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Will Kelly is Senior Technical Writer at CSRA Inc, a provider of high-tech IT solutions to the government IT market. He has published bylined articles on a range of topics including DevOps, enterprise mobility, and cloud computing, and other technologies on sites such as SearchITOperations, DevOpsAgenda, Mobile Business Insights, CNET TechRepublic, and others.

Are Connected Devices Out of Control? Managing IoT Risk

Concerns about IoT security risks remain at an all-time high—and well they should. Your organization’s move to the IoT needs to happen in step with fundamental changes to how you handle risk management, security training, endpoint security, and nearly every security and operations task in between to ensure your enterprise security in the IoT age. It’s time we ask if our connected devices are out of control. The proliferation of these devices presents growing risk management issues for consumers and enterprises alike. Here are some common ways to manage IoT risk.

Five Reasons to Move to a Decentralized Collaboration Model

Your enterprise must take to ensure security, governance, and compliance over the content and communications that take place through your enterprise collaboration tools. The good news is that this work takes place at one level, and what comes from that work can become a set of standard policies to govern team-level collaboration sites. It’s essential to create corporate policies and training for teams that may be opening their collaboration sites to external parties.

Three Strategies for Securing Containerized Applications in the Cloud

It’s important not to let yourself get caught up in the market hype about containers and the advantages they offer your application delivery teams. Keep a strong security focus starting at preproduction and moving forward. You’ll get an edge on container security if you apply technology, tools, frameworks, and—above all—preparation to your containers in and out of production. Security news about containers has been mixed so far. Here are three strategies for securing your containerized applications.

AI’s Role in Next-Generation Enterprise Collaboration

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to tip new enterprise collaboration in a positive direction as it takes a more significant role in the platform search functionality and UX. The introduction of AI to enterprise collaboration means that your content can meet users where they are. It takes out the poor UX and the need for human intervention to track down needed documents on deadlines. Here’s how the role of AI will play out in the next generation of enterprise collaboration.

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