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AI predictions: how AI is transforming five key industries

Over the next three years, embedded artificial intelligence (AI) will dramatically reshape the customer experience across nearly all industries, with most major businesses providing some type of AI-centred customer experience. AI is a way of providing new, novel experiences that are useful and helpful to people. While every industry will be affected by AI, specifically this technology will drive the greatest transformation over the next three years in healthcare; travel, transportation & hospitality; and manufacturing, banking, and insurance. 

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Let’s Face Facts, The Digital Revolution Has Been A Huge Disappointment

While it is true that technology can do some wonderful things, the measurable impact has been relatively meagre. At the same time the power of digital technology is diminishing. Without advancement in the underlying technology, it is hard to see how digital technology will ever power another productivity boom. Perhaps the biggest reason that the digital revolution has been such a big disappointment is because we expected the technology to largely do the work for us.

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Is your marketing agile?

Marketing has changed and the change has been so rapid, it demands that marketing people have to change the way they learn, adapt and operate in order to cope with this ever-changing landscape. Is agile a practical method for marketing?  In this post, an attempt is made to capture what has accelerated the change and how the marketing professional can cope with this change. At a broad level, the changes can be captured under three headings.

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More Data Science methodology options – has much changed? - Part 2

Data Science methodologies is definitely still an evolving field. Data Science teams may routinely need to draw data from a variety of database structures including column and even graph databases. They may also need to use their wider data access to load data into Data Lakes and spend longer on sourcing data than previous generations. For all these reasons, it is not surprising to see an explosion of more varied options. It is impossible to be comprehensive in this post, but let me share some exemplars that typify different approaches to this challenge.

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Why Machine Learning Matters To B2B

B2B companies can benefit from machine learning in numerous ways — generate more leads, gain a better understanding of customers, establish high-quality omnichannel relationships, and so much more. While the number of B2C companies using machine learning is skyrocketing, adoption by B2B companies has yet to take off. It’s time for B2B companies to get their game on. Here are some of the ways machine learning can make a significant difference for B2B companies.

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Securing Robotic Process Automation is the new business priority

The clear business benefits of a strong privileged access security programme can be realised across numerous digital transformation initiatives – from RPA and cloud to DevOps. Effectively conveying the value of privileged access security in enhancing the business will help in gaining critical executive support and obtaining necessary budget and resources. From there, executive leadership can help rally employees to make it an organisational priority, impart a sense of urgency and ownership, and prevent it from being derailed.

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Five Ways IoT Will Revolutionize the Transportation

IoT is one of the thrilling technologies that is based on the concept of Artificial intelligence. IoT is revolutionizing the transportation industry. In short, it could be said that this technology is helping a lot in taking care of both the mode of transport and the driver in order to avoid mishappenings.  Well, in this piece of article, we are going to discuss what is the impact of IoT in the transportation industry.

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The Role of AI in Cryptocurrency Market Forecasts

The Cryptocurrency market is currently being shaped by a perfect storm of technological breakthroughs. While a number of technological advances are influencing the industry, artificial intelligence is arguably driving the biggest impact. One of the reasons that cryptocurrency trading platforms and investors have been slower to use artificial intelligence for asset valuation and forecasting is that they didn’t think it would be so reliable. But, AI technology could be essential for dictating future cryptocurrency prices.

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Data Analysis – It Is a Kind of Magic

Data analysis and visualization can be understandable, discoverable, and manageable for the average person. The number of new, modern visualization tools on the market is increasing. Nowadays, everything is turned into data. Data mining and data digitalization are much more easily achieved nowadays. An organization has to be data-driven because there are many ways to optimize success or increase income. Be data driven! Everyone should use data analytics and data visualization during his or her work.

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How Companies Are Using Big Data to Boost Sales

The data generated across the globe every day is growing by an astounding rate every year, and each small part of this data is essential for businesses. Though it might seem to burden, Big Data has been designed to make things more relevant and turn analytics into a goldmine of information. The faster businesses adopt Big Data, the more hope they have to stand in this highly competitive market.  Big data technologies have been helping marketing and sales professionals better define products and services and managing sales network.

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How Data Science teams can be more methodical – Part 1

Do you see a need to have more methodical processes in Data Science teams? Does your team have the common methodology, process or workflow it needs? A tip for success with your Data Science team is to be more methodical. By this, establish and use a consistent methodology, process or workflow. This will enable repeatable results, simpler collaboration & knowledge transfer. If it is a well–designed methodology, it should also ensure appropriate QA stages and reduce the cost of rework.

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The Two Factors Killing GRC Practices

In many firms, the equation between Governance, Risk and Compliance around cyber security is becoming heavily weighted towards the G, and GRC functions must adjust as a result, both in terms of internal structures and in terms of interactions with other stakeholders. In particular, first line and second line must work together on this. They must trust each other and look beyond absurd and arbitrary “separation of duties” concepts, to produce meaningful data for the business, around which meaningful decisions will be made to protect the firm.

