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Insights to Agile Methodologies for Software Development

We must try to adapt to our surroundings, as the world keeps changing. So we must follow the new ways of the world to survive in our environment. Agile helps us to do that. It means that we should develop new techniques to make ourselves grow stronger and better. There is no perfect methodology, and there is no ‘best practice.’ We have to learn from each other by teaming up, but if this way doesn’t work, don’t pair at all. Try using Agile on the company to see if it works.

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Part 1: Why Software Requirements In The Real World Are Hard

This is all about developing software in healthcare. Why are requirements important? Because poorly managed requirements result in confusion, waste and failure and it's where countless software projects go wrong almost as soon as they've started. This post outlines different views of requirements - objective, ideal, real world, and constructive. The real world view describes the challenges, and the constructive view a rough model developed to deal with them that you can use for your own requirements.

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Modern Business Models Are The New Competitive Threat

An organization’s survival is now based upon its ability to rapidly adapt as never seen before.   The story of evolution is often framed as “survival of the fittest,” but there is an equally compelling and relevant story of extinction for those species whose adaptations left them unable to compete for resources.   In a rapidly changing business environment, it is impossible to predict your success. However, one can observe what traits are advantageous in the market.

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Build an Analytics Strategy for an AI Driven Future with the Hybrid Cloud

Information and data are currently located on legacy systems within organizational premises, which is why accessibility and real-time insights are found lacking. The move to the cloud can address this concern thoroughly.  Adapting to the constantly changing market landscape around us is key to being ready for what the market may hold in the future. AI strategies are at the forefront of all tactical organizational decisions. Your hybrid cloud system can help you gain real business value through AI by incorporating all the facets in one place. 

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Blend of AI, Blockchain, Big Data, and IoT - A Detailed Insight

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, etc are trending individually or with the blend of others. The use-cases solved with these technologies make them crucial for various business practices that vary from security and pattern detection to data collection and automation. Hence improve revenue, marketing, and performance. For instance, many online businesses ensure online security by detecting fraud in the financial system using AI-powered solutions. Let's first understand the terms individually...

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Apps on the Road: How to Make Them Work on a Car Integrated Computer

No doubt that all vehicles in the future will be connected. This small revolution has already begun. Its first steps are soft, but it will soon be a regular topic on many conference agendas – not only those specific for Telematics and in-vehicle information and entertainment systems. The future is in integrated, synchronized systems providing personalized user interfaces across all everyday life devices, for example, computers, tablets, smartphones and cars. Synchronized data is kept in the cloud and app UI should be customized for each device.

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From HR to medicine & art - AR and VR change our perception of reality

Immersive technologies deliver value by creating new digital environments. Whether viewed from a headset or a smartphone app, virtual characters and tools help people learn more, work smarter, and have fun. Businesses are racing to take advantage of this trend, which is why users are poised to receive ever more sophisticated VR and AR products and services. From medicine and art to HR and manufacturing, no industry will be left untouched by immersive solutions that change our perception of reality.

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The Ingredients of a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

When first starting out on a digital transformation journey, remember that other organizations are in the same position as you: struggling to align their culture, process and technology, or even just starting out trying to figure out their change strategy. Experimentation is a key part of starting a transformation initiative, and it requires an often painful shift in mindset, behaviors and structure. And while there is no completely prescriptive approach, there is universal belief in what needs to be addressed. The road there can be bumpy, but those who take the time will be rewarded.

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How big data is reshaping ERP

It won’t be wrong to say that the future of ERP will include big data. The incorporation of big data with ERP should make businesses capable of having a broad perspective over their business operations. However, businesses should ensure that the risks associated with big data are addressed to ensure optimum utilization of the technology. As an additional step, companies need a convergence of multiple advanced technologies with high-speed decision-making capabilities if they want to stay ahead of the competition.

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Things to Know Before Moving to the Cloud

Once you’re ready to say yes to the cloud deployment, make sure extensive reasoning stands behind it. Rather than a quick, be a wise adopter. Your capacities may still be on-premises, as long as they serve their purpose well. On the other hand, do not turn the blind eye to the ever-growing potential of cloud technologies as these definitely have a lot to offer now. In case you’re still in between, we’ve gathered some tips for you that will come in handy when you decide on moving to the cloud.

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Cloud migration: Which Cloud Migration Strategy is Right for You? Part 2

Safe cloud migration without unwanted side effects cries for attention and details and is impossible without adequate answers to many operation-related questions. We have covered the most common migration strategies (Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Repurchase, Retain and Remove) so that you could plan your cloud adoption wisely and consistently. However, the list of issues that will potentially claim your attention before you start migrating your portfolio to the cloud is very extensive and reaches far beyond the 6R’s.

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Cloud: Moving to the Cloud. Security Concerns

One should do much more to ensure his company’s data is safe once moved to the cloud. Surprisingly, many cloud players do not consider performing even the minimum requirements. Keep in mind, that a cloud provider may fence its liability for any possible data breach and will do it legally. A lengthy servicing contract is all too often excessively boring to study. Thus, there are many issues that in your opinion should be covered by the cloud provider. In reality, they are entirely your responsibility. A good piece of security and compliance is exactly the case.

