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Teresa Spangler is Founder and CEO PlazaBridge Group, a catalyst in the shifting innovation economy. A social entrepreneur, innovation expert, growth strategist, author, and speaker, she has been a driving force behind innovation and growth for more than 30 years. She is the mastermind behind the GameDay Decisions Analytics Platform™, integrated artificial intelligence and machine-learning platform as a service to "Simplify the Art and Science of Decision Making."  She has held many advisory board roles for startups and organizations such as Business Innovation and Growth Council, The Council for Entrepreneurial Development and The NC World Trade Association. 

People-Centered Digital Transformation

What steps are you taking to navigate your organization through one of the biggest business shifts ever? What are the company’s Digital Transformation goals and how will the transformation is successful? Are you considering the “humanscape” of the organization as changes are being integrated into the business? Digital transformation is enabling organizations to open up new sales channels, develop new markets and grow opportunities. Those that have made this transformation have proven increased revenues, and improved efficiencies. But to fully embrace digital transformation, enterprises must start with capturing, integrating, and utilize quality data.

Questions To Which AI Is The Answer In 2019

The next wave seems to be artificial learning -- machines that have the ability to use data in an effort to replace unnecessary human tasks. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a phenomenon that has gathered increased traction over the last few years. This article has been written with the purpose of answering specific questions or problems that a business may encounter. In the long run, AI has the potential to replace many cost-heavy operations, which may result in entirely new business models.

Problems +Big Data +AI = Magic!

Problems are only challenges if met with the right mindset and the tools with which to overcome them. AI and Big Data have become a powerful combination that effectively changes the way industries view daily operations. Whether it relates to enhancing the customer experience or developing completely new products to market, the basic value-adding proposition remains the same. AI is here, and it’s here to stay. How it is used to add value is yet to be fully discovered; hopefully, these provide a few ideas with which to build on.

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