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Trent McConaghy likes to build things that matter for humanity in the long term. He's working on democratizing data for the planet. This is via Ocean decentralized data exchange protocol & network, BigchainDB & IPDB blockchain database protocol & network, COALA IP protocol, and advising the Estonian E-residency program. www.trent.st

Blockchains for Big Data

Now, big data technology is quietly transforming every enterprise backend on the planet. For example, in many places “data warehouses” of relational databases are getting replaced by “data lakes” running big data software. More than $100B annually is going towards big iron compute clusters, the software on top, and the services to keep it all running smoothly.

How Blockchains Could Transform Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain technology could transform AI too, in its own particular ways. Some applications of blockchains to AI are mundane, like audit trails on AI models. Some appear almost unreasonable, like AI that can own itself — AI DAOs. All of them are opportunities. This article will explore these applications.

From AI to Blockchain to Data: Meet Ocean

What we needed was a protocol and network, on which data marketplaces can be built. This is Ocean. Its network (running the Ocean protocol) handles storing of the metadata (i.e. who owns what), links to the data itself, and more. On top of Ocean there can be thousands of data marketplaces and exchanges, all accessing the same data. Each marketplace acts as the last mile in connecting buyers and sellers.

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