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Four Industries That Are Being Shaped by Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is one of the most important tools we have for putting humanity’s zettabytes of data to work for us. The widespread use of data in predictive analytics brings some new types of risks that should be on our radars, as well. The governments of the world are, rightfully, becoming more involved in the politics of privacy, for example. Here are four industries finding consequential ways to put this tech to good use.

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The GraphTech Ecosystem 2019 - Part 3: Graph visualization

Visualization tools represent an important bridge between graph data and analysts. It helps surface information and insights leading to the understanding of a situation, or the solving of a problem. Graph visualization tools turn connected data into graphical network representations that take advantage of the human brain proficiency to recognize visual patterns and more pattern variations. Graph visualization brings many advantages to the analysis of graph data. When you apply visualization methods to data analysis, you are more likely to cut the time spent looking for information.

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Big Data Minimizing False Positives in Consumer DNA Testing

DNA testing is evolving at an incredible pace. Scientists are using big data to develop clearer insights into the human genome and subsequently improve the quality of DNA testing. Big data is playing an important role in reducing false positives in DNA testing. It is also making the reduction of false positives more necessary. Preventing false positives with consumer DNA testing is also crucial. Millions of people are depending on DNA testing for identifying health risks and potentially identifying heirs to property. The problems associated with false positives in these instances could be just as problematic.

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These 4 Major Shifts Will Drive The 21st Century

The truth is that every disruptive era is not only fraught with danger, but also opportunity. Every generation faces unique challenges and must find the will to solve them. Today, at the beginning of a new century, we are seeing similar shifts that are far more powerful and are moving far more quickly. Disruption is no longer seen as merely an event, but a way of life and the fissures are there for all to see. Our future will depend on our determination to solve problems faster than our proclivity to continually create them.

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Cloud Computing Architecture: What Is Front End and Back End?

The cloud system architecture is not limited geographically. One of the main attractions to cloud computing is the ability to provide robust cloud-based services from various widely dispersed locations. In this way, if one of the server facilities goes offline for any reason the other facilities in the cloud-services network can handle the processing work until the offline system comes back up. Opportunities exist and should be explored for every part of the process that connects the front end to the back end in cloud computing.

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Fifteen Small Business Cyber Security Statistics That You Need to Know

Unfortunately for consumers, many business owners still convince themselves that their businesses are “too small” to be of interest to hackers. However, Small businesses are a favorite target of cyber criminals. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the small business cyber security statistics you should know in one convenient resource. We’ll also discuss why SMBs make such attractive targets and what you can do to protect your business

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The GraphTech Ecosystem 2019 - Part 2: Graph Analytics

The field of graph theory has spawned multiple algorithms on which analysts can rely on to find insights hidden in graph data.  This article covers the graph analytics landscape. Graph analytics, or computing, frameworks. They consist of a set of tools and methods developed to extract knowledge from data modeled as a graph. They are crucial for many applications because processing large datasets of complex connected data is computationally challenging.

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Let’s Face Facts, The Digital Revolution Has Been A Huge Disappointment

While it is true that technology can do some wonderful things, the measurable impact has been relatively meagre. At the same time the power of digital technology is diminishing. Without advancement in the underlying technology, it is hard to see how digital technology will ever power another productivity boom. Perhaps the biggest reason that the digital revolution has been such a big disappointment is because we expected the technology to largely do the work for us.

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Data Analysis – It Is a Kind of Magic

Data analysis and visualization can be understandable, discoverable, and manageable for the average person. The number of new, modern visualization tools on the market is increasing. Nowadays, everything is turned into data. Data mining and data digitalization are much more easily achieved nowadays. An organization has to be data-driven because there are many ways to optimize success or increase income. Be data driven! Everyone should use data analytics and data visualization during his or her work.

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How Companies Are Using Big Data to Boost Sales

The data generated across the globe every day is growing by an astounding rate every year, and each small part of this data is essential for businesses. Though it might seem to burden, Big Data has been designed to make things more relevant and turn analytics into a goldmine of information. The faster businesses adopt Big Data, the more hope they have to stand in this highly competitive market.  Big data technologies have been helping marketing and sales professionals better define products and services and managing sales network.

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Design for DevOps – Best Practices

In every case, a designer faces tough challenges and is expected to balance conflicting goals. Designers are expected to rapidly drive down the work backlog, yet produce quality products that avoid costly rejections and rollbacks. In addition, there is pressure to increase the percentage of effort spent on creative content over corrective content and do so with limited time and resources. The following best practices improve the design experience and products of design in a way that is streamlined for the DevOps pipeline.

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How Marketers Can Use Big Data for Digital Marketing Success

Gone are the days when organisations have to be dependent on experiments. Today, big data plays an important role when it comes to marketing decisions. Insights from big data can guide businesses to better marketing & strategic decisions. Today, companies have both - structured and unstructured data since the number of outputs has multiplied, and at this level, traditional analytics and tools won’t be of any help. In this article, I have explained how big data can help with digital marketing success. 

