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Tom Taulli is an author, speaker, and advisor – with a focus primarily on technology. He has co-founded a variety of companies, including Hypermart.net (sold to InfoSpace), WebIPO and BizEquity. He is also a contributor to Forbes.com, Bloomberg.com, Kiplinger and BusinessWeek.  He has also written a variety of books, mostly on tech and finance.  His latest is Artificial Intelligence Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction.  As of now, he is an advisor to some awesome startups.

What You Need To Know About Dark Data

As for dark data, it’s all the information companies collect in their regular business processes, don’t use, have no plans to use, but will never throw out. Its web logs, visitor tracking data, surveillance footage, email correspondences from past employees, and so much more. While dark data may never be used or be useful for many organizations, it’s something that should not be ignored. Then what are some of the best practices with dark data? What can be done to get the most value from it?

Big Data And AI Could Make Traditional Developers…Extinct?

 AI and Big Data are actually transforming the roles of traditional developers. It’s no longer just about jamming lots of code and creating full-blown applications. The bottom line is that the development process must not be an assembly line; rather, it should be a true collaboration. People who understand data and analytics are the need of the hour. Part of this is about understanding statistics, like Bayesian inference, but also grasping the nuances of data. Those people that have these valuable skills will be the next generation developers.

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