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Fifteen Striking Mobile App Trends That Will Rule 2020 {Infographic}

It has been a little more than a decade since mobile apps were introduced in the world. Here’s a Mobile app trends 2020 looking into the slew of offerings that we are going to witness in the coming year. These mobile app trends 2020 are the testament of big the app industry is now and how much more expansive it is going to become in the time to come. As an entrepreneur looking to enter the flourishing sector, it would help to find use cases for incorporating these technologies in the process – simply to become future-focused. 

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Is Kotlin the new age preference for Android App Development?

Are you up for Kotlin? Kotlin is a new and powerful trend. It is not difficult to say that Kotlin has been adopted by the masses for app production. Kotlin has the ability to develop a native android application in an intuitive and concise syntax that can save hefty development costs. Though Kotlin is still young as a programming language and it has been proven as a stable platform for building production apps.

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Expert Interview - Rebecca D. Wooten On App And Gaming Software

We interviewed our expert Rebecca D. Wooten. Here's her insights on emerging technologies, and how apps and gaming softwares are changing.

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