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Why is Change Management Critical for Software Asset Management?

A change management process that requires software license contracts to be considered for every change request can help organizations avoid unnecessary costs resulting from a software audit. However, an inexperienced license expert on the CAB might approve changes that could incur more costs simply because they do not understand their software license agreements and the impact of the RFC. Be sure to hire or partner with the expertise required for evaluating software license contracts.

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A Brief Summary of Apache Hadoop: A Solution of Big Data Problem and Hint comes from Google

Welcome to the introduction of Big data and Hadoop where we are going to talk about Apache Hadoop and problems that big data bring with it. And how Apache Hadoop helps to solve all these problems and then we will talk about the Apache Hadoop framework and how it’s work. You will learn all the basic of the Hadoop framework and can work on your further skill to be an expert in data engineer. 

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Overcoming the Pitfalls of Maintenance in Continuous Testing

The need to release software at a rapid pace requires continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD) is the key to drive the frequency in which code is pushed to production. It is important for testing to start right from the requirements phase and continue all the way till production deployment and monitoring. This is what we call continuous testing (CT). There have been various challenges related to test automation, but the biggest challenge that still continues to haunt teams is the challenge of Maintenance.

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Top five worst practices for BI and analytics

 The key to achieving BI success by making it accessible to everyone starts with generating insights, then operationalising those insights and being able to place a monetary value on the benefits gained. The goal is to turn data into actionable insights with real business outcomes. However, there are several common mistakes organisations make when rolling out BI and analytics projects that result in their investments ending up as shelfware: unused, forgotten and representing missed opportunities.

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Can EdTech broaden access to future jobs?

As Artificial Intelligence continues to automate aspects and functions of various jobs, education is changing faster than ever, with new ideas, technologies, and demands constantly emerging.  At its heart, education is about opportunity, and online learning can potentially make crucial opportunities available to those who would not normally have access to them. This is why it’s crucial that educators see technology not as a threat, but as a tool for enhancing their own pedagogical capacity.

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Opening supercomputing to all agencies

The future is in supercomputers, but until recently, only a handful of agencies have been able to tap into that kind of power. Traditionally, high performance computing (HPC, or supercomputing) has required significant capital investment for large-scale supercomputing infrastructures and operating expenses, and scientists and engineers skilled in HPC application development. Previously, few agencies had these resources and technical expertise. But times have changed, and now the software can be ported out and mainstreamed, and it’s a lot easier to make use of supercomputing in other places.

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Leaders Need AI To Keep Pace With The Data Explosion

Leaders who figure out how to leverage increasing data trove to improve their decisions and outcomes will produce superior returns, just like the best investors do that have long relied on machines and “quants.” Failing to make use of the growing surge of data will mean a significant handicap for any leader and their team just like it does in the financial markets. The answer is for corporate leaders to use artificial intelligence to facilitate and speed up the steps above and in the process, make faster, better decisions.

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Becoming a Data Leader

The proper use of data can make you and your organization very successful. Being aware of the areas that need to be improved and the areas that your customers love is a good thing. If you ignore the signal in your data, you risk seeing your operations and your products wither away before your eyes. Data can be your ally and it is now widely recognized as the most important asset that any organization, public or private, possesses. However, we need more leaders with the ability to shepherd the good and virtuous process of executing on a data mission.

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Preventing Tax Fraud with Advanced Analytics

Tax fraud is already prevalent, and fraudsters are more sophisticated and automated than ever. To get ahead of the game in detecting fraud and protecting revenue, tax agencies need to leverage more advanced and predictive analytics. Legacy processes, systems, and attitudes need not stand in the way. What’s new in fraud prevention and what does a complete capability look like? What can Tax agencies do differently and better today than they could a few years ago? This blog explores the challenges, opportunities, and value of tax fraud analytics

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Cloud computing and the costs: a love-hate relationship

When talking with CIOs and other senior executives, cloud computing is often cited as the foundation of a given digitization strategy.  Cloud computing and the costs don’t have to remain a love-hate relationship. When planned well beforehand and deployed in a smart fashion, the cloud will make perfect economic sense. This doesn’t just apply for possible cost savings but also — and perhaps even more importantly — for enabling top-line growth. Thinking along the categories people, processes, and tools, will enable companies to come up with a comprehensive game plan that helps overcome the challenges. 

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Ten Myths about Cloud Computing

Cloud supports rapid experimentation and innovation by allowing companies to quickly try and even adopt new solutions without significant up-front costs. The #Cloud can be a highly agile wrapper around different systems, different behavior and bringing it all together in an engagement cycle. By changing the way people interact with technology, cloud enables new forms of consumer engagement, expand collaboration across the value chain and bring innovation to companies’ core business models. However, there are myths surrounding cloud computing and clouding the reality of the cloud.

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Overcoming modern DevOps challenges – From people and processes to tech

As teams strive to mature Agile and DevOps processes, there is a need to change culture, processes and technologies. From a process perspective, understanding the route to introducing automation, and how to revise processes across an entire software development life cycle (SDLC), is vital. The final hurdle is in selecting the right technology to facilitate a move to DevOps – such as configuration management tools, continuous delivery platforms and automated testing itself. To help streamline the process and implement change, let’s explore six different steps organizations should take to achieve success.

