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Sebastian is a digital strategist at Bosch Software Innovations supporting customers on their digital transformation journey. Before, he was Managing Director for the project office Vietnam of IVU Traffic Technologies and was responsible for a large scale digitization project at Vietnam Railways. As Head of M2M Solutions at Fraunhofer, he gained deep insights into IoT platform business models across different verticals. Sebastian has a research and consulting background in telecommunications / NGN / M2M / IoT and as technical expert for the European Commission. He holds a PhD from the Technical University of Berlin.


Three best practices for sharpening IoT business models

When evaluating innovative ideas, it is crucial to gain a good understanding of the value drivers. The value propositions for target customer groups and key partners must be clear and compelling. Given the complexity of connected solutions and the associated ecosystem, this is easier said than done. However, there are several tools that can support this process and help reduce the risks and complexity of IoT solutions. Below we present a selection of our favorites, which evolved from the IoT Business Model Builder.

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