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Vanhishikha is a startup growth and content marketer. She likes to share marketing strategies, write on how emerging technologies are impacting businesses, and how they can be used to fuel their growth, on her blog regularly. 

The Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Machine Learning For Businesses

As big data gradually comes into play in the world of business, machine learning has become one of the most important tools for companies to solve various kinds of problems. Firms across various industries are all trying to incorporate this rising technique into their business and get a competitive edge in understanding their consumers better. Here's taking a look at the basics of machine learning and how your organization can benefit from it.

The state of machine learning in finance: The present and the future

Machine learning has been redefining how even the basics of operational tasks are done across industries. The financial industry is no different. While some of the applications of machine learning in finance are clearly visible to us - like mobile banking apps and chatbots, the technology is now being gradually used for drawing out accurate historical data of customers and predicting their future needs as well. 

Understanding The Different Job Roles In Data Science

The Top Resources For Learning Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is perceived as a very complex area for beginners. There’s simply way too much to learn as it covers a wide range of disciplines that require a considerable degree of mathematical and statistical maturity. Simply put, if bogged down with the wrong resources initially, it can be very demotivating to understand or learn algorithmic trading.

Machine Learning And Predictive Analytics in Healthcare: How It Is Redefining The Industry

One of the most obvious developments that have taken place in the world is in the field of medical science. Radiology has allowed medical professionals to pinpoint the causes of symptoms of a patient. Reconstructive surgery has enabled breast cancer survivors to have the choice of rebuilding the look and shape of their breasts.

Predictive analytics For Businesses: What It Is And How It Impacts You

In a consumer centric market, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to keep up with their changing needs. It could be a market trend or a simple drift in the kind of solutions that the consumers are looking for. That’s where predictive analytics comes into play.

The Most In-Demand Skills To Build A Promising Career

When it comes to building your career today, there are way too many fields to choose from. You're not just struggling to beat your competition, but also how you can get an edge over them in the industry. Working with experts from across the world, we realized that the only solution to making a name for your industry is actually to constantly learn - in popular terms, upskill yourself. After all, a popular saying from Charlie Munger says, "those who keep learning, will keep rising in life". 

How Machine Learning And Predictive Analytics Are Redefining The Travel Industry

Travel and tourism is on the rise globally. The industry now accounts for more than one-tenth of the world’s GDP. Interestingly, the target market is not only from developed nations but also from the emerging parts of the world that boast of increasing disposable incomes and a strong desire to explore cultures outside their own.

Machine Learning eCommerce: How It Is Redefining Retail And Sales

The eCommerce industry is growing by manifolds across the world. From what started as a few stores that enabled online shopping; today, the smallest of brands are able to take their products online and market them to a large consumer base. Call it the ease of technology and the ability to use data, almost every eCommerce store is able to capture a segment of the consumer market - despite the rising competition.

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