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The Road to IoT Success Runs through DPA …

IoT/IIoT challenges include skills shortage, standards, security, uncertain ROI, etc.  Success can be achieved with top-down business solutions that involve People, IoT/IIoT connected devices, trading partners, and enterprise applications, all collaborating and orchestrating their activities The collaborations are in the context of end-to-end value streams, that are modeled, automated and monitored through Digital Process Automation (DPA) for continuous improvement. IoT/IIoT constitutes a powerful extension the business processes that are supported through DPA.

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Internet of Things predictions for 2020

The adoption of IoT continues to grow globally. Eighty-five percent of IT decision makers say they have at least one IoT project in the proof of concept, learning or purchase phase in their organisation. We are already seeing more involvement from senior-level executives in using IoT to transform the business; clearer, business-oriented goals for projects; and a willingness to adapt organisational structures and procedures to better support IoT and other transformational technologies. Here are some of the IoT trends to look out for in the year ahead.

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Internet of Things - Security Concerns Rising

The Internet of Things, just like any fast-evolving technology, is experiencing a number of “growing pains”, among which the most serious is the problem of security. The more “smart” devices are connecting to the network, the higher the risks associated with unauthorized access to the IoT system and the use of its capabilities by attackers. Today, the efforts of many IT companies and organizations are aimed at finding solutions that will minimize the threats hindering the full implementation of the IoT.

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How do you solve a problem like mass IoT connectivity?

IoT could, become a great opportunity to align mass market with the best interest of a sustainable future. Before tackling the problem of IoT connectivity, it’s important to understand the mass IoT market: what does it compose of? Will the IoT market largely be made of industrial or consumer connections, or both? What organisations are the providers of mass IoT connectivity? Is it systems integrators, IoT specialists, communications service providers, telecoms operators, IT vendors or others?

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IoT Platform: Technical Perspective in Making the Right Choice

It’s better to understand that some companies aren’t using IoT platforms — they’re creating their own platforms in-house. But, depending on how you want to go to market, it may be smart to do some research in the sector of pre-built options. Depending on your situation, you may save a lot of time and money by partnering with a reliable partner who has proven expertise in this domain. One of the basic requirements of an IoT platform is to be stable and dependable from the service perspective

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IoT Platform: How to Make the Right Choice and Add Value

How to choose an IoT platform? That’s a more difficult question to answer, because it depends on several factors. These factors include whether you need specific hardware, protocols, real-time access, or custom reports. Make sure you take into account your IoT platform’s business model. What are the charging principles of your IoT platform? Are they based on data usage, number of users, nodes, or something else entirely? This can, in turn, have an influence on your own business model. Ask the right questions beforehand, prior to selecting a provider.

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The Internet of Everything

Internet of Things is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, The Internet of Everything, however, also includes user-generated communications and interactions associated with the global entirety of networked devices. Basically, the IoE is the intelligent connection of people, process, data, and things. The IoE describes a world where billions of objects have sensors to detect, measure, and assess their status; all connected over public or private networks using standard and proprietary protocols.

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Connected Finances. Part 2: When the Internet of Things Secures Your Finances

The Internet of Things is still emerging which generate sufficient and attractive returns for investors. In the future, bank branches will become extinct and banking as a service (BaaS) will become the most important business model, while cloud-based services will become the main banking platform. Though an IoT project will certainly cost a lot to introduce, it will pay off in the long run. When you invest in the IoT, you invest in your future. The winners will be organizations which overcome today’s obstacles to embrace change and capitalize on initial uncertainty.

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Connected Finances: When the Internet of Things Goes to the Bank

Today, customers can be in touch with their bank using a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone or a smart watch. The advantages of such connections are pumped up by the development of the market of the innovative IoT in banking and finance, which allows banks to collect more data about their customers’ preferences, behavior, and needs. The use of IoT technologies ensures the collection and analysis of large amounts of banking information. Banks can use the obtained data to better understand and track the behavior of their customers.

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Ten Trends of IoT in 2020

The year 2020 will hit all 4 components of IoT Model: Sensors, Networks-Communications, Analytics-Cloud, and Applications, with different degrees of impact. By 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to generate substantial revenues, as well as to drive substantial cost reductions. IoT and smart devices are already increasing the performance metrics of major industries. The following 10 trends explore the impact of many technologies on IoT and predict what is next for IoT.

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IoT a Danger of the Future

Is IoT a danger of the future? There are IoT devices that we carry with us all the time and which can also be misused for various purposes. If we look at business users and some things are complicated because today in industry 4.0 we have a large number of IoT devices that can also be abused and make huge financial damage to the company.

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Why Cyber-Risk Is a C-Suite Issue

The poor coordination of security measures may be due to subpar or ill-informed senior leadership. Cybersecurity is a prime concern for business leaders. Rightly so, as the dependence on IT uptime and resilience has never been greater. However, corporate boards need to move beyond awareness and rhetoric into action in order to reduce the risk exposure of their organization and ensure long-term success. In the digital era, virtually every board decision will affect the organization's cyber-risk posture. That's why cybersecurity should be a recurring item on board agendas and continually reassessed in terms of the broader risk framework.

