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How Data Analytics is Leading the Path to Smart Cities

A growing number of cities are investing in smart technology. The innovation is enabling municipalities to finally do something about mitigating the damage that modern living inflicts on the environment and the population. Data analytics can potentially offer insights into nearly every aspect of public service and municipal activities. They already play a vital role in enabling cities, utility agencies and other municipal entities to optimize resources and move closer to zero-carbon objectives.

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Biggest Trends in Digital Marketing in 2019 You Shouldn't Miss

When it comes to marketing technology it is important to be ahead of the curve when adopting trends. In 2019, we expect to see more marketers deploy complex trigger-based campaigns and invest in greater depths of dynamic content to serve customers at every phase of the user journey. What it all comes down to is personalization. Rather than rely on a marketer’s manual effort to create different experiences for groupings of people. Here are some biggest trends in digital marketing in 2019 you shouldn't miss.

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Start-ups: Your Most Valuable Asset in the Long Run Will Be the Trust of Your Customers

Every start-up must understand that the real secret sauce is Trust: In a context of increasing levels of consumer awareness around privacy and data protection, your most valuable asset will be the trust of your customers in your product. Moving fast and breaking things has never created trust. Start-ups must build customer trust from early days by embedding sound security and privacy practices in the products and in their culture. Start-ups must build customer trust from early days by embedding sound security and privacy practices in the products and in their culture.

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Four Things To Know About How Technology Will Evolve Over The Next Decade

Over the past few decades innovation has become almost synonymous with digital technology. Despite significant advances in technology, productivity growth has been depressed for most of the last 50 years. Over the next ten years, however, we’re likely to see that change as nascent technologies hit their stride and create completely new industries. Yet the technologies that will drive the 21st century are still mostly in the discovery and engineering phases, so they’re easy to miss. Here’s what you’ll need to know to compete in the new era.

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Why Logistics Companies Must Adopt Big Data and Cloud Technology

When one thinks about big data, logistics is rarely the first industry that comes to mind. Ironically, however, it’s likely to be the one that stands to benefit most from its adoption. The use of predictive analysis to estimate and prevent bottlenecks in the supply chain is crucial, especially in an industry where punctuality, transparency, and privacy play key roles. And with more and more consumers opting for e-commerce, pretending to stay relevant without relying on big data is naive.

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Fog computing and blockchain go hand in hand

The integration of fog computing for blockchain applications capitalizes on the decentralized structure of blockchain technology. With fog computing, a large number of devices can be incorporated in the blockchain framework, vastly improving the productivity of businesses while reducing operating costs. With fog computing for blockchain, users and businesses can maximize the commercial value of idle digital resources. The use of fog computing for blockchain opens up a whole new dimension for the functioning of the blockchain framework. 

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Big Data And AI Could Make Traditional Developers…Extinct?

 AI and Big Data are actually transforming the roles of traditional developers. It’s no longer just about jamming lots of code and creating full-blown applications. The bottom line is that the development process must not be an assembly line; rather, it should be a true collaboration. People who understand data and analytics are the need of the hour. Part of this is about understanding statistics, like Bayesian inference, but also grasping the nuances of data. Those people that have these valuable skills will be the next generation developers.

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Creating intelligent workspaces is the future of work

Small meeting spaces are fast becoming smart workspaces where high performance collaboration like problem solving and idea generation is taking place. Businesses are finding value in creating smaller, more agile spaces that enable people to meet when they need to, regardless of location. Creating intelligent workspaces like the huddle room is the future of work. Agile workspaces such as huddle rooms enable important calls and video conferences to take place as required, ensuring that remote workers have sufficient face time, contribute to team meetings and feel included.

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5G paves the way for the era of total connectivity

Science has changed our lives beyond recognition in the last few decades. A key part of this journey was mobile network technology that continuously evolves and provides us with ubiquitous internet access. The next stage of this evolution is 5G tech that promises unprecedented connectivity and internet speed. More than that, fifth generation connectivity will power self-driving cars, smart cities, and connected factories, turning them into the pillars of modern economic and social systems. Total connectivity is well upon us, and we’re witnessing the beginning of that transformation.

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Four Things That All Managers Should Know About Digital Transformation (But Most Don’t)

Digital transformation is human transformation and that’s where you need to start. The first step towards a successful digital transformation is not the technology itself, but thinking about how you can empower your people through it. Where do you expect value to shift to? What new skills will your people need to learn in order to succeed? How can technology help them get where they need to be to serve your customers well?

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Seven Ways Technology Plays a Critical Role in Culture Building at Work

It is crucial for the companies to give a cultural work environment to its employees if the employers want to increase the total output productivity. The culture-building process cannot simply be effective enough for implementation without the use of technology. Technology and culture building are two aspects that can be integrated into the immense growth of the business. In other words, building a culture at work is impossible without the integration of technology.

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Five top digital transformation trends for 2019

The term digital transformation is often used in relation to IT transformation or business transformation but even though they are closely related, the terms are distinctly different. But digital transformation does not really refer to IT systems but rather to an organisation’s underlying business and its business processes going digital and becoming more agile. Digital transformation will also require the use of various technologies such as cloud computing, business analytics (BA), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and, going forward, the Internet of Things. Here are five digital trends to note.

