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Three things data pros need to know about emerging technologies

There is no single technology that will redefine IT operations or business strategies. Instead, technologies must be stacked together to produce new and innovative solutions. Emerging technologies hold a great deal of promise, but only if the right skills are in place to leverage them. Building skills from the ground up will help IT pros understand new trends and incorporate those trends into existing architecture so that the business can grow. Three different trends show how emerging technologies will show up in technology solutions.

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How to make CI, CT and CD work together and avoid the drama of a DevOps love triangle

The days of a clear distinction between Dev and Ops are over. This set-up; "build the product" (Dev) and "maintain the product" (Ops) create a “them and us” attitude where ideas aren’t shared and collaboration is discouraged. When selecting a Digital Transformation strategy, these newly formed DevOps teams must look at the methods they use to adopt an Agile strategy. Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Testing (CT) are the top three methods - and while each serves a slightly different objective, when combined they can significantly help achieve velocity and quality.

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Big data + AI: Context, trust and other key secrets to success

Machine learning can yield compelling insights within the scope of the information it has, but it lacks the wider context to know which results are truly useful. In addition, machines need people to tell them which datasets will be useful to analyze; if AI isn’t programmed to take a variable into account, it won’t see it. Business users must sometimes provide the context -- as well as plain common sense -- to know which data to look at, and which recommendations are useful.

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DevOps disruptors in 2019

What’s less well covered by the media, but still crucial to business growth, is what’s happening behind the scenes in application development and testing. The DevOps function - in theory the seamless integration of app development, testing and quality assurance - is increasingly being recognised as a strategic business function, as it powers the delivery of products and services with maximum efficiency, speed and quality. Innovations in this field may be make or break for a business.So let’s have a look at the game changing innovations in 2019.

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What is a Full Stack Developer?

Full stack development is a buzz word nowadays. More and more companies are hiring full stack developers to save their time and cost. But most of the people still confused about the homonyms like Full stack developers, MEAN stack developers, MERN stack developers, etc. What is full stack developer? How to become a full stack developer? What does a full stack developer do? How to hire full stack developers? Let’s find answers in this article!!

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The greatest DevOps challenge - maturing processes and streamlining development

It is now universally agreed that DevOps has revolutionised testing and development - and it is here to stay. So, there's a lot to consider, and it’s a complex road to getting it right. But, ultimately, we believe that leaders who don’t adequately support DevOps within their organisations — whether it’s in getting the right tools, hiring the right teams, employing the right processes or backing new ways of working — will pay dearly for their decisions in the long term.

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Why and How to Use Pandas with Large Data - But Not Big Data

There is a stark difference between large data and big data. Using Pandas with large data could help you explore another useful feature in Pandas to deal with large data by reducing memory usage and ultimately improving computational efficiency. Typically, Pandas has most of the features that we need for data wrangling and analysis. Pandas is seriously a game changer when it comes to cleaning, transforming, manipulating and analyzing data. In simple terms, Pandas helps to clean the mess.

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Startups and the Importance of Agile Product Development

Product-related risks could refer to the definition and the actual development/ implementation of Minimum Viable Product. A poorly-defined product, regardless of how well-built, will probably fail to solve the problem and deliver value to its users. Poor implementation of a well-defined product will also fail to create value to the user. Engineering-heavy startups tend to put more effort than needed on the technical aspects of the product. You need to apply agile and experimentation principles, an effective way to improve your product and create value to your users.

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The CIO’s future: tech is no longer enough

Forward-thinking business leaders are making sure digital is part of the overall strategy discussion, not just transformation but also keeping a keen perspective on the competitive and potential mergers or acquisitions.  By being involved and understanding what is really needed to undergo digital transformation, boards can ensure that leadership is executing on its plan and steering the company toward a successful digital future. In response to shifts in the business landscape and changing business requirements, the role of the CIO is going to be reinvigorated and extended across a number of dimensions. Here are eight examples.

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Data literacy: What it means and why it’s essential for your business

Putting data in the hands of a few experts is a powerful thing, but making it available throughout an organization can be a game changer. Used properly, data can allow us to design better products, understand customers, and improve efficiency. Organizations now have access to affordable, powerful tools that make this possible, but providing access to the data is only part of the equation. Employees must be able to assess the value of the data they have and interpret it properly. 

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How Measurable Analytics Helps to Improve Collaboration and Engagement

How to measure something that by its nature is abstract and unmeasurable, like team collaboration? What KPIs would you use to assess the overall state of team collaboration and ensure its long-term monitoring to draw unbiased conclusions? Overall, there are a plethora of software solutions created to evaluate personal performance and monitor employees’ development. However, those solutions can hardly deal with collaboration assessment, or they require substantial customization effort to handle such a non-trivial task. Happily, big software providers have started to incorporate relevant functionality into their core systems to prevent organizations from investing in stand-alone solutions.

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Why digital transformation? Challenge vs opportunity

What constitutes ‘digital transformation’ and how does a company become fully digitally transformed? Put simply, it is the integration of new advanced technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT) or cloud computing, into business to increase efficiency, productivity, and ultimately improve a business’ bottom line. As for the latter point, it could be argued that no business will ever complete a journey of digital transformation. It is a perpetual journey, influenced by the fast-paced world we live in today and driven by constant innovation and radical ideas.

