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Sanjay Srivastava is Chief Digital Officer at Genpact, a global professional services firm. Previously, as a tech entrepreneur, he built four startups.

The bias problem with artificial intelligence, and how to solve it

Most of the AI in use now is narrow AI, meaning it is only capable of performing individual tasks. Narrow AI does a good job at executing tasks, but it comes with limitations, including the possibility of introducing biases. AI bias may come from incomplete datasets or incorrect values. Bias may also emerge through interactions overtime, skewing the machine’s learning. Moreover, a sudden business change, such as a new law or business rule, or ineffective training algorithms can also cause bias. 

AI adoption accelerating, yet benefits at risk unless businesses address customer and employee doubts

The adoption of AI is rapidly growing in the workplace; however, to take full advantage of AI’s opportunities, businesses must understand and overcome lingering doubts from their customers and employees. There’s no question that businesses are at an inflection point with their use of AI. To achieve greater impact, we must change the narrative about lingering concerns. It is critical to educate both employees and customers about AI’s potential and enable them with tools to take advantage of its benefits. 

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