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Shiyu Zhu, a Product Manager for Data Products at Zendesk, is building applied ML products. She is  passionate about building great software products and sharing  experience

Machine Learning for Product Managers — The magic of qualitative feedbacks

Are you new to building Machine Learning Product initiatives and struggles to find where to start, and looking for tips and guides on how you can iterate and learn quickly from your customers when it comes to ML products. Here is kick-starter materials online which you can use and follow

Machine Learning for Product Managers — What does it really mean?

Machine Learning does not change your role as a Product Manager and your role remains to talk to customers and communicating their problems to the technical team and business. Don’t build ML just for the sake of it as it is a large commitment and business investment. ML isn’t magic and it’s a customer delight feature. If you take the time to do it right, it can be game changing! Test with customers on weekly basis, run experiments, test hypothesis so you can learn quickly. Remember, the quicker you learn, the less risk you will be taking when launching to the wider customer base.

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