moved to the cloud. Surprisingly, many cloud players do not consider performing even the minimum requirements. Keep in mind, that a cloud provider may fence its liability for any possible data breach and will do it legally. A lengthy servicing contract is all too often excessively boring to study. Thus, there are many issues that in your opinion should be covered by the cloud provider. In reality, they are entirely your responsibility. A good piece of security and compliance is exactly the case.

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Quantum Computing and Blockchain: Facts and Myths

The quantum computer, following the laws of quantum physics, would gain enormous processing power through the ability to be in multiple states, and to perform tasks using all possible permutations simultaneously.  While the native encryption algorithms used by Blockchain’s applications are safe for now, the fact is that the rate of advancements in quantum technology is increasing, and that could, in time, pose a threat. The biggest danger to Blockchain networks from quantum computing is its ability to break traditional encryption.

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CCPA: What Does It Mean For AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Next week, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA ) will go into effect. It really hasn’t gotten much attention–but it should. The law is likely to have a far-reaching impact on the tech world, especially in categories like AI (Artificial Intelligence). So what is the CCPA? Actually, it is the most thorough privacy regulation in the US. It even goes beyond the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act, which is focused on Europe. 

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The Future of Computation for Machine Learning and Data Science

The future of computation looks like it will involve speeding up computations to handle the relentless and exponential increase in data production. However, speeding up individual processors is difficult for various reasons, and Moore’s law cannot last forever — it is becoming increasingly constrained by the limits of heat transfer and quantum mechanics. A greater push will continue to be seen towards parallel computing, especially with more specialized hardware such as GPUs and TPUs, as well as towards more energy-efficient computing which may become possible as we enter into the realm of neuromorphic computing.

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Cloud Migration: Which Cloud Migration Strategy is Right for You?

Before you start moving every bit of your data, remember to get to the core of as many available migration strategies as possible, for your prudence will be key to the success of your cloud migration campaign. Invest in a reliable cloud provider and, surely, an experienced cloud partner who will be in charge of your transition to the cloud. Beware of experts talking you into rehosting all your portfolio, for rehost, is the easiest way to get the things done, although rarely the best one.

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AI with a Degree in Medicine: The Doctor Who Literally Has No Heart

Will intelligent robots replace doctors in the future? It is still a difficult question to answer. Most medical startups are aimed only at simplifying and optimizing the medical flow process, and they do not provide for the replacement of a doctor with a robot. In addition, machine learning takes time, because we need to teach the neural network to “see” the problem in the image or to operate as a doctor. Despite all the difficulties, AI-driven medical projects have prospects.

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How Systemic Approaches to ITOps Impact the Business Culture?

The exercise of optimizing the business process will be futile without practicing knowledge and skills of the ITOps using automation tools. Best practices and effective principles always help different business departments and job roles to deliver optimum output. Many of these best practices actually help to achieve optimum results using automation. Whether the enterprise leaders want to give more priority to the use of automation or collaborative business principles like DevOps approach, the following best practices and guidelines will help the enterprises to fine tune their IT operations and garner maximum output.

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The Who, What, Where, When, and Why for Mainframe Security

For most people, security is a bit of a nuisance.  Appreciating just how much a breach is going to cost makes finding out all the details about the breach even more pressing. So, what are you going to do? The great thing about a mainframe is that SMF (System Management Facility) data will tell you pretty much everything that has occurred. The only problem is that there are lots and lots of records to look through. Is it only one program that has been modified?

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Connected Finances - Part 3: Getting More Personal and Invisible

The idea of an invisible process seems very attractive, but even then, it’s not truly “frictionless”. As is the case with any new technology coming into the world, we can’t just rush into the invisible approach to the IoT in banking without the right tools and protocols in place.  If we want to successfully bring invisible payments to life, an omnichannel environment for end users must surely be on our agenda. Of use will also be such technologies as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, sensors and IoT devices.

