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Robots are the new bankers

Banking runs on a set of regulatory guidelines and deals with numbers, it was only about time that it would board the AI bus. Secondly, there is this deviation angle. As we fully realize the fact that anything handled by a human is prone to deviation or personal discretion; so to be vigilant, all inputs are to be taken with a generous pinch of salt. In other words, everything must undergo a reviewing pair of eyes. How about implementing a system that can auto-understand and auto-function and auto-verify without or with minimal human intervention barring some very delicate cases?

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Robotic Process Automation: Taking the Robot out of the Human

The key question is what is so different about the latest wave of RPA? The answer lies with the maturity of both the technology being used as well as the business processes that it is being applied to. RPA is transforming organisations across all industries, leading experts to believe that it is one of the most transformational tools in current times. In this article we explore the benefits of RPA and why it is so transformational, along with an analysis of where it can be applied within the financial services sector.

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Interact with this Chatbot through voice and audio

Learn the process of defining intents and entities and building a dialog flow for your chatbot  to respond to customer queries. You define an intent for each type of user request you want your application to support. You list the possible values for each entity and synonyms that users might enter. You will learn how to enable Speech to Text and Text to Speech services for easy interaction with the Android app. Also, track the app’s usage metrics through Mobile Analytics service.


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Top Ten predictions Of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Sensors & Machine Learning – 2020

Robotics, Machine Learning (ML) and AI is starting to dominate the enterprise, service providers and consumer worlds for decades to come. We are entering to perhaps another major showdown for use of technology using Artificial Intelligence and Robotics with massive amount of sensors for years to come and I predict number of sensors in entire world economy will exceed 1T by end of 2030 time-frame and this will generate level of innovation and growth in enterprises, consumers and governments which we had not seen except for industrial revolution in 20th century. 

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Injecting (Artificial) Intelligence into Robotic Process Automation

RPA software has proven to reliably reduce costs by removing manual work from various business workflows and processes. But is RPA adoption by all enterprises need to automate their business processes? What else does process automation have in store other than RPA? To answer these questions, it helps to understand where RPA technologies came from and at what capabilities they now offer. Using machine-learning platforms to also incorporate new information gathered from background collection of workflow exceptions is the most practical next step to achieving full automation.  We have far to go before RPA fulfills its “robotic” mission of removing the human element.

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RPA, the Glue for Supply Chain Management

The uptake of automation within the supply chain has, until recently, been slow. However, the development of new capabilities for automation technologies means that a growing number of companies globally are relying on RPA to streamline the flow of goods on their supply-side. But how is the leading technology trend poised to impact supply chain management? What are potential use cases as well as their logistical benefits? What can be expected of software robots in the future? Let’s look at the potential for automation within the supply chain.

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Automating data quality remediations through cognitive RPA

Data Quality Management is one of the key functions of the Data Governance to manage and improve the quality of data within the organization. Data quality remediation cannot be fully automated as there may be newer errors that need to be resolved through manual intervention. There are still a sizeable number of Data quality issues that can be automated in combination with a Machine learning capability.In this case, a cognitive Robotic process automation solution which combines machine learning capabilities and traditional RPA capabilities can be a potent solution for a faster remediation of data quality issues.

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How Robots Can Automate Your Most Labor-Intensive Financial Processes

We are seeing business units such as accounting and finance that are choosing, deploying and managing their own technology. RPA is an ideal candidate for that. In a typical financial process automation scenario, we can attain about 80 to 90 percent automation levels between capture and workflow for mature solutions like accounts payable, and we’re starting to approach those levels in other areas of FPA such as sales order processing, where we’re already well above 50 percent. In the case of those remaining tasks that have historically been difficult to automate, RPA can provide two key benefits.

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Robotic Process Automation: Starting, Scaling, Expanding and Excelling

RPA works with your current systems, no rip and replace needed, and can be up and running within a few weeks. The ROI is fast and undisputable, and while we worry about robots taking our jobs, the simple truth is that they free us from boring manual tasks so we can focus on higher-value work. It’s kind of like getting into that driver’s seat for the first time. All those dials and gears and pedals seem overwhelming, but all you really have to do is start out in an empty parking lot and put the car into drive.

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Using Robotic Process Automation To Prepare For GDPR Compliance

Each business will need a documented process of how they will scrub or remove the personally identifiable information (PII) connected to that consumer, in all their systems if there is no legal right or obligation to retain it. This can be a daunting task, depending on how many systems and cross system shares that may be in place. This an area where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) may be the best answer. The first step in designing a Forget Robot  is to document the details of all the places where data is stored.

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Five predictions on the future of smart warehousing

Customers want goods made to order and delivered as soon as possible, in a way that suits their flexible lifestyles. That’s a byproduct of the mobile, app-driven, on-demand age. But for many organisations and their warehousing and logistics experts, those customer wants can shine a harsh spotlight on legacy business models. Today’s smart warehouses are increasingly rolling out transformation strategies that deploy sensors connected to the IoT – so that robots, workers, managers, and even smart vehicles, know the location of every item and can track them on their journeys.

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Automation won 2017: here’s what it means for businesses moving forward in 2018

Throughout the past couple of years, we’ve seen a growing rollout of robotic and software-process automation systems.  However, adoption rates have been fairly slow, which sped up quite a bit over the past year. It also means 2018 will be hugely impacted, maybe even disrupted, by even stronger growth and adoption rates of automation.

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We Aren’t Prepared for an Automated Future

We all need to focus on expanding our understanding of the automation revolution, and based on that understanding,  identify and develop the skills that will be necessary to survive and succeed in this new world.


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Forecast for 2018: Digital Dominance from RPA to Business Transformation

Closing the distance between an organization and its customers is where long-term loyalty can be built. This will mean empowering customers to self-serve in a variety of functions without the requirement of visiting a brick-and-mortar office. Let’s look at five trends likely to guide organizational transformations (and the customer journey) in this year

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Four Things to Consider When Adopting Lab Automation

This list aims to address some of the key challenges and ‘steps to success’ when implementing lab automation. Create a step-by-step implementation roadmap that includes key milestones. This should be distributed to staff to maintain an overall awareness of project timelines, allowing you to manage staff expectations and minimize disruption.

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Business and IT wish Automation an innovative new 2018!

Consumers with access to technology at their fingertips expect a digital experience taking the need for automation to newer levels positioning 2018 to be an exciting year for realizing tangible outcomes from automation.  Why, you ask? Well, think about it -- this may very well be that single overarching term that brings the business and the technology mindset under the same umbrella with the common goal of enriching the experience of the end customer -- both external and internal. Let us join Business and IT in wishing Automation a Happy New Innovative 2018! 

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How Machine Learning and Faster Data Acquisition Will Improve the Way We Drive

How the emerging sensor technologies and accurate GPS location determination is changing the way we drive, all with the help of machine learning.

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