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Scott Yates, Senior Director, Operations at HGS, has an in-depth understanding of.CRM, social networking, and statistical tools. With  diverse background in sales, Six Sigma, and FDA-regulated environments he has experience in Packaged Goods, Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, and Telecommunication industries

Five Business Intelligence Myths, Debunked

Taking a passive approach to Business Intelligence (BI) is a mistake many companies today make. Their competitors mine data related to optimize their stake in the marketplace starting from their customers, and products all the way to market share and patterns of growth. But why are so many companies still so fearful of BI? Here are the top five myths debunked

Three Ways Social Media Can Make (or Break) Your CX

Are you taking your social media strategy as seriously as you should? Your customers are driven to your social media pages—but once they get there, they don’t find 24×7 empathy-building communication or proud, positive brand representation, and a fast, solution-focused approach. Instead they are faced with thread after thread of negative customer feedback and lacklustre product support. Simply put, you’re doing it wrong. Think smart about your social media strategy, and start with understanding the three ways today’s fashionable feedback tool can make (or break) your CX

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