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Todd Inskeep is a Principal in Commercial Cybersecurity consulting and an RSA Conference Advisory Board member at Booz Allen Hamilton. Holding multiple patents, he has over 30 years of security leadership,  cybersecurity assessments and innovation experience including that at National Security Agency and as Executive-in-Residence at the MIT Media Lab.

Breaking the cycle of data security threats

Corporations still aren’t paying enough attention to cybersecurity issues; perhaps because there’s been a startling lack of real penalty for failing to protect information from hackers. There’s the lack of mandatory reporting and the limits of voluntary reporting. And the lack of real protection for the personal information we’ve entrusted to various companies. There’s a need to recognize that securing information is hard work on an ongoing basis. Senior executives and the board should be talking about the information security program at least annually. They need to overinvest for the next few years to recover from prior underinvestment

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