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The Ever-Changing IoT Standards Landscape: What Will 2019 Hold?

Research indicates the IoT Platform market will continue to accelerate in as more businesses prioritize their transformation into IoT data-driven companies. Spending on IoT Platform-related software and services for connected business solutions is forecast by IoT Analytics to grow at a rate of 39% per year until 2023, in line with estimates from other firms including Gartner and IDC. With the continued growth and fragmentation of the IoT platform market let us know how IoT platforms and related industry standards might shake out in the New Year.

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IoT devices now top priority for cybercriminals

Internet of Things devices are now cybercriminals' top attack target and have managed to surpass web, application services, and email servers. Hackers commonly used global internet scans searching for open remote administration services to discover and then infect IoT devices. Organisations need to brace themselves for impact because IoT attack opportunities are virtually endless and the process of building Thingbots is more widespread than ever. Unfortunately, it is going to take material loss of revenue for IoT device manufacturers or significant costs incurred by organisations implementing these devices, before any meaningful security advances are achieved.

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How 5G will enable the next generation of IoT deployments

IoT is one of the most exciting and diverse industries. The promise of 5G is that of ubiquitous, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective real-time communications. It will, therefore, become fundamental in how businesses and society operates more broadly. With the right edge software and trust in the network, both technologies will revolutionise the likes of wearables, cities and robots. IoT will develop a new generation of value alongside 5G, with the edge a hotbed of innovation.

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Top 10 Ways Internet Of Things And Blockchain Strengthen Supply Chains

Combining blockchain’s distributed ledger framework with the Internet of Things’ (IoT) proven real-time monitoring and tracking capability is redefining supply chains. Blockchain shows potential for increasing the speed, scale, and visibility of supply chains, eliminating counterfeit-goods transactions while also improving batching, routing and inventory control. Blockchain’s shared, distributed ledger architecture is becoming a growth catalyst for IoT’s adoption and commercial use in organizations. Blockchain and IoT are defining the future of supply chains based on the initial success of Proof of Concept (POC) pilots focused on the logistics, storage and track-and-trace areas of supply chains across manufacturing. 

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Internet of Things trends for 2019

The IoT market is very likely to continue its upward trajectory in the market, especially with the height of focus from major vendors over the past year. While 2018 demonstrated a year of increased IoT focus from vendors, we expect 2019 to bring more of the same. Analyst firm Forrester predicts that 85 percent of firms will implement or plan to implement IoT solutions in 2019. Adoption is particularly expected to surge across the manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and utilities industries.

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Machine Learning Managed Services: Can Big Tech Provide Viable Alternatives to IIoT Predictive Maintenance Software?

Ad-hoc open source tools that do not scale or address the specific predictive maintenance requirements of an industrial plant cannot be used to bypass the big data skill-set gap in the job market. This article will address certain issues such as whether  machine learning managed services reduce the need for skilled big data scientists, the role for open source machine learning for IIoT predictive maintenance,  the risks of using machine learning managed services for IIoT predictive maintenance,  the requirements for IIoT predictive maintenance software, and  ways to use IIoT predictive maintenance software without hiring big data scientists.

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Robotics and Education

One can easily say that one of the best fields out there that can be an intersection of modern science, technology, engineering and mathematics is Robotics. Today, we look at Robotics with a point of view and understand its subtle and not so subtle benefits. We need to understand what the scope of robotics being talked about. The robotics here, in general, is referred to as the simplistic approach to the application of electronics that students in elementary and high school levels can cope with, and appreciate.

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IoT Feeds Data Stream to AI Application Converge for Real-time, Sideline Insights

AI and IoT are complimentary. IoT data sensors provide the raw material for AI-based applications and create enormous data volumes, often streaming. Today, much of that is unused or lost. Data without analytics is value not yet realized. An analytics-based AI application sifts that data stream for insights and automates actions. With new IoT applications creating a wealth of data, an AI approach might be the most efficient and fastest way to pull insights from the real-time data stream.

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Tackling Cybersecurity from the Inside Out

In addition to protecting their organizations from external threats, IT leaders mustn't neglect the internal breaches — intentional or accidental — that still pose a major threat. Continuous trainings and clear instructions help build awareness among staff, and policy enforcement and monitoring can ensure that employees will pay attention to them. Instead of treating security as a bothersome cost, the smartest enterprises will make online security a regular part of doing business and use it to differentiate themselves from their competitors who are still behind the curve.

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IoT data analytics: the real wealth for business

IoT combines the ability to gather and analyze data, communicate with connected devices, and trigger actions based on the analysis performed. The technology is mainly used to automate parts of businesses that require constant analysis and prompt responses. However, a business should realize the value of the wealth of data that is generated by the IoT network to perform its autonomous functions. Businesses can use IoT analytics as an upgrade to their existing big data initiatives.

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Don’t get caught in an IoT security nightmare

In the rush to connect every possible thing to powerful insight-generating capabilities in the cloud, there is the need to carefully evaluate and secure every component of the IoT ecosystem. Failing to do so can be a big mistake, especially in light of the devastating attacks that have already taken place and the risk of seemingly-innocuous IoT devices becoming the source of broader compromise of enterprise security. IT and security departments should have no difficulty making security provisions for IoT a high priority.

