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Sainul Abudheen is Editor at e27, a well-funded leading tech startup portal in Southeast Asia. As head of the contributory article programme at e27 and a startup enthusiast, he has been covering the Indian startup ecosystem for the past five to six years. He has previously worked at VCCircle.

All you want to know about 'Internet of You'

Of late, IoT as a technology has seen quite a few changes, and Internet of You (IoY) could be the latest. With IoY, you will no longer have to stop, think, and decide to take your phone out of your pocket, find and launch the app you want, then take action. Instead, our data and services will come to us when we need them and in the context in which we are currently in. ‘Internet of Things’ is relevant to the users only when it is centred around them, which combined with semantic web technology transforms into IoY. 

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