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Catching Up On The Latest In IoT Intelligence, 2019

Internet of Things, or IoT, is defined as the network of physical objects, or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity to enable objects to collect and exchange data. Many Organizations today show interest in and demand for applying business intelligence (BI) to IoT data, systems, and processes. R&D and Marketing & Sales departments assign the highest levels of IoT importance, as do larger manufacturing, financial services/insurance, and technology organizations. One of the most valuable insights is how critical the role IoT champions or IoT Advocates are to the successful adoption of IoT technologies today. 

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Top 12 IoT Trends That Every Entrepreneur Must Know in 2020

The global IoT market is estimated to grow to over 212 billion U.S.D by 2019 end. While the consumer based adoption of IoT is well talked about, the future will see IoT being used for not just personal or consumer based use but also industrial use. As of now, the future of IoT lies in worldwide adoption.  In this article, we are going to look into the IoT trends 2020 and beyond, which would act as a torchbearer for businesses looking for an area to expand into. 

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How to secure, manage and monitor edge devices

As more edge devices proliferate different enterprise and IoT networks, it becomes increasingly important to secure and manage all of those devices. Without the ability to secure and manage edge devices easily, edge computing won’t be accessible to many of the industrial applications that it is most beneficial to. How can organisations secure their edge devices, which allow enterprises to take steps towards the real-time and proactive management of applications? This is one of three challenges when it comes to edge devices; do I trust it/is it secure? Can I manage it? Can I monitor it?

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How will the IoT revolutionise the way businesses operate?

Most executives consider the Internet of things the key emerging technology for increasing efficiency and profit. Its potential applications are diverse and range from homes and companies to cities and retail stores. IoT is an opportunity that can benefit all industries, whether they are highly automated manufacturers or more manually oriented businesses like agriculture. Companies are increasingly embracing this technology and preparing for a future dominated by the IoT. Businesses rely on IoT to impress their customers.

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The Tactile Internet-a new IoT?

The IoT era has brought us many great things, but it is time to go beyond to improve human presence in an interactive future with robotics and remote technology. The Tactile Internet will become the technology of the future that will finally transport touch in real-time through the Internet. Maybe, this will be the technology that will promote interaction rather than automation, giving a more human side to tech as well as our communication via the Internet.

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IoT in Education: Solutions to Integrate

The Internet of Things technology provides a lot of opportunities for the education industry. Of course, the primary purpose of integrating IoT is making the learning and teaching processes easier and faster. This technology offers students and teachers various ways of communication, along with capabilities to share and edit learning materials. The education field has some issues that IoT is able to solve. In this article, we’ll discuss five solutions that can improve the learning and teaching processes along with successful projects. 

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IoT Threat Modeling Made Easy

As you roll out more IoT devices, it’s time to add IoT threat modeling – a structured approach to identifying, quantifying, and addressing IoT security risks to your cybersecurity strategy. Moving to IoT threat modeling should be a cross-functional team exercise that you make part of your overall IoT development and management processes and frameworks. If your enterprise isn’t there yet, IoT threat modeling is the first step in growing your IoT security and integrating it into your overall cybersecurity strategy.

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What is the role of IoT in Smart Cities?

 The future of IoT is unlimited. It provides solutions in all sectors including manufacturing, fashion, restaurant, healthcare, education etc. Smart cities can share a common smart city platform, which makes sense especially for small cities. The cloud-based nature of IoT solutions for Smart Cities is appropriate by sharing a platform based on open data. Small cities can form a common urban ecosystem. In this way, solutions of small and large smart cities are networked and controlled via the central cloud platform.

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Five Ways IoT Will Revolutionize the Transportation

IoT is one of the thrilling technologies that is based on the concept of Artificial intelligence. IoT is revolutionizing the transportation industry. In short, it could be said that this technology is helping a lot in taking care of both the mode of transport and the driver in order to avoid mishappenings.  Well, in this piece of article, we are going to discuss what is the impact of IoT in the transportation industry.

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CMOs And IoT: Can This Technology Improve Marketing?

Marketing teams who are focused on harnessing the power of the IoT will easily rise above their competitors. But when it comes to CMOs and IoT specifically, what are some tips to keep the relationship on track? In truth, CMOs and IoT aren’t always included in the same conversation. The issue for CMOs and IoT is, simply knowing how to use data in the most powerful ways. Whether you’re new to IoT discussions or a seasoned marketing/data veteran, below are some tips to help ensure your CMOs and IoT projects operating at full steam.

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Why wireless will drive industrial IoT

IoT is here now. With mobile data traffic up 82 percent year-on-year and 5G uptake going even faster than anticipated, we can expect cellular IoT connections to follow suit. How do we move from wired to wireless networks to capture the promise of trillions of dollars in value that industrial IoT (IIoT) will bring? We only need to look at the history of the wireless networks to know how to deploy the network of the future.

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Blockchain Business Models for Autonomous IoT Sensor Devices

 The Internet of Things (IoT) and process automatization will revolutionize many industrial and consumer business applications. With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), new business models have to be created, capable of handling machine to machine communication and the facilitation of micropayments. In this paper, it is examined, how blockchain characteristics and other distributed ledger technologies benefit the IoT development. Furthermore, a new blockchain business model framework for autonomous IoT sensor devices is presented.

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