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Design for DevOps – Best Practices

In every case, a designer faces tough challenges and is expected to balance conflicting goals. Designers are expected to rapidly drive down the work backlog, yet produce quality products that avoid costly rejections and rollbacks. In addition, there is pressure to increase the percentage of effort spent on creative content over corrective content and do so with limited time and resources. The following best practices improve the design experience and products of design in a way that is streamlined for the DevOps pipeline.

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Using Agile Processes to Develop AI-Based Solutions

The behavior of an AI system based on machine learning depends on the information we use to train its algorithms rather than on the precise set of software instructions that tell the computer what to do. Agile development is particularly well suited to AI-based products and systems, where it’s important to involve users early in the development cycle to help test, refine and improve the AI features in the product by sharing their real-time feedback with the development teams.

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How Marketers Can Use Big Data for Digital Marketing Success

Gone are the days when organisations have to be dependent on experiments. Today, big data plays an important role when it comes to marketing decisions. Insights from big data can guide businesses to better marketing & strategic decisions. Today, companies have both - structured and unstructured data since the number of outputs has multiplied, and at this level, traditional analytics and tools won’t be of any help. In this article, I have explained how big data can help with digital marketing success. 

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Ten Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing In 2019

The leading growth strategy for manufacturers in 2019 is improving shop floor productivity by investing in machine learning platforms that deliver the insights needed to improve product quality and production yields. Using machine learning to streamline every phase of production, starting with inbound supplier quality through manufacturing scheduling to fulfillment is now a priority in manufacturing. Machine learning reduces unplanned machinery downtime. The following are ten ways machines learning is revolutionizing manufacturing in 2019.

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CMOs And IoT: Can This Technology Improve Marketing?

Marketing teams who are focused on harnessing the power of the IoT will easily rise above their competitors. But when it comes to CMOs and IoT specifically, what are some tips to keep the relationship on track? In truth, CMOs and IoT aren’t always included in the same conversation. The issue for CMOs and IoT is, simply knowing how to use data in the most powerful ways. Whether you’re new to IoT discussions or a seasoned marketing/data veteran, below are some tips to help ensure your CMOs and IoT projects operating at full steam.

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A guide to artificial intelligence in enterprise: Is it right for your business?

Board members and decision-makers are increasingly aware of the benefits of AI and automation, but the question should always remain: Is it right for my business? How does it solve a problem? With the general rise of this technology into business operations also comes challenges, dangers and potential risks to the human workforce. This feature will examine all these aspects and hope to give an overall look at AI and automation in the enterprise.

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Four Ways to Integrate Cyber Security Automation Within Your Enterprise

Automation is poised to change the very nature of cyber security jobs in the future. That’s because one of the best ways to accomplish many of the goals business have is to integrate process automation and cyber security automation into their operations. Business automation comes in many forms, though, and can include a variety of process automation and security automation tools. So, what are these tools, how do they work, and how can they be integrated into your security processes?

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A Layman’s Guide to Data Science: How to Become a (Good) Data Scientist

Data Science is a newly developed blend of machine learning algorithms, statistics, business intelligence, and programming. This blend helps us reveal hidden patterns from the raw data which in turn provides insights in business and manufacturing processes. To go into Data Science, you need the skills of a business analyst, a statistician, a programmer, and a Machine Learning developer. You do not need to be an expert in any of these fields. Let’s see what you need and how you can teach yourself the necessary minimum.

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Decision Trees in Marketing

Today market segmentation is driven by machines. And one of the methods helping the machines to segment the customer base flawlessly is decision trees. The advantage of Decision trees over the earlier method of decision making is that it takes up a number of variables to predict the outcome. And in doing so it makes the prediction more and more accurate. In marketing, you can use it for campaign planning, customer value assessment, customer churn prediction, product launch decision, and several others.

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Why Do Some Organisations Struggle to Adopt AI Technologies?

It should come as no surprise that large tech enterprises are readily embracing AI as a means of improving the way they operate and their ability to engage with clients. However, for smaller organisaitons and companies that are less tech savvy, the ability to identify and implement AI can be overwhelming and complicated in equal measure. What are the main barriers stopping organisations – particularly those outside of the tech sector – from taking advantage of this powerful technology?

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Machine Learning in Action: Going Beyond Decision Support Data Science

In order to disrupt business, machine learning models must adopt a product-focused approach, which is a much more significant undertaking. For a product-driven approach to use machine learning, it is important to think about the problem you are trying to solve from the beginning and to have some initial idea of how the machine learning solution might be used. The first step is to understand what pain points you are trying to tackle, and what kind of service-level agreement in terms of quality, availability and responsibility you need.

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Why wireless will drive industrial IoT

IoT is here now. With mobile data traffic up 82 percent year-on-year and 5G uptake going even faster than anticipated, we can expect cellular IoT connections to follow suit. How do we move from wired to wireless networks to capture the promise of trillions of dollars in value that industrial IoT (IIoT) will bring? We only need to look at the history of the wireless networks to know how to deploy the network of the future.

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