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What You Need To Know About Dark Data

As for dark data, it’s all the information companies collect in their regular business processes, don’t use, have no plans to use, but will never throw out. Its web logs, visitor tracking data, surveillance footage, email correspondences from past employees, and so much more. While dark data may never be used or be useful for many organizations, it’s something that should not be ignored. Then what are some of the best practices with dark data? What can be done to get the most value from it?

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Six Ways Big Data Is Changing HR

HR representatives can dig into data to tackle their needs. Doing so can help their companies and employees thrive in an ever-demanding landscape. HR data can help companies figure out what factors make employees most likely to quit. It can also pinpoint which workers might be feeling upset about their roles, allowing HR representatives to intervene proactively. HR people often use technologies to impact their work, big data among them. Here are six ways big data in HR has had an impact.

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Data Integration Myth-Busting: Don’t Let These 4 Misconceptions Hold You Back

Digital transformation is bringing fundamental change to businesses across all sectors. Business leaders and IT professionals know tsunami of data is here, but many don’t yet have a comprehensive strategy to integrate it all, so they rely on stop-gap measures. Four data myths in particular hold companies back from creating an effective, long-term data integration strategy. Here’s a brief overview of each myth — and an explanation of why it’s leading businesses astray.

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Facial Recognition Software: Where Are We Now?

Facial recognition holds so much more potential. Massive opportunity lies in facial recognition software, from helping to identify missing or exploited children to speeding up lines in the airport. As marketers trying to leverage facial recognition as a vehicle to improving customer experience, is there still a way for us to use the technology? How can we tap into the benefits without crossing the line of personal privacy? Before the technology is unleashed into the corporate world, companies need to fully understand it. 

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Big data marketing can help even the smallest companies succeed

Marketers use big data to sell more products. Big data marketing, however, analysing data to improve marketing activities isn’t about more ads. It’s about serving the right ads to the right people at the right time. It’s about answering questions regarding what type of message resonates with customers, which landing page is the most efficient, or which social media platform should the company use to reach their target audience. Without big data, companies operate on unproven assumptions, which is never a good idea. That’s why businesses use big data marketing to solve puzzling issues.

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The Role of Mobile Apps and Big Data in enhancing Healthcare

Mobile apps and Big Data have already revolutionized the world, to a great extent. The healthcare industry is no exception to this. The two big technologies, individually and combined, are sure to make healthcare cost-effective, accessible, and all the way more innovative. The goal is to not only get efficient treatments but also to need them a little less. Physicians believe that mobile health apps can improve patients’ health, and find value having a mobile health app connected to Emergency Health Services.  Here are 5 ways Mobile apps and Big Data is improving Healthcare

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The five pillars of Edge Computing

The explosion of data causes problems for the way in which we currently process data. Edge computing helps solve this, by providing computational power, in the form of local computing power, such as smart phones, on the edge. Why do we need Edge computing? What is it? What are the advantages? The five pillars to edge computing provide the answers. Edge computing, by taking advantage of hardware that has already been funded, can overcome many of those disadvantages without necessarily losing the flexibility of the cloud.

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Four reasons to use process mining

A trap many businesses fall into is to try and automate as many processes as possible. However, automation for the sake of automation is a real problem, because digitising everything is not a realistic goal. Businesses need to prioritise in order to establish a road map for transformation. The question is – how to identify which processes to automate in order to achieve the greatest value? That’s where process mining comes to the fore. Process mining applies the concepts of data mining to business process. The technology is largely used for process discovery; compliance auditing and process enhancement.

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Definitive guide to Selecting your Continuous Testing Solution

Need to know how to select your Continuous Testing Solution? Focus on existing processes that are being followed within the organization that is evaluating a new tool. Try focusing on how your process needs to look like, see what objectives the business and management has for your projects, and then see how tools can fit into your processes. Features are critical for the success and enable your test automation coverage, however not every tool also fits your entire processes that starts from the creation of tests through analysis and maintenance. Happy Transformation and Testing!

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How to Adapt to New Technology and Gain a Holistic View of Your Customer

The trend of new technology being used by businesses around the world isn’t slowing down any time soon. It is critical to adapt and implement data management strategies that ensure an optimal customer experience for your digital properties. You have to invest in resources, infrastructures, and new processes to get a holistic customer view of the data coming from your digital touchpoints. If you want to keep up with the competition, and eventually surpass them, it’s time to start using the power of data to your advantage to build a better user experience. 

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Three Types Of Strategies You Need To Succeed

With the advent of the software, high speed communications, AI and the internet, there are new horizons of innovation, which bring new competitive advantages to those that embrace them. Every company needs to have a strategy for all three horizons: continue to optimize the core business, but also create subscription-based digital offerings and build a digital platform with network effect.  Failing to do so will mean yielding market value, customers, and employees to companies who do.

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Data Is Every Manufacturers' Greatest Strength In A Down Economy

Economic and trade uncertainty is the new certainty. Every manufacturer needs to start taking a more data-driven approach to defining the initiatives and strategies that will keep their businesses growing. The best countermeasures capitalize on and scale the data manufacturers have been accumulating in some cases for decades. The following strategies enable manufacturers to capitalize on the data they’ve been aggregating and analyzing on suppliers, pricing, production and operations, quality, and service. In short, these strategies have an insight track on succeeding during challenging, uncertain economic times by delivering quicker results and immediate payout. 

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