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Vidyasagar Machupalli is Technical Product Manager & Developer Advocate, IBM Cloud. Mastering Machine learning and Data Science and as AI Enthusiast, he is a well-known blogger and also speaker at various technical conferences, meetups, and events.

Interact with this Chatbot through voice and audio

Learn the process of defining intents and entities and building a dialog flow for your chatbot  to respond to customer queries. You define an intent for each type of user request you want your application to support. You list the possible values for each entity and synonyms that users might enter. You will learn how to enable Speech to Text and Text to Speech services for easy interaction with the Android app. Also, track the app’s usage metrics through Mobile Analytics service.


The Journey of a Machine Learning model from Building to Retraining

Learn the process of building a predictive machine learning model, deploying it as an API to be used in applications, testing the model and retraining the model with feedback data. In this post, the famous Iris flower data set is used for creating a machine learning model to classify species of flowers. In the terminology of machine learning, classification is considered an instance of supervised learning, i.e. learning where a training set of correctly identified observations is available. Following the steps, you will deploy your model as an API, test it and retrain by creating a feedback data connection.

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