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How the IoT Can Contribute to Our Green Future

Data stored in the IoT can be used for nearly everything so long as people are creative enough to find the uses. A hot- topic in the world right now is global warming and saving the environment. IoT is here to help. The data in the IoT is a wealth of knowledge from devices around the world. The information is then viewed and sorted so users can make smart choices on difficult decisions. Here's a look at five ways the IoT might be able to contribute to the future of going green.

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Best practices for IoT security

The Internet of Things (IoT) is projected to grow significantly over the coming years. This growth is being driven by the promise of increased insight, enhanced customer satisfaction, and greater efficiency. These benefits are made possible as sensor data from devices and the power of Internet-based cloud services converge. One of the key concerns related to the successful adoption of the IoT is having sufficiently strong security mechanisms in place throughout the ecosystem—to mitigate the increased security risks of connecting devices to the Internet.

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The future of IoT device management

The current consumer IoT device landscape is still immature. For consumer IoT devices to thrive, device management capabilities need to evolve in a few ways. Effective device management is critical to establishing and maintaining the health, connectivity, and security of IoT devices. Effective device management is critical to establishing and maintaining the health, connectivity, and security of IoT devices. What consumer IoT needs is a truly open IoT device management ecosystem.

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IoT's impact on Big Data

Big data and IoT are entwined. How? Every device around us is connected to the cloud, sharing every minute bit of our data. Smart farming, e-health, smart retail, smart home, smart cities, smart environment are few applications of IoT in today’s world. A lot of data is generated from these applications that industries gather with the aim to improve their business workflows, enhance customer experience, and stay relevant in the ever-increasing competition. This means that IoT directly impacts data, making it swell in size, and companies should leverage new-age technologies to draw accurate insights from the data to make informed business decisions.

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Dangerously Connected: The complexities of personal devices in the workplace

The BYOD (bring your own device) issue gives IT managers and internet security contractors plenty to fret over. Ninety-five percent of the data breaches we see involve BYOD. And most of them are totally well-meaning employees who don’t know they’re doing anything wrong. What is the core of the BYOD dilemma? People are so plugged in that they go almost catatonic if you take their smartphones and other devices away. In a competitive labor market, you’d better have some pretty sweet perks to compensate for the deprivation.

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Addressing the Challenges in IoT Development

While IoT can open up a plethora of opportunities, implementing the concept on the existing objects for smart interaction is not an easy task. As IoT is in its early phase of adoption and the technology has not yet grown to accommodate a superior level of connectedness, as popularized by tech enthusiasts or the mainstream media, it is imperative to keep realistic goals for implementing successful IoT solutions. While there are many challenges in developing a feasible IoT solution, the rapid advancements in technology can propel the IoT development.

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The Evolution of IoT Attacks

IoT devices are nothing new, but the attacks against them are. They are evolving at a rapid rate as growth in connected devices continues to rise and shows no sign of letting up. Today, there are solutions for everyone and we continue to see more items that are always on and do not have to store or process data locally. Those in security would be quick to say that this rapid rise in connected devices has also increased the attack landscape as there is a lack of oversight and regulation of these devices.

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Understanding the Importance of Cybersecurity in Retail

Keeping the retail business, employees, and customers safe is the biggest priority of a business owner. Your products aren't the only things at risk of being taken. If you have customers using credit and debit cards or shopping online, you're collecting their information and creating a new target for thieves. Threats come from all sides, not the least of which being theft. The sad truth is that cyber attacks are inevitable. The best thing you can do is put up defenses to guard against hackers and comply with laws to protect your employees and customers alike.

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IoT and AI: Natural symbiosis

The business world has started to recognise that for AI and IoT to be successful, they must be mutually beneficial ecosystems. An IoT device is connected directly or indirectly to a data-transmitting network such as the internet. The optimum value one can get from connected devices is some level of automated, enriched, intelligent insights. This “artificial intelligence” must logically become more valuable than the sum of its constituent, connected parts just like in an ecosystem.

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Edge or cloud? The Six factors that determine where to put workloads

Manufacturers and utilities are already tracking millions of data streams and generating terabytes a day. But everyone wants different cuts of data. A lot of those users sit near the data asset, so it makes sense to keep the data there. The best bet is to look at the use case scenario first. Chances are, every workload will require both cloud and edge technologies, but the size of the edge might be larger than anticipated. 

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Eight Features to Look for in an IoT Solution

There are eight things that really matter if you want to prosper in leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to drive innovation. An IoT solution that includes all eight of these elements enables enterprises – no matter what their size – to accelerate their IoT adoption easily, quickly and at scale. Here are the eight features to look out for when evaluating IoT solutions.

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The Future of Smart Devices with Natural Language Processing

The Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are deeply connected. IoT systems produce big data, whereas, data is the heart of AI and machine learning. At the same time, as the rapid expansion of connected devices and sensors continues, the role of smart technologies in this space is growing too. Today, the applications of computer intelligence in IoT products vary. In this article, I’d like to focus on a specific domain of AI – Natural Language Processing.

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How can Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Help Cyber Security?

There is a paradigmatic shift in the way digital is becoming part of our life: from digital payments, to the way we shop or even interact with each other. Today, there are millions of connected devices, smartphones, as well as Internet users. Such is the extent of this digital revolution. This is bound to have far-reaching implications for organizations as far as cyber security is concerned. Artificial Intelligence can provide the requisite sharpness to ward off IoT security issues.

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