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Sergey Pupkevich is the Head of Java Solutions Department at Qulix Systems. He is an expert in the web app development, IoT and cloud migration, and provides professional advice to businesses operating in different domains. 

Cloud Migration: Which Cloud Migration Strategy is Right for You?

Before you start moving every bit of your data, remember to get to the core of as many available migration strategies as possible, for your prudence will be key to the success of your cloud migration campaign. Invest in a reliable cloud provider and, surely, an experienced cloud partner who will be in charge of your transition to the cloud. Beware of experts talking you into rehosting all your portfolio, for rehost, is the easiest way to get the things done, although rarely the best one.

Cloud migration: Which Cloud Migration Strategy is Right for You? Part 2

Safe cloud migration without unwanted side effects cries for attention and details and is impossible without adequate answers to many operation-related questions. We have covered the most common migration strategies (Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Repurchase, Retain and Remove) so that you could plan your cloud adoption wisely and consistently. However, the list of issues that will potentially claim your attention before you start migrating your portfolio to the cloud is very extensive and reaches far beyond the 6R’s.

Things to Know Before Moving to the Cloud

Once you’re ready to say yes to the cloud deployment, make sure extensive reasoning stands behind it. Rather than a quick, be a wise adopter. Your capacities may still be on-premises, as long as they serve their purpose well. On the other hand, do not turn the blind eye to the ever-growing potential of cloud technologies as these definitely have a lot to offer now. In case you’re still in between, we’ve gathered some tips for you that will come in handy when you decide on moving to the cloud.

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