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Why Machine Learning Jobs Are High In Demand

Between 2015 and 2019, the openings for positions like machine learning engineer grew by 344%. Technically speaking, it’s a branch of artificial intelligence, based on the idea that a system can learn from data, identify specific patterns and make decisions without any human intervention. The truth is that machine learning has several applications that are just becoming realized. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the employer demand for talent with such skills is growing with each day.

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Preparing for AI Driven Future with Hybrid Cloud

The biggest opportunity to move to the cloud presents is that of future-readiness. The hybrid cloud system will dictate the way organizations work in the future. Cloud makes it easier and faster to build new AI-driven applications which make public cloud attractive to leverage for digital business opportunities.  The hybrid cloud uses the best of all worlds to deliver the desired results to you. Companies get the versatility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of public cloud, along with the security, dependability, and compliance of private cloud.

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Why the Organisation of Tomorrow comes with Great Responsibility

The organisation of tomorrow brings great opportunities but also comes with great responsibilities. Only when organisations ensure data security, data governance, data privacy, and works with unbiased algorithms, can they expect long-lasting, loyal customers. In the future, switching costs are likely to reduce dramatically and, it, therefore, comes down to offering the best possible service/product for the best price. And if you do so, and take care of your customers, your customers will take care of your shareholders.

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Soft skills detection

Artificial Intelligence can provide deep insights into the human personality. Sentiment analysis and analysis of soft skills based on the text produced by the users are examples of tools that can be immediately used by the HRs, businesses that want to monitor their employees’ attitudes and hire new specialists, as well as by candidates who want to assess and improve their chances of getting a job. Let’s see how text analysis can analyze your soft skills.

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Internet of Things - Security Concerns Rising

The Internet of Things, just like any fast-evolving technology, is experiencing a number of “growing pains”, among which the most serious is the problem of security. The more “smart” devices are connecting to the network, the higher the risks associated with unauthorized access to the IoT system and the use of its capabilities by attackers. Today, the efforts of many IT companies and organizations are aimed at finding solutions that will minimize the threats hindering the full implementation of the IoT.

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AI in management: your boss could soon be a machine

Management roles initially seemed to be immune to automation. That’s started to change in recent years, with companies increasingly delegating certain management tasks to AI solutions, ranging from monitoring workers and providing feedback on their performance to making decisions on which workers should be terminated. When used properly, AI can help managers be better at their jobs by allowing them to focus on more important tasks. It remains to be seen whether AI will ever be able to replace human managers altogether.

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Blockchain Intelligence (AI) in Value Chains

AI is an integral part of Digital Process Automation, and the potential of AI optimizations for on-chain (Blockchain transactions) and off-chain data (IoT, customer, etc.) are tremendous. AI is the nervous system that automates and drives end-to-end digitized value chains to successful completion. AI is an integral part of Digital Process Automation, and the potential of AI optimizations for on-chain (Blockchain transactions) and off-chain data (IoT, customer, etc.) are tremendous. AI is the nervous system of the value chains.

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Take your Machine Learning Models to Production with these 5 simple steps

Creating a great machine learning system is an art. There are a lot of things to consider while building a great machine learning system. But often it happens that we as data scientists only worry about certain parts of the project. But do we ever think about how we will deploy our models once we have them? This post is about the process requirements for a successful ML project — One that goes to production.

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How Automation and Machine Learning Are Reshaping the Finance Function, Part Two

In this article, we take a deeper look at specific use cases across finance, and what they mean for traditional, day-to-day finance activities. Intelligent automation will help finance unlock its true potential as a strategic guide from its roots as a number cruncher buried under a mountain of transactional processes. Today’s finance function must support business agility, and that means CFO collaboration with a forward-thinking finance function where automation will play a key role in driving finance transformation.

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How did Front End Programming Evolve – Should I do The Job?

What is front end development? What does a front end programmer do? What was the path that the front end developed from the beginning? These are just some of the questions you can get right here, so stay tuned It is generally accepted that the front end first appeared with the advent of HTML and CSS. So, it’s fair to say that the first front end developers emerged in the early 1990s.

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