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The Rise of Digital Sustainability

It seems strange then that the United Nations has coined digitization as an instrumental component for achieving sustainable development goals. After all, the concept does have some requirements for moving away from digital mediums as a means to lower dependency. The reality is, many digital tools exist for improving sustainability levels, particularly when it comes to tracking resource consumption. Certain IoT devices, for example, can monitor and report water and energy usage. The incoming information can then improve processes or operations, cutting down on total consumption.

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Major Programming Trends to Prepare for in 2019

For programmers, this is a good time to think about new skills you want to learn or interesting projects you want to take part in. Below we present some of the major programming trends to prepare for to help you stay at the top of your game in 2019. The top three programming trends to watch in 2019 are the rise of Python, TypeScript, and Go. All three are great choices if you’re looking for a new language to learn.

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The Top 4 Quality Management Technology Trends

Because of the technology, quality standards have improved considerably across the board. Engineering processes have become much more efficient and reliable, operations are better controlled, and the related system architecture is much easier to maintain and manage. While QM technology may be tried and true, various applications are still considered relatively young. These trends are on the bleeding edge of the field, offering their own sets of advantages. Provided the technology and necessary infrastructure is already in place, here are the top quality management technology trends you should be keeping an eye on.

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How Technology Is Modernizing Compliance

Thanks to emerging laws, there seem to be more ways than ever to run afoul of compliance and reporting requirements. Compliance represents a number of different types of challenges. Some of these, like social and political pressures, are the inevitable consequence of globalization. Others, like technological and regulatory pressures, require that companies balance self-interest and convenience with the needs of the environment and human institutions. Here's a look at how technology helps to address each of these in turn.

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Building Innovation Into Project management

Everyone wants to be innovative. Innovation refers to the successful conversion of concepts and knowledge into new products, services, or processes that delivers new value to society or the marketplace. Most of the project management professionals have no idea how to systematically foster innovation or make it an integral part of the DNA of their projects. As a project manager, you have to actively solicit ideas that add value throughout the project lifecycle in order to ensure that the desired innovative result is achieved. Let’s start with the fundamentals.

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Four tips for a successful DevOps spring cleaning

Despite a demand for faster release, cycles of weekly rather than monthly, development teams can find it difficult to integrate the necessary set of tools into their pipeline to make updates ahead of a deadline. How do we give teams the capabilities to keep up with this industry wide trend of accelerated release cycles? Successful DevOps involves a tuneup of Agile processes. A thorough spring cleaning can help teams get there. Here is how.

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Will technology really destroy jobs, or will it make working more fun?

 The technology could have devastating economic consequences, or it could create the happiest workforce in history. The technology could destroy jobs, but it could put an end to tedium in the workplace. Part of the problem with studies proclaiming job losses is that they tend to focus on tasks and not the overall activities a worker might carry out. So sure, some tasks might become the preserve of automation, but that does not mean the jobs will.

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Four continuous testing challenges organizations must address

What would happen if the apps that help run our lives and keep our businesses on track suddenly stopped working? You wouldn’t have easy access to things that affect your daily life, like your checking account or health-monitoring systems. From a business perspective, processes would delay, and tasks would take longer to complete. That’s why it is more important now than ever before for developers to assure continuous quality throughout the entire software development life cycle (SDLC). And it all starts with testing.

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Building Your Emotional Intelligence to Become a More Effective Leader

As a leader, today, both Technical Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence, often referred to as  Emotional Intelligence Quotient or EQ are essential skills for long-term career success.  The importance of EQ for the modern day leader cannot be underestimated. It is one of the fundamental pillars upon which your leadership is built on. If you recognize that a higher EQ would be beneficial for you, your team, and your organization, then today is the day to take those critical first steps in improving it. Enjoy the journey. The destination is far less exciting.

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Towards a new model of data ownership?

In the current business paradigm, replicated since by a number of online platforms, individuals willingly provide their personal information in exchange for a service. Personal data is subsequently repackaged and sold to advertisers and marketers. The unavoidable rise of the Internet of Things will only make the issue more complex, as increasingly more intrusive and personal data will start to be collected about each of us.  This poses new challenges around the issue of consent and privacy: 

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Four challenges teams must crack in a DevOps lifecycle

Today's world revolves around digital technologies. But what if all our apps suddenly stopped working? It is, therefore, imperative that developers deliver continuous quality throughout the entire software development lifecycle. While automation is a key factor in the DevOps lifecycle and makes continuous testing a reality, there are hurdles that deter development teams from embracing an earnest automation initiative. It's time to make the software development lifecycle continuous. Let's break down four challenges teams face with AI, open source and continuous testing in the DevOps lifecycle.

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Four areas where devops and CIOs must get on the same page

With more businesses adopting devops—and even more experiencing a need for faster development cycles—it’s imperative that executives and devops practitioners work together to ensure success. Despite devops gaining momentum, teams are still struggling to transform their current stack to better accommodate an accelerating pipeline. Upon closer examination, part of the problem is that these two groups are on very different pages when it comes to strategy customer experience and progress. CIOs have an optimistic view of the state of devops. Now’s the time to align CIO goals and devops practitioners’ realities.

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