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Only A Few Strategy Decisions Separate Good Companies From Great Ones

According to Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, only a few decisions create the bulk of corporate value.   The question is: do you know which decisions are important in today’s digital and platform economy? Do you and your board know the vital few decisions that will truly determine whether your business is bad, good or great in age of technology, platforms, networks and machine learning?  And if you do, how much capital and leadership effort is being devoted to the most important 20% versus the remaining 80%?

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The GraphTech Ecosystem 2019 - Part 1: Graph Databases

The market shares of graph databases keep increasing, as well as the number of products on the market, with seven times more vendors than 5 years ago. Although it seems difficult to agree on exact figures, all reports identify the same growth drivers. In this article, I present the current market, if not exhaustively, at least as well as possible. I divided the graph ecosystem into three main layers, even though the reality is more complex and these stratum are often permeable.

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Top Five Database Management Trends for 2019

The data industry has grown rapidly and will continue to grow for many years into the future. As with many industries that experience growth in this sort of manner, there are always new trends coming out to help companies manage their databases and the data held inside of them. These trends are meant to make data and database management more efficient, effective and streamlined. Without any further ado, this article is going to look at some of the biggest trends in data management and database management.

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Work On the Go: How Technology Is Changing How and Where We Work

As technology continues to disrupt how and where we work, it will keep finding ways to remove monotonous tasks from our plates. It’s not about being lazy. The adage about most car accidents happening within five minutes of home applies to our work just as well: Errors occur during familiar, repetitive tasks. The point of employing human beings in the first place is to leverage their talents and creative drives. With that in mind, companies should consider automating back-office functions.

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When Business Communication Meets Digital Technology

Over the next two years, say some estimates, around 60% of companies in the business-to-business sector will begin redesigning their communication models around machine learning, AI, and “human augmentation.” These things already help power much of what we’ve been discussing, from helping a PR specialist find emails quickly using natural language to automatically sending alerts when it’s time to see if a client needs to stock up again. Whatever form communication takes at your company, there’s probably an exciting technology to help you do it better.

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Ten Trends Coming Up in Identity and Access Management for 2020

Identity access management will continue to grow in scope and scale. Biometrics may be useful; however, it should not be solely relied upon for identification. Blockchain technology may be a better choice for those who want to control their identity. Ease-of-use for cloud-based offerings is driving the demand for single sign-on services. Expansion of the IoT requires scalable and reliable infrastructure to establish the identities of the billions of new IoT devices and manage them via a massive network.

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How Data and Digital Technologies Impact the Food Industry

One of the biggest ways the food industry has changed over recent decades is by adopting new advances in technology. The food industry used to be riskier for everyone involved. Crops could go bad if someone slacked off on the job and there used to be no choice but to waste food every night. Now, technology changes these issues and presents modern solutions to food industry experts. That's why it's been so quickly embraced by all involved, resulting in a more efficient and profitable industry.


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Top Four Business Process Outsourcing Trends To Expect In 2019

With the rise of certain new technologies, the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry could be at risk of losing a large portion of its market share. As it turns out, it’s not just retailers that need to work hard to stay competitive, and BPO companies may find that 2019 could be a painful year for them if they are not keeping up with the industry’s latest trends. Here are top four business processes outsourcing trends to expect in 2019.   

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How Nonprofit Organizations Can Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Like their for-profit peers, a growing number of nonprofit executives recognize that big data can help organizations achieve mission-critical objectives. a growing number of nonprofit leaders are taking advantage of data analysis to learn more about potential donors and promote important societal causes.  Also, data analysis enables nonprofit leaders to discover new opportunities to make a difference. Nonprofit organizations now use artificial intelligence to search through many different kinds of information sources. They are searching for ways to use artificial intelligence to analyze constituent feedback and find ways to help in real-time. 

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How Safe Are Your Data in a Software-Defined Storage Solution?

Software-defined storage (SDS)  hits all the right enterprise storage trends, but it’s still an emerging technology for the average organization. Therefore, outsourcing SDS to a hyperscale or other CSP is probably the best option for maintaining your data safety. With all of its appeal, some people and enterprises are wondering how safe their data are in an SDS solution. Here are some things to consider if you’re trying to answer that question for your own data.

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Steps to Building a Data-Driven Team

There are lots of ways for data to inform and streamline business today. But the real potential isn’t evident until you dive into your teams’ daily responsibilities and learn more about how they work and how data can help them do a better version of it. Let’s look at what a data-driven team can look like in multiple contexts as well as some of the steps required to build that kind of environment.

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What is Governed, Self-Service Business Intelligence and Why is it Important?

Companies are increasingly leaning towards well-governed, self-service BI models that combine the necessary speed and flexibility. Both the self-service model and governed models are distinct entities. In the self-service model, the organization gets direct access to complex technical tools and datasets on-premise. They use these tools to extract data, creating reports and gleaning information from them. With the governed model, the data is fed to an IT team where they construct data pipelines from the data source and put it all into a central data warehouse.

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