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Tim Negris is SVP of Marketing and Business Development at Boston-based Rulex Inc., a new kind of AI platform, born from advanced government and academic machine learning research.

Reality Check: Avoiding an AI Train Wreck

Despite being in differing industries and having differing use cases, AI comebacks have several things in common.  To avoid an AI train wreck in your first project and beyond, study the problems seen and lessons learned by others who have already tried, failed, learned, and then succeeded. Don’t be rigid, don’t be afraid, and, most importantly, don’t believe the AI hype. Instead, be practical, be realistic, and be patient. If your organization is just getting into AI, these lessons will help you win your freshman season.

Insight is Dead

“Insight” has become the ubiquitous catalyst for many business decisions. We analyze data to gain insights and use those insights to guide decisions, large and small. It is better than “instinct” or “intuition” as a decision enabler, but is it the best we can do? Or is it an actual impediment to effective Digital Transformation? In Finance, Marketing, Planning, Human Resources, and other places key processes currently depend on human perception and action. The days of business insight are numbered. Let’s see how that could be

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