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Sonal Mehta is a Content Lead at SoluLab, a leading Blockchain development company.

Why it’s not that easy as it sounds to adopt blockchain in insurance sector?

Blockchain helps insurance sector in providing privacy, borderless reach to make smarter decisions and also deliver insurance with quality. This is due to the features of blockchain that make it possible with the decentralized network. Though blockchain in insurance sector helps the industry to provide a much better service, there are many challenges faced while adopting to blockchain. The question is how far is your insurance company would go to break down these challenges and survive in the market and how well do use these challenges to your advantage. 

This is how blockchain technology will refuel automotive applications

Assuring compliance and achieving consensus with all parties involved is easier with blockchain. This ensures that all and any operation take place smoothly without any obstructions and hassle free. Blockchain brings out of the box solutions to the traditional challenges faced by automotive industry. With the right integration, the possibilities to achieve maximum potential are high for the automotive sector. Let’s get an idea of how blockchain will help automotive sector that is involved with multiple operations and parties.

How FinTech’s secret weapon “Blockchain” encourage banking sector?

If we talk about secret weapon of FinTech, i.e. blockchain technology, how will it disrupt banking sector? Blockchain has shown a lot of potential for the banking sector and has numerous benefits. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that blockchain has taken up the banking industry by storm and the landscape of the industry is quite changed with its arrival in the market and certainly, the technology is going to progress more in the finance and banking and will be the key pillar of change in the banking sector.

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