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Dr. Tyrone Grandison is the Vice President of Data for U.Group, a high-impact consulting firm, and Executive Director of The Data-Driven institute, a public health non-profit. He was a 2018 Zhi-Xing Eisenhower Fellow, a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, and first-ever CIO of the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. He has authored over a 100 technical papers, co-invented over 47 patents and written several books, including "Practical Privacy Protection Online for Free", "Trust Management Middleware for Internet Applications: Combining Trust, Recommendation, Risk and Experience", and "Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for Business".

The Value of AI

The value of AI is the promise of AI improving your everyday work life, and hopefully improving your everyday social life. AI walks the tight rope of enabling and taking away work-life balance. The current driving force for applying Artificial Intelligence solutions, i.e. current AI value propositions – tend to solely focus on the optimization of business functions.  How do I either maximize revenue or reduce costs? Or manipulate some factor or indicator that influences either one of those things? The primary driving force is an optimization function that builds upon business objectives.

Four Steps to a data-driven culture

Is your organization data-driven? Then you have probably wrestled with the issue of creating a data-driven culture. Having a data-driven culture means that data is the fundamental building block of your team. It means that every team member has a data-driven mindset. It means that every single decision maker uses data as their main evaluation asset. It means that every project uses, generates and pivots on data. It means that your team is constantly leveraging data as a strategic asset. But how do you get there?

Building Your Emotional Intelligence to Become a More Effective Leader

As a leader, today, both Technical Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence, often referred to as  Emotional Intelligence Quotient or EQ are essential skills for long-term career success.  The importance of EQ for the modern day leader cannot be underestimated. It is one of the fundamental pillars upon which your leadership is built on. If you recognize that a higher EQ would be beneficial for you, your team, and your organization, then today is the day to take those critical first steps in improving it. Enjoy the journey. The destination is far less exciting.

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