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Yustyna Velykholova is a Content Marketing Manager at N-iX. She is a gifted content manager with deep knowledge of the IT industry, digital marketing, SEO, and excellent research skills. She has written insightful and powerful content on various IT topics, including Data Science, Blockchain, Embedded development, IoT, Virtual Reality, to name a few. 

The What, Why, and How of Machine Learning and Deep Learning

With growing amounts of computational power, machine learning and deep learning are increasingly making their way into numerous sectors. They are widely used for recognizing objects, translating speech in real-time, determining potential outcomes, understanding consumer habits, making personalized recommendations, and a lot more. Still, some questions remain uncertain. What do these two entail? And should companies invest in machine learning development to benefit their businesses? We provide the answers to these questions in our article.

Data Analysis Outsourcing: What to Keep in Mind

Today we understand our customers better than ever. The data we gather and analyze determines the success of our business. Business Intelligence, big data, data science, and data analytics provide companies with illuminating insights. Those who adopt these technologies early, gain huge competitive advantages. Therefore, the demand for professional data analysts is far exceeding the supply. To deal with the scarcity of specialists and soaring prices for their services, many business leaders consider data analysis outsourcing. But how to make it right? Our article will highlight the most important aspects of data analysis outsourcing and tips on choosing the best data analysts.

AI Software Development: Dispelling the Most Common Myths

The views on AI software development are polarized and controversial. Still, many experts see AI as an opportunity rather than a threat. AI technology may act as a method of augmenting human workforce and enabling us to work in newer and smarter environments rather than disrupting every single aspect of our lives. But like with any powerful technology, we need to use it prudently. Here are the most common illusions and myths about AI software development and shed some light on the possibilities of this disruptive technology.

How to Ensure Information Security When Outsourcing Software Development

Realizing the growing security risks in the legally complex and increasingly regulated global economy, software development outsourcing companies put a lot more emphasis on complying with industry regulations, policies, methodologies, and technologies used to protect data. They conclude well-thought-out service-level agreements (SLAs) with their clients and look for more efficient solutions for responding to potential vulnerabilities in the development process and tackling the security challenges. We understand the importance of information security when working with international clients. Therefore, we’d like to share our knowledge and experience in the most effective information security procedures when outsourcing software development.

Five Tech Innovations Behind Modern IoT Security Solutions

The Internet of Things remains one of the most revolutionary forces in today’s high-tech society. Along with its impressive growth rates and numerous deployments across different industries, IoT security remains the primary issue. 5 technological breakthroughs namely blockchain, PKI, IoT analytics, IoT authentication and IoT network security are making huge changes in terms of data privacy, seamless connectivity and manageability of IoT devices. This results in the emergence of innovative IoT security solutions which help global leaders embrace the digital trend without any risks.

Seven Criteria for Choosing Big Data Developers

Professional big data developers are mostly valued when they have a strong technical background and great problem solving skills. Furthermore, the knowledge of data analysis and business requirements analysis are essential for developing a clear understanding of the business needs. Specialists with such skill sets may handle diverse sources and huge amounts of raw data seamlessly and provide valuable insights from it. This enables big data engineers to use technical solutions that leverage innovative technologies to drive real benefits for your business. So which criteria to use when choosing big data developers?

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