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If You’re a Chief Data Officer and All you Care about is Data, You’re in Trouble

What should Chief Data Officers be doing to effectively drive results? Surprisingly, the answer has little to do with the data itself. These days, no one can afford to ignore data. Of course, the chief data officer should try to maximise use of shared systems and resources, but their focus is to address the priorities of each line of business (LOB) while ensuring they’re broadly aligned with the business overall. Here are the main roles a chief data officer needs to fill, outside of the traditional security and infrastructure tasks, to help their organization succeed with data.

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Four Quality Management Technology Trends

It’s more beneficial to invest in trends that are truly going to have an impact on your business and bottom line. Here are four key trends in quality management technology that you should be paying attention to. These four quality management technology trends are here to stay and will also have a direct influence on the future of the field. It's essential, then, that you pay them the proper attention and consideration. The sooner you implement these practices, the better off your entire organization will be.

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Top Software Development Trends in 2019

Software development is one of those fields which is changing at an extremely fast pace. Every year brings some brand new surprises for software developers. 2018 was the year of complete acceleration for the software development companies worldwide. From blockchain to Artificial intelligence, software technologies have remained a hot topic throughout the year.There are many software development trends in 2019 that need your attention. We are discussing some of the most popular ones here

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Seven Tech Hiring Trends for 2019

The tech industry is booming in America and with unemployment the lowest it’s been in 50 years, companies are clamoring to scoop up well-qualified talent for non-executive tech roles. It probably doesn't come as a surprise to you that tech is in demand. However, if the technology industry has taught us anything, it's that modern-day career development doesn't adhere to the rules of generations past. People change jobs more frequently and for different reasons than they once did. So how are today's top companies finding and acquiring tech talent? Here are seven trends we've noticed for 2019.

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Augmented Reality: Market Potential and Practical Applications

The scope and capabilities of augmented reality has grown with leaps and bounds. In fact, every industry sector that is betting with digital transformation has augmented reality in their arsenal of digital tools. Augmented reality would blur the lines between physical and digital worlds. Once AR reaches maturity, users may not be able to differentiate between real and the virtual world. We would live in a seamless world where digital information blends naturally into the physical world thus creating an augmented world. Those days of augmented future is not far from now.

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Deploying new technologies will create the need for new talent. So, if you think tech, think talent too!

Behind every technological innovation that hits the market, there is a team of highly skilled professionals working jointly to make the innovation a success. And it is obvious that when technologies come in, employees are expected to update their knowledge and skills to be able to leverage the technology. From bridging the talent gap to incubating the right culture to modifying the infrastructure, every small thing should be taken into account when companies plan to harness the power of any new technology.

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How To Stay Relevant in the Age of A.I.

Knowledge isn’t power. Almost everything we know is either currently on the internet, or will be soon. If we reach a stage when every person and machine has access to the same information, what will set you apart from the pack? Your power is through connection. One way you’ll stand out is by cultivating an ability to communicate knowledge in a more compelling way than other people or machines can do it. We yearn for human connection, yet few people develop their skills in this area.

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Monetizing Data: 4 Datasets You Need for More Reliable Forecasting

By unifying analytics, building forecasts and accelerating analytic processes, simulation helps companies build a holistic picture of their business to optimize strategy and maximize revenue. Here are the four types of information that companies need to fuel simulation forecasting and monetize their data investments. Once a company identifies sources for these four types of data, it’s time to find an effective way to monetize it. With simulation forecasting, reliable answers are accessible – and you may need less data than you think to get meaningful, trustworthy insight.

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Why your Tech interview process may be flawed

Sometimes an interview goes wrong, and it’s not always the fault of the candidate. This person may be considered the creative/visual type, with strong expertise in building solid UI elements that can be used in web applications, but then gets asked in the interview how to solve a complex algorithm around binary trees or big O on a whiteboard. But most of the time a job doesn’t require such complexity on a daily basis. In all seriousness, having a poor interviewing process reflects very badly on the company. 

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Busting 4 Common Myths About Tech Careers With Data

We all know a friend who works in tech. And they are usually doing quite well for themselves, probably started coding since the beginning of time and often seem to be spoilt with career choices. Or are they? Here are some common myths about careers in tech and how they hold up against data. The data used here comes from a developer survey by StackOverflow, a website that a of developers frequent regularly. It’s a pretty comprehensive survey, with more than a hundred thousand responses from all over the world. Let’s get started! 

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Factoring data protection into a digital transformation strategy

Digital transformation and data protection; to some that may feel like a contradiction in terms, but in fact, the two can be interdependent.  With digital transformation, there is a temptation. It’s the allure of just focusing on the deluge of information available and the potential for business advancement, if only one can successfully aggregate, interrogate and monetise it. Digital transformation and data protection, on the other hand, seem to be at odds. After-all, the principles of adding more control to data usage can feel like roadblocks on the path to becoming data driven.

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The Unsung Heroes of Modern Software Development

Open source computing is hugely important to software development. It is the model that everyone benefits from. The open source foundations that support this development play a crucial role. Open source foundations have emerged to help sustain and manage open source projects. These foundations provide space for companies and people with a stake in open source software (OSS) project to come together. Their status as independent, non-profit entities provides neutral ground for competing companies to work together. Let’s see who’s behind many of the tools software developers and data scientists use every day.

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