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Cloud Migration: Which Cloud Migration Strategy is Right for You?

Before you start moving every bit of your data, remember to get to the core of as many available migration strategies as possible, for your prudence will be key to the success of your cloud migration campaign. Invest in a reliable cloud provider and, surely, an experienced cloud partner who will be in charge of your transition to the cloud. Beware of experts talking you into rehosting all your portfolio, for rehost, is the easiest way to get the things done, although rarely the best one.

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How Systemic Approaches to ITOps Impact the Business Culture?

The exercise of optimizing the business process will be futile without practicing knowledge and skills of the ITOps using automation tools. Best practices and effective principles always help different business departments and job roles to deliver optimum output. Many of these best practices actually help to achieve optimum results using automation. Whether the enterprise leaders want to give more priority to the use of automation or collaborative business principles like DevOps approach, the following best practices and guidelines will help the enterprises to fine tune their IT operations and garner maximum output.

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The Who, What, Where, When, and Why for Mainframe Security

For most people, security is a bit of a nuisance.  Appreciating just how much a breach is going to cost makes finding out all the details about the breach even more pressing. So, what are you going to do? The great thing about a mainframe is that SMF (System Management Facility) data will tell you pretty much everything that has occurred. The only problem is that there are lots and lots of records to look through. Is it only one program that has been modified?

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Preparing for AI Driven Future with Hybrid Cloud

The biggest opportunity to move to the cloud presents is that of future-readiness. The hybrid cloud system will dictate the way organizations work in the future. Cloud makes it easier and faster to build new AI-driven applications which make public cloud attractive to leverage for digital business opportunities.  The hybrid cloud uses the best of all worlds to deliver the desired results to you. Companies get the versatility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of public cloud, along with the security, dependability, and compliance of private cloud.

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Why the Organisation of Tomorrow comes with Great Responsibility

The organisation of tomorrow brings great opportunities but also comes with great responsibilities. Only when organisations ensure data security, data governance, data privacy, and works with unbiased algorithms, can they expect long-lasting, loyal customers. In the future, switching costs are likely to reduce dramatically and, it, therefore, comes down to offering the best possible service/product for the best price. And if you do so, and take care of your customers, your customers will take care of your shareholders.

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Cloud Automation: A Better and Faster Way to Do Business

In this article, we’re talking about cloud automation to introduce the newbies to its perks and remind the old-schoolers of what they’re losing by giving it a cold shoulder. The gradual shift from slow to prompt development along with a manual to automated operations has already become a reality for the industry. On-prem to the cloud, a legacy to new and manual to automation transformation will take time to hit the whole IT market. Eventually, it will result into a more customer-oriented, agile and responsive arena for us, the consumers.

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Logistics of the Future - Digital Transformations of Supply Chains

Supply chains and logistics involve a lot of moving parts. Among the most frequently occurring challenges in the global supply chain is tracking where products are at any given time, whether they are in good condition and where they are heading. That’s the key question logisticians ask themselves on a daily basis. Surely, this sector is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, driven by innovations in information technologies and digitalization. Digital, connected and autonomous are on the wishlist of characteristics for any forward-thinking commercial entity.

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How To Begin Your First Big Data Endeavor Using Data Streaming Frameworks

Companies are now realizing how mighty big data can be. We are starting to see the massive potential it has in the world around us. Manufacturing and heavy industry are also ready for big changes in the big data era. No doubt, a true transformation will take tons of time and resources. However, backed by the potential of modern technologies, the businesses of today will manage to build inspiring industries of tomorrow. Don't miss a chance to be among the winners.

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History of Programming Languages

Behind everything, we do on the computer and on their cell phones stands the code. The code is a specific dictionary of terms and instructions that ultimately leads to what we see users on their computers, such as a website, to a mobile game. There is a multitude of programming languages, but each one is unique. Each of them has a unique set of keywords and specific syntax. Adi is attributed to the creation of the first computer programming language using Bernoulli’s numbers.

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Protecting Big Data and the need for Data Centric Security

With security now the priority, is it possible for businesses to get security right without data analytics suffering? The need for Big Data will continue to grow as it becomes the key for enterprises to stay competitive in a dynamic market. By implementing a “data-centric security” solution, organizations can carry out Big Data analytics without having to compensate on security. Importantly, it will all be under the lens of compliance, to ensure that adherence with data protection regulations is being met.

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Businesses Have Plenty Of Data, So Why Aren’t They Using It?

Companies across sectors are already collecting data at such a scale that big data has become a buzzword technology. They want lots of it because they want an edge wherever they can get it.  Who wouldn’t? Data increases the quality of decisions made on lower rungs of the ladder. Those decisions end up being more often data-informed, and data is power. But that’s easier said than done lately. Businesses have no issue collecting data nowadays, but they do tend to keep it cordoned off.

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Cyber Security: Revisiting the Questions the Board Should Ask

It is hard to imagine a Board member today in any large organisation who would be unaware of cyber threats. Of course, priorities may vary in line with economic conditions or the general health of the business, but “cyber” is on the agenda of all Boards, and consistently rated as a top risk by many. The focus of the Board has shifted towards execution, very often in exchange of significant investments in cyber security, in particular where initial maturity levels were low.

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