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Ryan Roy is Sr. Software Technology Consultant at IBM and provides software consulting advise to startups, enterprises, agencies, small businesses and ISVs.

Top Software Development Trends in 2019

Software development is one of those fields which is changing at an extremely fast pace. Every year brings some brand new surprises for software developers. 2018 was the year of complete acceleration for the software development companies worldwide. From blockchain to Artificial intelligence, software technologies have remained a hot topic throughout the year.There are many software development trends in 2019 that need your attention. We are discussing some of the most popular ones here

Top IoT Trends in 2019

The Internet of things is anything related to devices which are connected to the internet. We all are surrounded by such devices in our routine life. This is the reason why IoT development trends have shown remarkable growth in recent years. The continuous explorations by IoT development companies are the reason behind the constant changes in the Internet of Things Trends. Here are Top IoT trends in 2019. These Internet-of-Things trends in 2019 will surely upheave our lifestyle in some new surprising ways.

What is a Full Stack Developer?

Full stack development is a buzz word nowadays. More and more companies are hiring full stack developers to save their time and cost. But most of the people still confused about the homonyms like Full stack developers, MEAN stack developers, MERN stack developers, etc. What is full stack developer? How to become a full stack developer? What does a full stack developer do? How to hire full stack developers? Let’s find answers in this article!!

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